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  1. Chiefton

    AppleTV or Mac Mini Media Center

    Thanks for the input. I did listen to that podcast but I am still on the fence, especially since the new versions of AppleTV and Frontrow on the Mac. Of course you can only get the higher quality "DVD like" and "HD" movie rentals are only through the AppleTV. "Near DVD" quality is via iTunes. I do love the Mac Mini but it is a lot more money than an AppleTV, especially with the rent $70 price drop on both models. Steve made this decision a lot more complicated for me with all the new stuff he announced this week! Here is the choice - Mac Mini decked out (or) Apple TV 160GB + Lower end Logitech Harmony Remote + iPod Touch (16GB) or iPhone (if work every agrees to let me have my own cell plan. I currently have a work phone) This is all my Christmas money.
  2. I have been reading various posts and pages trying to make up my mind. Before Christmas I was planning on getting a Mac Mini to hook up to my HDTV for all my media. Since I made that decision, I started copying some of my DVDs (all legal) to my NAS with MactheRipper (Full Copies). I thought it was much faster than Handbreak and had full quality. I was thinking the Mac Mini could connect to the SMB share and I would be good to go. I have already done this on my MacBook Pro in testing. It would also give me a DVD player, as the one in my basement recently died. Now that AppleTV has a bunch of new features and can rent/buy on the fly, including renting HD... I am leaning more towards it. It would be incredibly easy to use (for the wife) but would require me to use handbrake on everything I want to throw in it. Is it possible to have another MAC (when needed) to mount the share on the NAS with the TS_Video files and share them to the AppleTV? Maybe with Aliases or something? I love the "Video Folder" option in Frontrow that I was using on the Mac, of course it is not an option on AppleTV. Is anyone else doing something similar? Any pointers? I would love to pickup one at the Apple Store tomorrow even though the new software does not come out for a couple weeks. I was also looking at one of the logitech Harmony remotes. Do they work with the AppleTV? Please let me know if you have any suggestions or any helpful tips. Thanks! Chiefton
  3. Chiefton

    I made the BIG Switch!!!

    Yea, it rocks!!! I got my MacBook Pro earlier than expected, but I have been playing with it so much I forgot to post an update! I am listening the let latest maccast as I am typing this. I loved it right out of the box. I got it setup the way I want it and have learned a lot long the way. I am using parralles full screen on a second monitor. It is awesome being able to be on a full Windows box and Mac at the same time. I have to for work anyway. It works great. Then I can reboot it for updates while I keep working! I also figured out setup up my network printers, Directory Access, and Entourage (with Public folders). I did have to play with these a bit but got it working. Also, someone showed me how to mapping to windows/smb shares so now I am in business. I also found some great software for monitoring my system, managing RRS fees, etc. And it is all working great! I am suprised just how great. The only issue I have every once in a while is it does not always wake from sleep. I guess is still adjusting to the jet lag from China! I reset the PRAM and Power Management and it has only happened once since. The airport is also not as strong as the Dell I switched from. All-In-All I am very happy.
  4. Chiefton

    I made the BIG Switch!!!

    Thanks so much for the info. I have look at that app but it seems to be to allow Macs to be administered on an Active Directory Domain. I would like to administer other "Users and Computers" already on the domain, not Macs. On the PC/Server side I would use "Active Directory Users and Computers." I will look through the forums some more for that specific task. I do appreciate the help though!
  5. Chiefton

    I made the BIG Switch!!!

    Yea, it was a little on the pricey side, but I did get the educational discount. Plus a semi-free 4GB ipod Nano, that I intend to resell to get some $$ back. But I need it all so I can run both parrallels at work and Boot Camp for a few games. That and my ~23 GB MP3 collection. Plus, with the Apple credit I have their 3/mo same as cash offer. I would love to get my wife a MacBook, but I need to get this payed down some first. Of course she was trying to steal my nano last night! I got that already. Just waiting on the MacBook Pro to arrive at its new home.
  6. Chiefton

    I made the BIG Switch!!!

    Okay, long story short I just ordered my very first Mac - a Mac Book Pro - 2.16 GHz, 120 GB HD, 2 GB RAM, etc. This is HUGE for me... did I mention HUGE!?!?!!! It has taken me quite a long time to come around to the idea of using a Mac, let alone buying one. I have been a PC guy all my life. I work on them all day long as a Sr. Systems Administrator for a University. Ever since the release of the Intel based Macs and Boot Camp, I have been interested in keeping up-to-date with them. I even started listening to this GREAT podcast and a few others. They have all helped greatly in my decision. Now my father has been a Mac guy for a number of years now and has loved it. I used to joke with him and everyone else of all the things a Mac can't do, how expensive the are (of course that has not changed much), and so forth. My manager and I have always joked about them. But now... I almost feel like I have gone to the dark side! But so far, I am enjoying the ride (with this podcast). I can only imagine the joking that wil be flying around my office when I get my new Mac Book Pro shipped to my office! And the large learning curve I will have trying to find Mac apps to help my manage our Windows Active Driectory, VMWare Server, etc. I will definelty be buying Parellels right after I transfer all my files over.... But I can't wait. Wish my luck! PS If anyone out there manages Active Directory with some apps from their Mac, instead of just Remote Desktop of VNC, please let me know the tools you use. It will greatly help me.
  7. Chiefton

    Network Admin Seriously Thinking of Switching

    Thanks for the helpful info. If anyone else has any experience using OSX in an Admin role like my position, please let me know how you manage things. I will have a lot o learn as this will be my very first Mac. I have used one or two every so slightly for web browsing and such but that it about the extent of it. I have been interested since the Intel Macs have come out and have been reading and listening to a few different podcasts to catch up. Long term I would like to switch my wife to an MacBook also so she can have her own itunes library and such. Then it would also be easier for her to bring some work home if needed. My father has had a Powerbook for a while now and just switched my mom to a new intel iMac. I am just trying to do more research and have my plan down. Any comments and help are very appreciated. Thanks! 8)
  8. Okay, long story short, I am interested in a new MacBook Pro. After all the heat issues are resolved of course. I was also hoping the price may come down around July-August also. I work for a University here in Baltimore so I can get the education discount, but... that is part of the issue. I work with Windows all day, especially our 100+ 2000/2003 servers. I am a systems administror for for the entire network. Don't get me wrong, I do like Windows just looking at the MAC also. I work with Active Directory all day, group policies, AD DNS, VMWare Virtual Center for our Blade Center, and encrypted VNC to name a few. If I do switch, I know I can do all of this in Boot Camp or Parrallels but what would be the point of switching if I still have to work in a VM all day? I know I can use remote desktop to some servers but not the encrypted VNC flavor that we use here. I basically was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat, or has accomplised this. Can you do normal Active Directory or Group Policy management inside OSX? How about connecting to normal Windows Servers c$ share for admin purposes and such? Let me know if you have any comment, feedback, or some practical solutions that may help. I also use a dual-monitor setup so I could possibly use one monitor full screen with parrallels and the other OSX for entourage, Word, Excel, and such. Maybe I just answered my own question - but there it is. Please help, I would love to switch... of course then I would be a newbie again!