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    Hi all, this is my first post on here, as well as what is hopefully an informative review. Wimp is an application that logs your IP and then emails it to you. If your machine is ever stolen, the Police can use the IP to find the geographic location of your machine, and then track it down. I first heard about Wimp after listening to the Mac Roundtable and getting hooked on the MacReviewCast. At my school, we had a lot of mac users, and some people were having their notebooks stolen lately. I decided some security was needed. I then heard the latest Mac ReviewCast and looked up the app Tim had mentioned. After reading the synopsis, I immediately downloaded and configured the app. Setup was actually very easy. You simply download the .dmg, mount the image and drag the app to your Applications folder. When you launch the app for the first time, it presents you with an EULA. Once you agree, you are presented with a few fill in boxes. You fill in your email address and from the drop down menu you can choose how often you want Wimp to email you with your IP. When you click the "save" button, Wimp will tell you that it is reccomended you test your settings. If you click yes, Wimp will send an email to the address you specified. If it doesn't got through, you know there's a mistake. The email, for me was instantly sent. Wimp provides you with the IP of the access point or router you are working with, so there is an option to allow multiple locations if you switch AP's a lot. Wimp only sends an email if your IP changes to an unspecified (unallowed) IP. You can also have the email sent to multiple addresses. Wimp is always checking for your IP even if you're not logged in, the computer needs only to be turned on for it to work. Wimp is totally free and can be downloaded here. If you like the software, I urge you to make a donation for further development of the application. No, I don't work for them, but I really like the product and I know how hard it is to keep up working on your source code when you have no money. I hope this review helped somebody out.