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  1. mwfitch

    Mobileme sanity check

    I have two MobileMe accounts and every time they renew I think I should drop one or both of them and work out the kinks to use free or nearly free sources. I have 2 iPhones, Macs at home and I work on Windows. The $99 is really steep adn I just cant justify it any longer. MobileMe is very slow, sluggish as a webap. Its fairly reliable. but again very slow. I use gmail as my primary email anyway. Ive gotten the contacts and calendars to synch. I will find a replacement for iDisk which is also slow, DropBox is much better. I do use Backup for a small amount of offsite storage, but my music and photos are too large for iDisk I cannot replace the Find My iPhone part of MobileMe. I think maybe its time to drop one of my $99 subscriptions and see how it works. Advise is appreciated Mark
  2. mwfitch

    G5 iMac reinstall help

    My wifes 2.5 yr old G5 iSight iMac/1gm memory/250g HD/Tiger is very slow and needs wiped and reinstalled. It has routine scripts for maintenance but its still snail slow. It has about 200g of data on it and that probably could be reduced. What is the best practice for a wipe and reinstall while maintaining the original user. If things get changed around too much on the computer my wife will be lost. I got her a Mac instead of Windows because of user competency, and she still has problems with the Mac. An external hard drive could be made available. Backup is to .mac and an external HD via USB. Thanks in advance for your help. Mark
  3. mwfitch

    Forcing WIFI

    After some additional testing, my phone will connect successfully w/o any security in place but when the WEP is enabled, it will not authenticate. I can live w/o the 802.11 at work, but it would be handy. Mark Also, the WEP key entered is accepted, I just cant get the phone to use the wireless network.
  4. mwfitch

    Forcing WIFI

    My iPhone picks up the access point, authenticates to it, has an IP and subnet, shows full signal strength. It just seems to choose EDGE over it. I take it home where I have another AP and it honors the WIFI first, as expected. I think I will delete the connection and recreate it just for fun and see if it helps. Thanks. Mark
  5. mwfitch

    wifi problem

    I have the issue on one wireless network (office) but not at home. iPhone grabs the wireless at home perfectly, both netowrks have good signal strength, connect with security and work fine with other devices. Good luck. MArk
  6. mwfitch

    Forcing WIFI

    I have a successful wifi connection on my home network, but at my office (with wifi network found, and connected) my iPhone prefers the EDGE connection over the wifi. This does not happen at the home network, it will always attempt the wifi first. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks Mark
  7. mwfitch

    safari crashing

    I have had occasional Safari crashes also, and when listening to music or podcasts (while in Safari also) so I am not sure my issues are website related. But they seem to be Safari related. Mark
  8. I"m sure this was covered on the MacCast, but I cannot find the recipe for having only the newest podcasts synched to my iPod. I synch every morning before leaving for work, then want to have only the newest podcast show up on my iPod, so that I dont have to sort thru older (already listened to) podcasts. Has anyone had success in writing the rules for this, mine don't seem to produce the results I want. Thanks in advance. Love the MacCast Mark