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    Time Machine selected backup

    You can actually add files/folders to exclude, as well as add volumes to exclude. I personally recommend excluding all your external volumes that are regularly mounted. I have also excluded my Parallels disk image file because it runs about 8GB and each time I open it shows up as a change and then TimeMachine updates. Hope this helps!
  2. I have a Black 60GB iPod with Video that I'd like to sell in order to buy an iPhone. The iPod is in near perfect physical condition, it has been lovingly cared for and protected by a crystal film iPod protector and always used in a case. I have the original box and paperwork. The best part is that the iPod comes with an extended warranty from Best Buy, good for replacement or repair until January of 2009. In my opinion this is much better than the standard Apple Warranty. In my experience if Best Buy can't fix it they will swap it out in store for you for the current top of the line model iPod. You'll want to check out Best Buy's extended warranty terms online for additional information. $299.99 I'll ship by USPS insured mail with delivery confirmation via Parcel Post or Priority Mail depending on if you pick standard or expedited shipping. The iPod is up on Amazon.com and by buying through Amazon you're able to use your credit card through Amazon (I never see it, Amazon pays me) and gain all the protections that Amazon offers. The item on the Amazon marketplace can be found here: http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/ts/exchan...4825522-8470307 If you have any questions or concerns, I can provide you with photos and additional information, just email me at katie@themaccore.com Thanks! Katie
  3. The MacCore podcast is a show put on by Katie and Corey, two long-time Mac users. We cover Apple news and special events and try to keep the show more in the conversational format. Think of it as sitting around a coffee table and gabbing with some of your mac friends. We typically produce and audio podcast, however have branched out and have a few special video podcasts in the works. We just recently released our first video edition showing the upgrade of an original MacBook Pro to 802.11n wireless. It really wasn't as hard as I first thought. Hope you enjoy. You can find us at http://www.themaccore.com
  4. MacCore

    A list of Mac Podcasts

    Hey, can we add The MacCore to the list? The MacCore [website] [feed] The basic concept was to be somewhat of a blend between the MacCast and The Mac Geek Gab. We cover Apple News then try to have a feature section on most of our shows. Mostly, you just have two Mac lovers who banter back and fourth about Mac related stuff. We try to make it like a conversation that you would be having when gathered around the coffee table with a group of Mac friends. Enjoy! Katie
  5. Hi All- I just wanted to let you know that The MacCore Podcast (www.themaccore.com) has just posted our exclusive interview with Parallels Marketing Director Ben Rudolph. Ben talks about the official release of Parallels Desktop for Mac, discusses how the product works and gives a few glimpses as to what's coming in future releases. The interview runs about 45 minutes and is available for download now. Thanks to Adam and the MacCast listeners for their continued support of The MacCore Podcast.