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  1. evenprimes

    Are you upgrading to iPhone 4?

    I'll be pre-ordering. I have a first gen iPhone that has served me well for just over 2 years. Looking at the keynote I'm drooling for the upgrade. FWIW, I think the most significant update is the screen. I've been envious of my friend's Droid. That screen has a higher pixel density and text looked great. I can hardly wait to see what it will look like at 320 ppi.
  2. evenprimes

    Safari add-on like NoScript?

    For several reasons I find myself using Safari more and more as my primary browser. One thing I miss (a lot) from Firefox is NoScript, a mod that allows me per-site javascript permissions. Is there anything like that for Safari? (I'm already using ClickToFlash.) Thanks.
  3. I listen to a number of podcasts (surprise!) and they really do sound better when the EQ is set to "Spoken Word". What I'd like to do is automatically run a script to set the EQ for podcasts when iTunes downloads new podcasts. Thanks for any tips!
  4. evenprimes

    Missing checkbox in iTunes DJ

    Well, I never found a way to add the checkbox back, but I did find a better solution. I've assigned 1-star to also be omitted from my main playlist as well. Now if I decide that I no longer want a song I can either uncheck it or assign it 1 star and away it goes. In case you're wondering, I don't normally use the star ratings except for 5-star for current fav-raves.
  5. I like to use iTunes DJ and my primary playlists all have the "Include only checked music" option. Is there an easy way to uncheck music in the iTunes DJ? It's a hassle to go find the song in my other playlists just to uncheck it. Thanks!
  6. I upgraded to iTunes9 after it was released and I really like it overall. That said, I don't like the white window backgrounds. Is there a way to change it back to black?
  7. evenprimes

    Setting default ringtones for contacts?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a way to setup a "default" ringtone for all of my contacts. Is there a way to have a rule that says: if this number is in my contact list use this ringtone? I'd rather not have to go through and manually set the ringtone for all my contacts. Thanks!
  8. I use quick look quite a bit to preview screenshots to see which ones I might want to keep. Is there a way from within Quick Look to delete a single image? I've found that Command-Backspace will delete ALL the images I've selected for Quick Look, but I only want to delete the one I'm viewing. This is on a fully patched Leopard install. Thanks!
  9. evenprimes

    Mac OS X Leopard!

    I was ... curious about this too. But it's not really about Safari per se, its about giving windows developers experience with Safari to make it easier to develop for the iPhone. In that context it makes perfect sense. increasing Safari market share is a minor concern over all.
  10. evenprimes

    Possible iPhone Release date

    I very seriously doubt that Apple will let the iPhone steal any more thunder from Leopard than they absolutely have to. SJ will probably mention the iPhone, but based on Apple's history I would expect to see the iPhone more like June 29-30. WWDC, my guess, will focus on Mac and OS X. My bold prediction: they will announce, but not release, an iPhone SDK and emulator for developers, availability during late Q3. Chris
  11. evenprimes

    Backup Software Suggestions?

    Ain't those crazy Mac developers great? FWIW, I've looked for software as powerful and as easy to use on the PC and I've come up emtpy every time. Chris
  12. evenprimes

    Backup Software Suggestions?

    The only downside I see to using just SuperDuper is that if you need to go back in time to a previous revision, SD isn't much help, whereas chronosync can keep multiple revisions of the same file, though not as nicely as it looks like Time Machine will in 10.5. SD is great if you need to recover from a hd failure, but if you just need to recover that file you deleted 2 weeks ago, that's where a real backup program or something like chronosync will save you. Chris
  13. evenprimes

    EMI drops DRM in May 2007

    While the EMI thing is big and very good news, I was actually more interested in hearing that Apple will also be offering independant artists the option of having high quality DRM free music on iTunes. Hopefully this will both put more money in artist's pockets and be the first real nail in the DRM coffin. Chris PS: The whole thing about keeping albums the same price is OK, but the fact is that very few bands are capable of producing a whole album of good music! I don't think I'll be buying more albums just b/c of this...
  14. evenprimes

    Please recommend a Backup Solution

    If you don't mind me asking: what kind of hardware setup did you use for the NAS RAID? I've looked and have found that NAS specific RAID enclosures tend to be quite expensive... Chris
  15. evenprimes

    Delete Podcasts?

    I subscribe to 32 podcasts and audiobooks as of right now. I get > 3 GB/month of stuff so keeping all that around just isn't feasible. That said, I'm interested in what other people are doing. The most I'll do is grab links or show notes to save. I just can't picture having the time to re-listen to an entire episode of anything. Sometimes I don't even listen once due to time constraints!