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    Video Podcasts not appearing in Video App

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think my issue may have been a bit odder but I think I may have it resolved. Here is what I have just done: Upgraded the Powerbook to Lion and updated the install. Launched iTunes. Connected iPad. Checked Video app and no content. Disconnected iPad and physically turned it off. (Held power key until Swipe to Power Off appeared. Connected the iPad and synch automatically. The same content that had just synched appeared to resynch. (I think this is my indicator that turning the iPad off fixed something.) Unlocked iPad and opened Video app and everything appears to have shown up. I remembered that some issues for others had been resolved with earlier updates by powering off the unit and that seems to have worked in this cast. I was surprised I seemed to be the only one suffering the issue and had been planning to take the equipment to the local Apple Store for assistance but am happy I don't have to queue now. I hope this may help others.
  2. NobodyNParticular

    Video Podcasts not appearing in Video App

    I upgraded my iPad (first gen) to IOS5 and my Powerbook's iTunes (10.7.1? whatever the current version is ) and have been unable to figure out why my video podcasts like Diggnation, Totally Rad Show, Onion Network News are not showing up in Video app. I did have some videos that were reported as being an incorrect format and have unchecked them and removed them from my playlists. I can see the shows in the Music app which I find confusing. When I go into Video it shows I have no videos and recommends downloading some from the iTunes Store. I had no issue with videos before IOS5 and they continue to be available on my iPod Touch which apparently is not a valid IOS5 device. Did I miss a note somewhere that I have to do something with old content? New content is not appearing in Video either but I figure if I can get old stuff to appear new stuff may begin to work.
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    Any suggestions for a Stylus for drawing on the iPad

    I'm not sure how it would be for drawing and art production. But the stylus that I like is the Kuel H10. It has very little resistance. A lanyard that plugs into the headphone jack. A compact design with a telescoping body. What I was hoping to find but haven't yet is a palm style stylus perhaps a little larger but with a similar tip.