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  1. My new Macbook was booting into the gray screen of death, after several applecare calls, the computer was sent in and the logic board replaced. Today, its doing the same thing...what do I do now? What do I look for to see if this is a bad installation of the logic board? I'm a switcher, too by the way. thanks in advance.. Paul
  2. patkins

    New Macbook, 1 gig or two?

    Hi folks, I"m a about to be new switcher...I know I am going to upgrade the ram, but do I really need more than 1 gig? I have a gig of ram in my windows desktop and that's been great. Anticipated use of the Macbook will be some photo and dvd creation using Ilife suite. I also plan to use bootcamp or parralels to use some windows only apps I use occasionaly. I may also be editing movies that my son in law has made and turning them into dvd, again, with Ilife. I was planning on just special ordering the one gig from Apple when I buy the macbook, along with the 100 gig hard drive. So, does it make sense to just keep to one gig for this consumer level laptop? thanks in advance Paul
  3. Hi Folks, love the mac cast. I used to own one of the first Macs, and now am coming back...a few questions... 1. I want to buy a new white 2.0 ghz mac with a 100 gig hard drive...how long is the turn around time when I buy a macbook from apple.com? 2. Is one gig enough to run pararells with xp or should I get 2 gigs from OWC? 3. Does anyone know how much the government employee discount is? How do I verify that I am a bonifide local (county) employee when I special order a mac online? Any assistance appreciated.. Paul