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  1. OK, that finally (I hope) did the trick. Although a message did not show for each popup dialog box, I searched around and guessed that the problem was with Xmarks. Here are some of the console messages that prompted me to uninstalled Xmarks and restart the computer: 10:57:31.408 AM SyncServer: [0x7fb0d1416e00] |DataManager|Warning| Unregistering client com.foxmarks.Foxmarks for Safari because client description file at path /Applications/Xmarks for Safari.app/Contents/Resources/ClientDescription.plist does not exist. 10/10/11 10:57:40.668 AM SyncServer: [0x7fb0d1416e00] |DataManager|Warning| Client com.foxmarks.Foxmarks for Safari image file path /Applications/Xmarks for Safari.app/Contents/Resources/foxmarks_icon.icns does not exist. Thanks for the input! No popup dialogs since uninstalling. Roger
  2. I made an appointment with my local Apple Store Genius in Albuquerque. We deleted some old log-in items. That did not work. I made another appointment and they spent 1.5 hours trying to solve the problem. Still no cure. Apparently some program is trying to connect to the server, but we could not isolate the problem. Logging in the Safe mode makes the problem go away. Their suggestion was to do a clean install, and without the migration assistant, reinstall my applications one at a time. Ouch. Currently, I am moving the pop-up dialog mostly out of view on the desktop and ignoring the problem. Roger
  3. Thanks for the reply. I tried the first step, and deleted all my recent servers. That did not work. Later, I deleted the TimeMachine.plist and that did not work. I am still getting a repeating popup (that reappears about 5 times in a row after canceling) dialog box as well as this dialog when the other computer is online: Open finder, choose 'Go' menu (top of the screen), choose 'Connect to Server...' (or cmd + k) In the dialog box, select the drop down icon on the top right and choose 'Clear Recent Servers...' and if that doesn't work: delete /Library/Preferences/com.apple.TimeMachine.plist
  4. This dialog constantly pops up on my Mac Book Pro running Lion. The server is my iMac that is either off or sleeping. How do I keep this dialog from popping up continually every time I run use my Mac Book Pro? If I want to connect, then I will do it on my own terms.