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  1. cherry su

    Bye Bye NBS Shows on iTunes

    Now people don't have much of a reason to be legit (if NBC sold shows on iTunes for $4.99). Who would pay $4.99 for a TV show? NBC is encouraging more piracy and purchases of DVR/PVRs this way.
  2. cherry su

    Windows Vista Home Premium

    Get XP (or W2K) if you can. Those two are demand much less system resources than Vista. Those two will make the computer run faster than before!
  3. cherry su

    iPhone Hardware Unlocked

    9to5mac.com had a great article about this... Read
  4. cherry su

    iPhone Hardware Unlocked

    UniquePhones got into legal issues with AT&T, so their SW release is "infinetly delayed"…one down, one more to go
  5. cherry su

    iPhone Hardware Unlocked

    He got a Nissan 350z and 3 8GB iPhones. He's gonna give the iPhones to the members on his team.
  6. cherry su

    What is your preferred finder view?

    Icon in most cases; List for folders with a lot of items
  7. cherry su

    Webcam for iMac w/o iSight

    Xbox 360 webcam works great with a Mac with 10.4.9 or later
  8. cherry su

    iPhone Hardware Unlocked

    A graduate from my high school has hardware-unlocked the iPhone. Check out the auction on eBay for the world's second unlocked iPhone (the first one's his).
  9. cherry su

    imac G5 3rd logicboard is dead

    You could try reapplying the thermal paste with Arctic Silver 5.
  10. cherry su

    MacBook Pro Lockups

    Heat could be an issue. When my PC started crashing left and right, I reapplied the thermal paste on the CPU and Northbridge and everything's been good ever since. Turns out that the chipset was overheating, not so much the CPU. I don't think it's a memory problem because when my Mac mini started complaining about bad RAM (and it was a gig stick!), it showed the blinking folder of death. When I put back the original 256MB stick, all was well. Back on topic: If you're brave and want to void your warranty, go ahead and reapply the thermal paste in the MacBook Pro using Arctic Silver 5. I've done it a few times (because I lifted the logic board up after putting the paste on). Follow the disassembly guides on ifixit.com . My ProBook's cooled down about 5*C (specs in sig).
  11. cherry su

    refurbished macbooks and leopard???

    Apple is probably going to upgrade the MacBooks around late November/December. By then, Leopard will probably be on 10.5.1 if Apple's software engineers don't take a vacation. Check out the Mac buyers' guide. That may give you a sense of how often Macs are updated.
  12. cherry su

    Apple Stock Falling Like Crazy

    The stock grew $5+ today!
  13. cherry su

    Apple Stock Falling Like Crazy

    Dammit I should have sold when Apple peaked at $140! >_<
  14. Who will buy a Core Solo Mac mini now?
  15. cherry su

    Apple Stock Falling Like Crazy

    As of now, 10:23AM, Apple stock falls another $5 or so