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  1. Egon

    Control + eject button

    It's disabled by Default in pretty much all versions of OS X. Don't know why exactly.
  2. Egon

    Snow leopard and iStat Pro do not agree

    You are probably going to need to wait until they update iStat Pro. I believe they are using the old way of calculating the hard drive space (1024 vs 1000). There is probably little that you can do to make them equal until then.
  3. Egon

    Control + eject button

    You can use the Tab Key and then press the spacebar to choose the one that gets the "highlight" around it.
  4. Egon

    More MKV questions

    Someone correct me here if I'm way off base. But if I understand MKV files. They don't directly support subtitles. So the Subtitles you are seeing are from the Source video. Because of that, there will not be a way to remove them because they are actually part of the picture in the video file instead of data that the player lays on top of of the video, which is what a subtitle does.
  5. Egon

    VMWare Fusion RAM Usage

    Honestly, get the 4GB. It's not that VMWare takes up that much, Virtual Machines do, but only when they are running. But 4GB of RAM is going to be an overall more pleasant experience no matter what. If you can afford it, get the 4GB. J
  6. Archiving is really easy. 1. Open Mail 2. Select the MailBox you want to archive 3. Click Mailbox on the menu bar 4. Select "Archive mailbox..." 5. Select destination of the archive 6. click "Choose" That's it. J
  7. Egon

    Mail Smart Mailboxes

    create a new criteria, in the first drop down select "Mail is not in mailbox" and in the second drop down, select the "All Mail" folder on your google account.
  8. Egon

    Mail Smart Mailboxes

    Yes, what you need to do is tell your smart mailbox to exclude the messages from the Gmail's "ALL Mail" folder. This is why you are picking up duplicates.
  9. Egon

    MS Office: '07 or '08

    I have used Office 2008 pretty extensively and I haven't seen a lot of bugs. I have seen some quirks, like how it works, or more to the point doesn't, with Spaces. There is also OpenOffice/NeoOffice that works for just about everything except Access. J
  10. In Power Savings settings in System Preferences, you can setup Wake from Lan. This will wake the computer up when an administrator tries to access the computer. However, for this to work properly, you will have to have them Wired in. Wake On Lan doesn't work over Wireless.
  11. Egon

    Firefox3 & Keychain

    To put another 2cents.... This is also very smart, you don't want your keychain accessible to any Tom, Dick, or Harry who might walk by or poke around. J
  12. Egon

    Firefox3 & Keychain

    Also, the other benefit is that 1Password will be able to remember and fill out forms, like for example bank and credit card web sites, that don't allow the typical Safari or Mozilla save password features to work.
  13. Egon

    Firefox3 & Keychain

    1Password will help you with that. It will integrate just about all the browsers. Works very well I have found and I use it all the time. http://agilewebsolutions.com/products/1Password Hope this helps.
  14. Egon

    Office 2008 and Multiple Screens

    Yes, I'm having issues with Office 2008 with Multiple Screens and Spaces as well. It's a bug. I'm sure they are going fix it. They had a similar bug in Office 2004 with multiple screens when someone disconnected it and it would crash. It was a strange bug. Anyway. you aren't alone on this one. But I don't have a workable solution other than keeping Office on the Main display. J
  15. Egon

    Macbook or Macbook Pro

    The one thing that the specs don't really focus on is the screen. The screens in the MacBook Pro are far superior, not just in size, but quality. However, there is another point for the MacBook as well. The MacBook has a user upgradable hard drive AND memory. The MacBook Pro has to be taken to an Authorized Service Center to have the Hard Drive replaced. The MacBook is also much lighter to carry around. If it were me, well it was about a year ago, I went with the Pro... Then I paid to have a 320GB Hard drive installed. So, there you have my 2 cents.