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  1. Hey Friends, After Adam's recommendation of the iWow Plug-In for iTunes, I tried it with my MacBook and was amazed at the increase in quality and volume of the sound from the MacBook speakers. It offers a very noticable improvement. Now my trial period is over and I want to purchase, but I noticed on their on-line store page they offer a Promo Code with a discount. Does anyone know the code or how someone can get one??? Thanks? Dorsey Mac Bupapest
  2. I'm trying to find good software to use with GTD … does anyone have experience with Notebook2.1 by Circus Ponies with this? How about Yojimbo (which I already own a registered copy). Or, is it possible to do GTD with a combo of iCal & Address book? Or, is it better to do GTD w/ Entourage? [i'm looking at David Allens whitepaper on this, but would rather not use Entourage if possible as it's still pretty slow w/ an Intel process and certainly doesn't integrate with the rest of the Mac apps as well. Does anyone have templates or a "how to" doc? Thanks! Trying to get organized in Budapest! Dorsey
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    Active Sync & Win Mobile %

    I'm a "switcher" (since July) and have enjoyed the Mac OS X experience greatly. However, I still have to work in a Windows environment so I'm running Parallels for Mac with Win XP Pro. I've managed to run everything I need to run on both the Windows side and the Mac side pretty well, including Entourage connecting with our company Exchange Server ... everything but one ... using my Windows Mobile 5 PDA (Cingular 8125). I've had horrrible times syncing with both Missing Sync on the Mac side and with Active Sync on the Windows side. I've finally gotten Entourage to sync successfully with my Win Mobile 5 calendar, address book and task list. But, I still have some things that need to sync on the Windows side with Active Sync ... Quicken (Windows ... can't run Mac Version of Quicken because it doesn't offer multicurrencies) w/ Pocket Quicken, installation of non-CAB files. I have managed to sync with Outlook and my Windows stuff once or twice but have had repeated instability with Activesync. Does anyone know how to successfully do sustained syncing with ActiveSync on the Windows side and maintain good Missing Sync on the Mac side??? I would love to see this topic addressed on the show sometime. A PDA running Windows Mobile 5 is VASTLY SUPERIOR to a Palm in most all counts (Iv'e used both), but, alas, since I've switched to Mac (and happily) it's been a sad situation. Apple would have a big win if they'd learn to sync with Win Mobile 5 devices. Any suggestions, info on doing this via Parallels, or other situs would be great. Missing Sync is only a partial solution since it doesn't work with the Windows side and since it tends to disable some how ActiveSync. Wouldn't this make a great topic for the podcast??? Thanks for any help! Merry Christmas from Budapest, Hungary! Dorsey
  4. Thanks for the info. Where does Apple say this? I was guessing that it allowes for faster charging, but wasn't sure? Dorsey
  5. I'm overseas with a new MacBook and want to buy an extra AC Charger. All the retail stores have here to sell are MacBook Pro AC Chargers (which are 80 W). They insist that these bigger MacBook Pro Charger is safe and a good replacement for the MacBook A/C Charger (which is 65 W). The MacBook Pro Charger is physically bigger than the MacBook Charger. Does anyone know if the MacBook Pro Charger is indeed safe and OK for the MacBook? Thanks! BPSooner in Budapest
  6. Hi! I'm switching from a PC to a Mac and from Office 2003 to Office for Mac. I have an extensive Auto-Correct file for Word & Outlook that I've created a lot of shorthand in and would like to transfer it to my Office for Mac. I know where the files are kept on a PC for this function but was wondering how to transfer this to my Office for Mac. Does anyone know where the file is to be located in Office for Mac? Can it be "switched" from Office for PC to Office for Mac? Thanks! Dorsey Budapest
  7. Well, I'm making the switch! I've ordered my new black MacBook! Unfortunately, I won't get it until July 12. Oh, the agony of waiting! Anyway, as I prepare to make the switch, I'm doing a little research to make it easier. I've seen "Move2Mac" (www.detto.com) recommended by several sites. So, I was planning on ordering it and using it to transfer all may "stuff" from my PC to my Mac (except e-mail of course, but I'll do that when I sync Entourage with our company exchange server.). However, as I was checking on prices at Amazon, I ran across their reviews and their reviews absolutely trashed the product. So, I was wanting to get an opinion from the forum. Has anyone used "Move2Mac"? Any thoughts or opinions about it? I do have a wireless network set up at my house, so I don't think it would be too hard to move my stuff over that way. (I just transferred my wife to a new Dell Latitude X1 that way, so I’m familiar with the process, at least PC to PC.). So, which is better, a wireless network transfer or "Move2Mac"? I'd appreciate your recommendations. One more question  … concerning “suggested sequence” – with my MacBook, I bought 2 GB of ram (third party) and I’ve already purchased the new version of Parallels. So, in what order should I do everything???? Do I install the new memory before I ever even turn on the MacBook. Or, should I turn it on and do the basic set up first, to see if everything works okay, and then install the memory? When should I install Windows, after installing the memory? Do I move over all my “stuff” on my PC after all this set up? What do you recommend? BTW, I'd really appreciate a podcast (soon) on Makin' the Switch! Thanks, Mac