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  1. chris2x

    mdimport run amok

    Something is wrong with my Mac. It looks like mdimport which is used by Spotlight has run amok. There are at lest 40 mdimport processes running on my computer and it will continue to spawn more until I run out of processes. Any ideas how to fix? My guess is that the spot light index is corrupt.
  2. chris2x

    Unnecesary Processes

    mdimport is used for indexing for spotlight
  3. chris2x

    iSync problems

    Hopefully this is not related to the daylight savings tie change but iSync has just started to do this for me: Everytime I open up iSync it says: "Inconsistencies in your sync information for contacts and calendars were detected and have been repaired" and my sync to my razor phone fails. I did reset the razor which did not help. So now my phone has no contacts at all. The razor is the only device I am trying to sync to as I no longer have a .Mac account. ideas?
  4. chris2x

    Who should be the new "Mac" in Apple's ads?

    I second the Cali Lewis idea. I think it is time for a Mac Girl
  5. chris2x

    iTunes promotion / iTunes enhanced

    Being featured can drive a lot of traffic to a site. When I was featured way back in November I got enough traffic to my site (run on an old 450Mhz G4 in the back room) to completely take that machine offline repeatedly.
  6. Congratulations on the iTunes promotion. I saw it was for being an iTunes enhanced podcast. I am jealous as I think I have been doing one even longer than you have. But, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy/show. I really do like that version of your show an have listened to it since it came out (even back when there was a delay). Yes I sometimes skip a story that I have already heard, but I also like having the links off to details about some particular story.
  7. chris2x

    gMail Accounts

    send email to invites at chris2x.com
  8. I want to use an iPod for remote recording of my podcast (soundseeing tours, interviews, etc) and I have not had great luck with Linux on iPod. So has anyone actually tried the recording on the Nano or the Video iPod now that it no longer limits recording to 8Mh? Samples?
  9. This is not another Mac podcast it is about travel for the love of travel, but it is produced on a Mac (PowerBook) using GarageBand.