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  1. Brilliant! This issue has been bugging me for months! Why did I ever bother to search google for an answer, when I should have come here immediately. Oh, ye of little faith. Thanks so much!
  2. Animal

    Pair Apple remote

    Having the same issue with my Macbook. I've tried "menu+next/ff" as well as "menu+play", but not getting any response. Not a huge issue, really. The remote is working fine unpaired. I'd just like to know what's up. Edit: Was using the "outline" display, and couldn't see responses. Have yet to get into an administrator account. That'll be my issue, no doubt.
  3. Animal

    iMovie Not working

    I am having this same issue. Where (and what) is this file you deleted? Do I need it for anything else? iMovie has never launched properly. Tried un-and-re-installing just in case, but no luck.
  4. Animal

    Help with Wallet

    Thanks, man. Been meaning to get Appzapper for a while. This was the perfect excuse, and it worked like a charm. (Now I just have to get my serial number back, but there's a form for that at least...)
  5. Animal

    Help with Wallet

    No, sorry. I'm talking about Wallet from Waterfall Software. ie. The same one that was showcased on Macbreak way back...
  6. Animal

    Help with Wallet

    Hello all, I recently bought Wallet after using the trial version for a while. I let it sit idle for a few weeks, and of course, forgot the password. Since I didn't have much in there yet anyway, I'm okay with starting over from scratch, but un-and-re-installation doesn't cut it. What do I have to delete to make this app reset to "0", as it were? Any help would be appreciated. Nick
  7. Animal

    MacBook shutdown problem

    Congratulations!! That's awesome. He's beautiful.
  8. Animal

    MacBook shutdown problem

    Well, yes, this is absolutely correct. If you take it in to the Apple store, there should really be no need to "tell" them to fix it. Once they see that these are the known issues everybody is having, they'll take care of it. And if they don't dislike you while they've got your computer in pieces, so much the better! In my case, I was told the parts would take about 3 days to arrive. I was told I could leave the computer immediately, or hold onto it until they arrived, and I would be called. I kept it for a couple more days. A wonky mac is still better than working on a pc...
  9. Animal

    MacBook shutdown problem

    Agreed. You've got a year warranty included from just buying the macbook. Personally, I bought Applecare just for peace of mind, but it doesn't really kick in until next year anyway.
  10. Animal

    5G iPod freezes up since iTunes 7

    Well, iTunes 7.0.1 is out, and I'd hoped that it would at least fix the syncing issues with my ipod. ie. I would be able to update it a second time without unplugging it first... ...but no such luck. I guess I'll have to wait for a new ipod updater? Haven't played around with the ipod much since the update, so I don't know if the occasional freezing is fixed, but I doubt it. That definitely seems like an ipod updater issue to me. Edit: As I suspected, the ipod still freezes...
  11. Animal

    MacBook shutdown problem

    Quick update: Just got my macbook back yesterday after having the logic board replaced. Very quick turnaround: Took a couple of days to get the parts (I kept the computer in the meantime), and I got the call on Friday that they had the logic board in. Nothing was on the repair table at that time, so they took it right in and were working on it straight away. I was out of town for the night, but had a message waiting for me that it was ready later that night. Picked it up on Saturday, and all seems to be well so far. No more random shutdowns, though it sounds like I'll have to reinstall the firmware, as I'm hearing some fan noise again. If you don't hear from me in this thread again, then all is well!! Kudos to the repair folks at the Sherway Gardens Apple Store.
  12. Animal

    5G iPod freezes up since iTunes 7

    Thanks for the info. Sometimes I forget about those Apple Discussion Forums. At least I know it's not just my ipod... which means there will be a fix at some point...
  13. Okay, to be fair, I have no idea whether it was iTunes 7 that caused this problem or not, but I do know that this didn't happen before I installed it (and the iPod updater of course). Basically what happens is that when you light up the screen by adjusting the volume or changing track position, etc., a few seconds later the screen goes "fuzzy" for a second. The graphics and text basically get blurred in a horizontal direction. Normally, they immediately return to normal, and everything still works properly. Sometimes however, the ipod basically freezes with the screen still messed up. The audio is still playing, but I now have no control over it. I cannot play or pause music, change the volume, or skip ahead or back. If I happen to finish listening to a track while this is happening, then nothing else plays once that track is finished. The only solution I could come up with was to reset the iPod via the menu and center buttons. Of course, this resets the iPod to where it was the last time you turned it on, which means your play counts (or in my case, my "played" and "unplayed" markings for my podcasts) may not be correct. I performed a full restore yesterday, on the chance that it would help the issue, but no luck. Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome. Quick description of another problem that showed up while I was using iTunes 6, and is continuing in iTunes 7: After initially updating my ipod in iTunes (when I first plug it in), the iPod cannot be found again by iTunes. If I want to edit setting or anything else in the ipod, I have to do so, and apply the changes before the initial update is done. If the update completes, and I then continue to make changes, when I tell iTunes to update the iPod again, I get a message saying that the ipod cannot be updated because it cannot be found. Again, I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks, folks.
  14. Animal

    iTunes 7

    Just a quick follow-up for those interested: I've still not been able to fix the problem in the ipod. It still goes fuzzy once in a while, though not as often as when the problem originally showed up. I'm gonna open up a new thread to see if anybody else is having this problem, but just thought I'd update here since I'd already mentioned it.
  15. Animal

    iTunes 7

    So far, I'm really liking the new iTunes. I find the "ipod view" to not be particularly necessary, yet for some strange reason, I really like it! Sadly, since updating, I've noticed my ipod has been buggy. I don't know if this is caused by either the new itunes, or the new ipod updater, but several times last night the ipod screen went "fuzzy" and then all buttons ceased to function. A simple reset always fixes the problem, but as you can imagine it's annoying as all heck. I'll work on a permanent fix later today. A full restore may be in order, but I'll have to set aside a few hours for that...