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  1. mmermaid

    Keynote Vlogs/Blogs

    Thanks - those are my usual haunts during the keynote. Just wondering if there are others I don't know about or if anyone gets away with and posts live video.
  2. mmermaid

    Keynote Vlogs/Blogs

    Anyone have links or ideas for those of us poor souls not in SF who want to get all the news as it happens?
  3. mmermaid

    Who still uses their old Mac?

    Until recently I was using my 450MHz G4 AGP Power Mac but since I needed to save up for an Intel Mac, I sold it to one of my client's kids. Hard to believe that machine that got me from 1999 to 2006 which I beefed up with RAM, hard drives, an airport card etc... is now being used by a 6 year old. Hopefully he'll use it for many more years - it is running Tiger at this point. It originally came with OS 8.6. I tend to hang on my Macs - ever since my first Mac - a Mac Plus in 1986. Although I must say I am very happy with my Mac Pro - they do get better and better.
  4. Got my new Mac Pro only to find that my 1 year old Epson CX6600 has only driver support for printing - the rest of my all-in-one CX 6600 is not compatible with my Mac Pro. Big bummer. Anyone know about a way around this or a gimp solution to at least be able to scan from the Mac Pro to the CX6600? Thanks.
  5. mmermaid

    Firefox 2.0 is a Nightmare

    I have just switched to Firefox 2 after switching a few versions back from Firefox to Camino. It has been behaving well with a couple of extension hic-ups. I too was concerned about the 3rd party cookie issue but when I went to About:config -> network.cookie.cookieBehavior I found that it was already set to 1?... Somehow I must have changed it in the pref but don't recall when or how?... I like saving the tabs from previous browsing session feature and having RSS subscriptions in the google toolbar.
  6. mmermaid

    Wheels for Mac Pro

    I'm looking for something less expensive and am thinking a cart. Though those wheels are cool.
  7. mmermaid

    Palm TX

    I have had a TX for a few months now. I like it for my purposes. Largely syncing with Entourage and keeping a few useful apps on it. Occasionally using it for email or web surfing wirelessly. I had an old Handspring b & w handheld before and the TX color is sharp and easy on the eye. I also have some photos on it and a couple movie clips. Great battery life. I am familiar and comfortable with Grafitti and have no complaints. Did not want a phone combo.
  8. mmermaid

    DV Camcorder... what should I buy

    I am a fan of the 3CCD Panasonic camcorders which use the miniDV tapes. I have the PV-GS500 and think it is excellent. Also feel the PV-GS300 is a fine choice. Both can be found online for @ few hundred dollars less than suggested retail. Be careful though that you purchase from a reputable retailer. Good luck.
  9. mmermaid

    Wheels for Mac Pro

    Any suggestions for an under desk cart with wheels for the Mac Pro? I am looking for something just for the tower itself. Thanks.
  10. mmermaid


    I have had good luck with Macally enclosures. http://www.macally-europe.com/
  11. mmermaid

    I'm very happy with my Microsoft mouse

    As a left handed mouser, I had enjoyed a few trackballs in past years which I prefer for precision PS work. This year I picked up the Kensington Optical USB PilotMouse and am really happy with it. It's a silver and black 2 button mouse with a scroll/click wheel and is very balanced and ergonomically comfy. The sides have a rubbery ribbed texture that I also like. My sister - a right handed Mac using filmmaker used this mouse when she visited and loved it and got one and now her whole office are switching to this mouse too. Not sure if there is a wireless option but would like one if it is.
  12. mmermaid

    BTO options on new iMac or Mac Pro and ...

    Those are exactly the pros and cons that I have been considering. I do have a monitor/KB/mouse that I like but was also thinking that i'd enjoy my current monitor (a 19" sony flat screen) as a second monitor with the 20" iMac for loads of screen. I have a dv cam that if I wanted could be set up as a FW webcam. Would like front row but could wait for Leopard. I am a bit un-nerved by the super pricey RAM for the MP. But I am am more un-nerved by the very limited upgradeability of the iMac. I am also cautitious about the newness of the MP and that I don't want to buy a first revision of any Mac (at least the iMacs have been around many more months). I am going to be working with someone today who just got a new core 2 duo iMac so I can see what I think (Apple Stores are about 2 hours away). Can some who have the MP let me know how they are liking it and any problems they have encountered? Thanks to all. Marianne
  13. Does anyone know if other internet Apple resellers other than Apple offer BTO options on new iMacs or Mac Pros? What are people's opinions on buying from the Apple Store online vs. other resellers? I am thinking that the nearly 9% sales tax is an another large chunk of change to pay. I am thinking in particular of video card and ram upgrades with either machine. I am not eligible for education discounts. And if folks want to add their 2¢ on choosing the 20" iMac vs. the 2.66GHz Mac Pro for gerneral use as well as some digital photo work, light video editing and encoding - I would appreciate the input. Sadly, money is an object. I tend to keep my Macs for quite a while (4-5 years is average for me). Thanks, Marianne
  14. mmermaid

    PDA or Treo 650?

    Will you get a wireless card for the E2. I don't think it has built in wireless does it?
  15. mmermaid

    PDA or Treo 650?

    I have ordered a Palm TX and will update when I know more. I have used a Handspring Visor for many years and I like the Palm OS and graffiti. As far as Palm going with Windows Mobile on the Treo 700w - they then put out the Palm version - the Treo 700p. I have had clients with Blackberrys and I have always found that the Treo 650 was more of a Mac friendly experience. I decided that I just wanted WiFi connectivity (may regret this later) so I can get email and surf some at jobs mostly and access the rest of my Palm apps. I am happy with my Nokia phone and Cingular and did not want to add to the monthly cost. It's a good phone, a camera when I need that and it is small which helps when I tote it along on the long dog walks I do daily. I was using my nephew's Treo 700w last weekend and found it heavy and awkward. Palm online US has the TX on special now with a free wireless keyboard included. We'll see what I think of it once it comes and I get it setup...