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  1. I got my new iPod shuffle a few weeks ago and I noticed something weird. If I plug my shuffle into its dock, which i connected to my turned off iMac, then power on the iMac, then I can't start iTunes (It either refuse to start or crashes) until I remove the Shuffle from the dock. Afwards I can redock the Shuffle and everything just works. It's not a big problem, but it just seems a bit weird, anyone else notice this?
  2. mrweasel

    Airport and iMac

    Is there anyway to keep wireless connections from being dropped when my iMac goes into sleep-mode. I understand how this is a feature on a laptop, it increases battery life, but on a desktop system this it's just stupid. I don't need increase battery life, and I don't need to 30 sec. wait the wireless reconnecting time. Of cause I could just use a wired connect, but I really don't want an extra cable running behind my desk.
  3. mrweasel


    Cocoaspell integrates into the spell checker, no difference. It has its own preference pane though.
  4. mrweasel


    Well, Dansk is Danish, but Apple doesn't ship a Danish dictionary with Mac OS X, so that didn't help. I did however find a different solution: Cocoaspell. It allows you to use Aspell within Coco application, nice :-) The dictionary shows up along with the standard Apple dictionaries, with "(Aspell)" appended to the name.
  5. mrweasel


    Hi, My brand new iMac comes with spelling features (nice), but the choice in languages is a bit limited. English, German and Swedish is nice enough, but not that useful when you mainly deal in ... oh let's see danish perhaps. Can I just add a danish dictionary, if so, how?
  6. mrweasel


    Have anyone bought the Mellel word processor (Mellel.com)? I want a small word processor that can handle Word document and basic document writing. MS Office is overkill and to expensive and NeoOffice seems a bit bloated. I also tried Abiword, but didn't like the interface, it just looks like they moved the Unix version and didn't make the GUI changes to make it more Mac OS like. Any recommandations?
  7. mrweasel

    iMac delievery

    Yeah, the store I went to also have 17" in stock, no problem, it's just the 20". Still, just speculation. 20" seems to sell much better than 17" these days.
  8. mrweasel

    iMac delievery

    I know that the Maccast forum isn't really about rumors and I kind of dislike how rumors often get out of hand. Still, I thought that this was pretty interesting. I ordered a 20" iMac last week. Apple doesn't have retail stores in Denmark, so I went to a company that specialises in Apple products. I had originally expected that I could just grap an iMac of the shelf, but they where sold out. Well today (a week later) I dropped by, just to check up on delivery. The guy in the store had simply dropped trying to figure out when they would have the 20" iMac back in stock. He also told me that orders they had place last week had been recalled or cancelled by Apple. Understandable behavior if Apple plans an iMac upgrade. Just a small observation I thought I would share with you guys. I waited three months to get my first Mac, I guess I can wait a bit longer...... I hope, I really want get my hands on an iMac and OSX.
  9. mrweasel

    Memory brand

    I've noticed that a lot of people said that the Apple Store memory is to expensive, so they just got a 1GB block from Crucial. Why is it that people go for Crucial? Is that what Apple uses? I ask because I'm looking for a 1GB block and for PCs I've always got Kingston, it's cheaper than Crucial (40%) and I never had problems with it. What is the reason that people always point out that they got Crucial memory, and is it safe to get Kingston?
  10. mrweasel

    bluetooth make your cellphone GPS

    It could potentially be really really good. Some European armies uses GSM signals, rather than GPS signals in cities, or so I heared. The idea is that within most European cities, you'll easily find three GSM masts within range, and because you know exactly where the masts are located, you can triangulate your possition. In areas with highrise buildings GPS signal have trouble reaching the ground (tall building block the signal). GSM signals does not have this problem, if it did you phone wouldn't work in the middle of a large city, not without having a GSM transmitter on every corner. Using GSM signal would be better than GPS, at least in cities and it has the advantage of not being controlled by the US army. Of cause in areas with not GSM signal you're on your own. Also in case of war, mobil phone services are most likely not going to be all that reliable. It could work, however I doubt that this will. The software would need a map with the coordinates for the GSM transmitters. Also you will need to be able to get information from the phone, regarding which masts it's currently using.
  11. mrweasel

    Getting my first Mac

    Firstly, I'm not a switcher, yet. I posting here because I feel that I need some advise, regarding buying a Mac. I was considering getting a Mac Mini some time in the future, but now that my PC died, I thought that I might as well be looking into getting a Mac, rather than getting a new PC and then a Mac Mini later. The big question is of cause, which Mac should I get, an iBook, a MacBook, the Mini og maybe a regular iMac. Sitting at the dinner table or in the sofa with a laptop isn't really my favorite working position, so I don't see that I need a laptop, if I'm going to be sitting by the desk anyway. Also, I would be adding a regular keyboard and mouse anyway, I not like the small keyboards or touchpad. So no need to be looking into a iBooks and MacBooks. The Minis are dirt cheap, if you look at the hardware your getting, and I have a nice 17" Samsung TFT monitor. However, I am a bit concerned about getting enough speed to run Mac OS X in a... fun way. I know that I would need to get at least 1GB memory. If someone is using a Mini as their primary workstation, I would really like to know what you think. Is it worth it' or should I just get an iMac? I could get an iMac, but that would leave me stealing my girlfriends computer for the next two months, as I can't really afford it rigth now, but month of saving up, and perhaps a small trip to the bank, should cover it. If I go for the iMac I have the choice of either the 20" or the 17". I saw the 20" in a store a few weeks ago, and it looked oh so nice, but it also costs a bit more. My question here is, does the additional desktop real estate make up for the additional cost? Of cause I'm the only one who can tell if I'll be happier with the iMac, but I would love to hear the the opinion of you guys.