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  1. mamafonz

    Lion troubles

    Thanks for all of the help, everybody! I am gonna take my MBA out to see what happens. (After this Thanksgiving weekend and my jet lag!) YOu have given me some terrific ideas. It is just one of those things I will go through your ideas and do them. However, The path: username / library / preference / SystemConfiguration does not exist on my MBA! In the username / library / preferences folder there is no folder named "SystemConfiguration" Maybe the path is slightly different in Lion?
  2. mamafonz

    Lion troubles

    I am not the most sophisticated computer user, but I have been an Apple user for my entire computer life (started with Apple 2 e) Upgrading to new operating systems has been a challenge, but normally I was able to make the adjustment. This time, I am going NUTS! The lack of a library folder in my user folder -- I need to access stuff that was attached to emails, I need to copy a mail folder from my iMac to my Macbook Air, stuff like that. I need to get into the library to do that! The whole "duplicate before you start typing" in an existing document is not an improvement. I guess the reason is the automatic save feature. Probably a good idea but dang it! When I type quickly in Mail or Pages, the program crashes. It sends a report to Apple, but this is getting to be really annoying, It happens 100% of the time. I now have to remind myself to slow down every sentence or two so that the program doesn't crash. I suspect that this too is related to the automatic save feature. But the real HUGE PROBLEM is that my MacBook Air does not log in to a public Wifi anymore. The Red Carpet Club has a Wifi that has always worked just fine with every laptop computer I ever had. But since upgrading to Lion, my Macbook Air 11" will not log on. It gets the IP just fine but never actually logs in. In fact it will sometimes give me a 404 not found rather than the login page. And it takes 2 - 3 minutes to decide whether or not to display the page where I enter my login information! I tried repeatedly and it took 2 - 3 minutes every time. Then failed to log in. People around me, using iPads, MadBooks, PCs, all got on just fine. Just like always! And my iPhone logged in just fine. But the MacBook Air with Lion would not. When I run Disk Utility, I get a huge list of permissions that are not correct and Disk Utility says it repaired them, I run Disk Utility again and the EXCT same permission errors appear again. And Again and again. This is true on my iMac and on my Macbook air. So those are the things that Lion has introduced into my computing and they are all making my computing less pleasant. I would like to send a message to Apple about these issues. Do you know what address I should use? Thanks for any help you may have for me.
  3. mamafonz

    MS PPT no longer works

    I can no longer get ppt to work. I have Office 2004. I downloaded an update so that I can get the files that end with .docx to open. But when I get ppt attachments or visit a web page that has a ppt file to download, I cannot view the file. I get an eternal spinning ball and have to force quit. I have an iMac with OS 10.6.2 Is the problem due to Snow Leopard? Thanks for any ideas. Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  4. When I work in iWeb '09 version 3.0.1, the picture is placed in the correct location. But when I publish the page, the picture is about two inches lower! This is on a page of mostly text. Susan Gross iMac (2009) running OSX 10.5.8
  5. mamafonz

    How to donate money?

    Aha! Just a really long main page and I did not scroll all of the way down. I guess I am just lazy so I only looked at the sidebar. Anyway, thanks for your prompt response. Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  6. mamafonz

    How to donate money?

    Adam, You do such excellent work for the Mac community. I have seen people mention donating money to you. I would like to do that, too. But where is the PayPal button for donating to you? Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  7. mamafonz

    WWDC Keynote

    I had to have my iPhone reset a few months ago and lost my notes. Then last month my touch screen went wonky and I had to have my iPhone replaced. Lost my notes AGAIN! Why did they not mention sync'ing notes? Drives me crazy! And no mention of coy paste either. Although compatibility with iLife implies copy paste function... Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  8. mamafonz

    iPhone events not syncing with iCal

    Have any of you had this happen: I enter events on one of my puters and sync. Everything is fine. Those events sync onto my iPhone just fine. BUT I added en event on my iPhone and sync'ed. The iPhone event did not show up on the puter's iCal (or anywhere else.) A few days later (I sync every day) the event had disappeared from my iPhone! That means that the lack of an event in the iCal on my computer overwrote the event that had been entered on my iPhone. Now I am not sure how many appointments that I have entered in the last couple of weeks are GONE and I may miss the appointments.. arrgh I tried emptying the sync log fropm the iSync program, but that did not fix it. Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  9. I travel about two weeks a month and take a Mac Book with me. My mail server is Entourage. I check and respond to email while traveling. However I default to "leave messages on server" so that I can retrive all business email and keep it organized on my home computer. Since there is always some spam mail and some chatty mail, I simply check "delete this message from serve at next connection" on these messages. I would love to use Mail since that seems to be a better way to cordinate with my iPhone. is there a way to remove idividual messages from the server in Mail while keeping the default as "leave messages on server" ? Thanks for any help! Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO www.susangrosstprs.com
  10. mamafonz

    I wish my new iPhone could....

    I also wish I could hear the iPhone when it rings. I think I have heard it a total of ONCE. I have missed every call because I can't hear it when it is in my purse. I did not have this problem with my Treo. I have the volume up as high as it will go. I tried the"marimba" rigntone but never heard it. Now I have the really ugly sound (digital i think it is) because it seems to be louder. Will there be any way to make the iPhone louder? OR is the speaker just too teensy? Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  11. mamafonz

    I wish my new iPhone could....

    Joe, Thanks for the tip. I just am not sure where to find the "calendar sync options." Are they on the iPhone? Are they on the computer to which I sync? Are they in iTunes? Obviously I am looking with my eyes closed or something.... sorry! Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  12. mamafonz

    I wish my new iPhone could....

    I wish I could do a "copy and paste" I got an email that contains some important figures. I want to copy those figures and then paste them into a note on the Calendar. Other numbers I would like to save in a Note. any ideas about how to copy and paste? When I add an event on my iPhone, it gets added to the calendar as whole new calendar called "home" -- -where is the setting tell it to add this event to which calendar? (This seems pretty basic, so maybe I just need your help finding this ability) I want to save some information in Notes. How can I type the information on my computer and then sync with Notes? I can't find Notes on my computer at all. Sync'ing Notes is important to me! Anyway, not to whine... I love the thing because it is well-designed, able to do lots of things well, feels good in the hand. I do NOT like the touchpad because Ikeep getting the wrong letters. I assume it will get better (It already is a bit better now) I am afraid I wll drop it because is is so slippery. When I type it sort of slips and then I hit a bunch of wrong letters while catching the slippery iPhone! Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  13. mamafonz

    I backed up... now how to use it?

    Thanks so much for the help. Backup is sure an easy app to use! It worked just as you said. Thanks again... Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  14. I was trying to "fix" something in Safari last night. (Don't ask, I finally figured it out! Too late, though...) I thought perhaps it would help if I reset Safari. So I did. Well, that means that I lost all of my membernames and passwords for everywhere on the whole web. Yeah, YOU knew that. *I* on the other hand thought it would reset the toolbar (what I was trying to fix... stop laughing RIGHT NOW!! I am so embarrassed.) So anyway. I have Backup on my computer and it does its thing all of the time. So there is a back up of Home folder on an external. There is a backup of iLife on external (I don't think that's the one I want) and there is a backup of Personal Data on iDisk. Question #1: Where do I go to find the file that contains the info I accidentally deleted in my reset of Safari? Question #2: How do I get it from its backed-up location to the place where it will once again save my brain from trying to remember a bejillion usernames and paswords? Thanks for your help... I know now that resetting Safari and restoring the toolbar are completely different things. Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>
  15. When I go to watch a U-Tube video, the sound plays but not the video. If i move my mouse around on the web page then the video updates. So if I keep my mouse running back and forth over the stars (for voting on how you like the movie) then the movie keeps playing jerkily... new picture every second or so. It didn't used to be that way; it used to play the movie! Any ideas? OS 10.4.9 Safari 2.0.4 Susan Gross Colorado Springs, CO <www.susangrosstprs.com>