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  1. Shanghai911

    Reply All in Apple Mail

    Hello Forum, Does anyone know how to retain the header details (from, to and cc addresses) when using either Reply or Reply All in both OSX Mail and IOS Mail? When engaged in an email string, especially for business, it is important to be able to see who was addressed in an email from the conversation thread. In Windowz clicking Reply All retains all the header complete. Is there a setting I have missed? Thanks to assist as I am trying to convert someone to the Mac and this was the first objection I hit. For myself I use forward and drag the emails across, then delete the Fwd: and replace it with Re: in the subject line. I have found that it's important to keep the Re: in the subject as without it threading does not work in OSX, while strangely it DOES work on IOS. Another oddity that needs fixing. Thanks for everyones comments. Rgds/Andy
  2. I am lending my VOICE to this crazy evergreen that is so very basic that as an Apple lover of all things simple and beautiful to use, I find absolutely astounding that it is not yet fixed. Plus with the upgrade to 10.8.5 you have disabled the Universal Mailer plug in which was the only 3rd party option able to keep my emails professional looking. Windows users continue to point to this single issue as the reason why they would not switch to a mac, why has it not been fixed yet? Rather than me repeating the problem pls just simply read one of the many threads on the forums to clearly understand what's wrong. https://discussions.apple.com/message/20349170?searchText=universal%20mailer#20349170 I have not yet seen this issue on the maccast forums so hope some of you can either help shout out to Apple or let me know if you have any better ideas. Regards/Andy R
  3. Shanghai911

    Office 2008 & Lion Problems SOLVED

    Stop Press!! The update 12.3.1 did the trick! It put autoupdate back into the software and also solve (so far at least) the crashing issues. So I appear to have solve my own problem, but if anyone else has the same experience, this is the fix! Bye for now.
  4. Hello All, I have a new Air with Lion. I did a selective install from previous TM backup of my MacBook with Snow Leopard. All fine and loving Lion. On startung Excel in Office 2008 I find that it will crash every time I make a significant change and try to save. Inserting lines or adding a new sheet etc. I checked to make an autoupdate and the autoupdate app does not load in Lion as it says it is power PC only. I checked Microsoft site and have downloaded the 12.3.1 update directly. I cannot find anything on the web on Autoupdate being converted for Lion and the 12.3.1 update made no difference. Microsoft says clearly they will support 2008 in Lion through 2013 but no comments on these bugs. Anyone having similar issues? Cheers/AndyR
  5. Shanghai911

    Help me Trash the Trash

    Daer Daniel and MacManPro, Thanks Guys, I played the dare devil and tried the Terminal approach. Unfortunately though I tried a few times it did not work. However, although the error message mentioned a .rsrc file, when I carefully examined the file it had no such extension and was only an palmdesktop file.. ? However, all not lost and the Secure Delete did the trick. Thanks to you both for the fast replies and assistance. B.Rgds/Andy
  6. Shanghai911

    Help me Trash the Trash

    I have two Palm files in the trash that I cannot empty out. When I empty trash it gives an error: "The operation cannot be completed because the item "Localized.rsrc" in in use." I have tried quiting all applications, restarting, holding down the option key, dragging the file out of the trash etc. all to no avail. Any of you wonderful people got any ideas? Thanks a Bunch. Andy in Shanghai