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    Shared Library Error

    Thanks for the reply car1son. I could not do an uninstall got a similar message. So, I manually deleted every microsoft file, and tried opening Photoshop and still got a similar message: "The application "Photoshop" could not be launched because of a shared library error: "'<application><application><CarbonLib><>" So what exactly is this CarbonLib, where is it? I have or should I say had the latest version office 2004 11.2.5 or something like that. So what is my next step. I don't want to re-install the OS. That is my last option. Thanks
  2. tvtony

    Shared Library Error

    Hello All, I have a little problem, hope someone can help. The other day I started up my mac and had an "Application Launch Failure" pop up. Here is the warning: "The application "Entourage" could not be launched because of a shared library error: "7<Microsoft Entourage><Microsoft Entourage><CarbonLib><>" So, I tried repairing my permissions, nothing. I tried booting from the restore CD and repairing the disk, nothing. I tried using OnyX and nothing. I booted in safe mode and still nothing. I tried trashing my Microsoft preferences and no go. So I am in a pickle. It seems that I can not start any Microsoft Office program, Photoshop, or Illustrator. I have a PowerPC G5 dual 2 GHz with 3 gigs of ram running 10.3.9 Any help would be appreciated, thanks! -Tony
  3. I seem to have one problem and a minor issue here, hope someone can help. 1st: It seems that my ipod can not read any of my categorized "TV Shows". When you have a video file in iTunes you can change the "Video Kind" under the options preference of the file. It then appears under the "TV Show" Category under videos, just as a Music Video or Movie does in their categories. What is not happening is on my 5th gen ipod, I can not read any of those files, they don't appear. All the music videos and movies appear, and all my playlists appear, but no TV Shows. Has this happened to anyone? I tried restoring my ipod settings, and that did not work. I went to my Apple Store, and the "genius" had no idea. Now, I haven't purchased any "TV Shows" from the Apple Store, just made some of mine, I doubt that would be a factor. 2nd issue: Is there any way to make a video podcast a "Movie" "TV Show" or "Music VIdeo"? There are a few video podcasts that are really TV shows, but I can not categorize them as such. They only appear under podcasts, both in iTunes and my iPod. I know it's not a big deal, but I like to keep things organized. If it's a TV, it should go under "TV Shows". I guess until I fix my first problem the 2nd is mute. Any help would be much-appreciated. Thanks --Tony