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  1. blenderdude

    Typical PC User Switcher

    Congrats on your new mac! I am a recent switcher as well; I bought a mac mini a few weeks ago. I'll definitely listen to your podcasts.
  2. blenderdude

    Mac Games

    For some time consuming and somewhat addicting fun, check out these simple games: Neverball Pac the Man 2 TuxRacer
  3. blenderdude

    Adams opening segue

    Another thing I really like about the Maccast is how you just sound like yourself... on other Mac podcasts (cough Inside Mac Radio cough) they sound way to "radio-ee" and forced in the way they talk. Now don't get me wrong, I like the content on IMR... just not the way it's delivered
  4. Hi, I'm having a really strange and annoying problem with my iPod. When ever I plug the ipod into the USB port on my PC, the computer restarts! Nothing happens, nothing pops up... its as if I just unplugged and plugged in the power cord. Nothing happens when I remove the iPod though, its just when I plug it in. I have a really crappy eMachines PC and will be buying a Mac mini as soon as I have the money Oh, and I know that its not the iPod because I can plug it into the PC at my mom's (basically the same model) with no problems.
  5. Apple has updated their core image page, to indicate that the ATI Radeon 9550 card *is* core image compatible, which is nice for potential ibook customers. Makes me even more angry about the lack of video update on the mac mini
  6. blenderdude

    Vintage Mac Users

    aaah. I used to have an old Mac Plus, with Glider (what a fun game!). I got rid of it ages ago... i even had an old, old greyscale powerbook with a trackball. Got rid of that for some reason too. My science teachers have a bunch of old, unused Macs, Mac Plusses, and Mac II's laying around... mabey i can take one off of their hands