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  1. coralcoast

    iTunes Sharing Choppy

    Hi All, We've just got our second mac, and are trying to share our music library using the built in feature. However - the music is so choppy that we can't listen to it.. There's nothing else happening on the network, and we're both on the latest version of itunes. We're using a Macbook C2D (host) and a brand new iMac (latest) Does anyone have any sugestions? Thanks!
  2. coralcoast

    Windows / Mac Attachment Issues

    I've narrowed it down - it seems all the people having problems are using outlook - and they can't see ANY type of attachment, including zip files. I know they get the attachment, because when they forward the email the file gets forwarded.. .but they just don't get the paperclip icon. They tell me to "attach" the file rather than place it "inline" if that helps.
  3. coralcoast

    Windows / Mac Attachment Issues

    Hi all, We're having problems with several windows based customers not being able to see our attachments. They show up fine on other macs or web mail accounts. I tick the 'send windows friendly attachments' box and it still doesnt work. Any suggestions Cheers, Alan
  4. coralcoast

    Powerbook LCD stopped working

    Hi all, I just need some advice re: my Powerbook G4 1.25ghz LCD screen. It had a slight drop after the power cord got wrapped around the dogs leg, now the screen stays grey when i boot. Everything works fine on an external monitor though. (luckily i can at least work that way.. although I do work away from the office about 80% of the time) I had just booked it in for repair under the applecare extended service ('white spot problem') but am not sure if they will fix it now that this has happened. I'm hoping that it's just a loose LCD - any tips on how to fix this? Thanks Adam for the MacCast and these forums. Al in Western Australia.
  5. coralcoast

    Spanish Ebay Macbook Pro

    Oh my god! I can't believe that the 'bank' is also listed as a holiday rental house! This has to be a scam, right? In a situation like this where you know someone is about to get ripped off, what do you do? Should you let ebay or the police know? Would any MacCast Listeners in Spain like to comment? Maybe we should all call that number (972 364438) and somehow scam the scammer. I do feel sorry for the 3 people that end up winning these items. When I bought my powerbook on ebay, i did have some trouble with the sellerit was listed as being in Sydney but i'm sure it came via hong kong. It took me 2 months and threats of legal action but I finally got it.
  6. coralcoast

    Spanish Ebay Macbook Pro

    Hi All, Just wondering what everyone thinks about these macbook pros that are being sold on ebay from Spain. The seller won't accept paypal or escrow which makes me wonder if it is a scam or not. The auctions are: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/MacBook-Pro-17-2-33...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com.au/MacBook-Pro-15-2-33...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com.au/MacBook-Pro-15-2-16...1QQcmdZViewItem Has anyone from the Maccast been scammed before? I bought my G4 Powerbook from ebay and it's been great except for the japanese keyboard. Any help or advice to/from other listeners would be great. Cheers. Al.
  7. coralcoast

    Adobe CS3 Webcast

    Hi All, I'm trying to watch the webcast of the CS3 launch, but it just keeps stalling every 10 or so seconds. does anyone have a link to a full download rather than a stream? I'm on a powerbook g4 1.25ghz on a 512k ADSL connection. Cheers. Al.
  8. Hi - I've been working for a publishing company with 15-20 macs of all different configurations (7200 through to G5), and they are networked in a big mish-mash random assortment. Most of these are 10/100mbps computers. They are currently using an 10/100mbps g4 emac with an external USB drive as their "Main Server". (this drive isnt backed up either!) Would they get better speeds if they run their server off a G3/4/5 tower with 1000 mbps ethernet? Does the hub / switch / Cables also need to be 1000 mbps? Any assistance would be appreciated. Al from Western Australia.
  9. coralcoast

    Network Compromised?

    Hi tim, It actually already was WPA security all along.
  10. coralcoast

    Network Compromised?

    Hi Graham, thanks for your post. There is one other wireless network on my street - and we are both using WEP (personal) security. Their signal is very weak and I can rarely pick it up on my powerbook G4. My router is a Netgear WGR614 v2, and I have had it for about 4 years - never had this error before. If you enter this message into Google, there are a few others having the same problem, but no answers. Thanks, Al.
  11. coralcoast

    Network Compromised?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this strange error message: "the wireless network appears to have been compromised and will be disabled for about a minute" It happens randomly, roughly every 30 minutes to 2 hours, and it disconnects me from the net just like it says, even when there's no other computers on my wireless network. I use a netgear wireless router attached to the ADSL modem supplied by my ISP. It's only been happening since upgrading to 10.4, and I've done a clean install of OSX 10.4.8. I'm using a Powerbook G4 1.25ghz, with a Netgear WGR614 v2 router. It has WPA-PSK Encryption, and it's not recording any attempted access. It's getting pretty annoying - any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Alan.