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  1. Hi everyone, I just started using Journler and then discovered the developer has abandoned the software. It doesn't look like anyone is going to take up developing it. It is reported to not work well with Snow Leopard. It's really an awesome program and I've been looking around for alternatives but nothing seems to match Journler for one feature or another. I know there's a notebook program that sponsors this podcast but I don't particularly like the "notebook" metaphor because I wouldn't use the analog version of it. What I like about Journler is that it's almost like a blog in the way it handles text, images, sounds, etc., the way it uses tags, and that it's integrated with the other Mac apps. Could we have a conversation about journaling software, what people like or don't like and what is out there for trying out. thanks! Spike
  2. Happy new year! I'm missing iCards again! I still can't find a decent online free ecard service. Anyone found one yet? (I don't get why Apple discontinued this free goodwill/advertising option ) For me good means, online (available from any computer), free, not animated, not blarind bad muzak or sounds, and preferably doesn't require people to go to some other website to see the greeting. Sounds like iCards huh? It was THE perfect greeting option: a limited space to scribble a note while sending the visual message (aka a virtual postcard). Some of the Mail app suggestions won't work because I'm still running Panther. Anyone have suggestions?
  3. Has anyone come across any comprehensive solutions for the missing Firewire for Macbooks? 1. What about Target Disk Mode? 2. What about external Firewire hard disks (I have 3 Firewire backup disks!) 3. What about Firewire camcorders? It's like Apple has taken away any possibility of a low cost laptop purchase. If you want/need the Firewire port you can: 1. cough up the $ for the Macbook pro 2. cough up the $ to upgrade the RAM and harddisk on the White Macbook 3. cough up the $ to upgrade/replace all your existing hardware that needs Firewire to connect to your Mac Has this issue just dropped or are people still upset or have solutions been found? I love my Powerbook G4 but it's getting old, and I thought the new Macbook was an option, but not without Firewire.
  4. How do you know that Adium doesn't transmit one's full real name to other chat clients? I really don't trust this thing. It has no business going into my Addressbook and populating information about me from what it finds there. I can't find documentation on this anti-privacy "feature" of Adium. Isn't there some way to make it stop? I'm still open to suggestions for a multi-chat client to replace Fire.
  5. Yes, all the boxes were checked. Every time I deleted my name it would re-populate the box. After thinking about it, the problem must be that it was grabbing my name from Apple's address book and was displaying it without my permission, because there's no other place where my real first and last names are listed. Adium is quite the rude application blabbing my full name regardless of my wishes. So other than deleting my own card from Address book, isn't there any way to make this IM client subservient to my will and to only display my username for each of the services? I like Panther fine. Every time there's a new OS there's some new Steve Jobs any-color-you-want-as-long-as-it's-black feature that is forced down our throats. And I need my Appletalk enabled PB to talk to my old Mac and starting with Tiger there's no more Appletalk.
  6. Hello Maccast listeners, I discovered (probably late) that Fire is not going to be developed any more. The Fire website pointed to Adium as an alternative. Eventually, I found that Adium 1.0.6 is supposed to work with Panther, but the documentation on setting things up is pretty sketchy. Much to my horror all of my IM accounts suddenly started displaying my real life name! No matter what I changed it to (under user name view or something like that) it continued to display My-Real Name next to the IM client logo. Alias -> displays real name Email address -> displays real name etc. etc. Does anyone know how to make Adium 1.0.6 behave with discretion and NOT display my Real Name? If yes, please tell me. If not, does anyone know of a good, discrete, multiclient IM ? Also, if we figure out how to put duck tape over Adium's blabby mouth, can anyone explain how to make it not try to sign in every single account (it imports from Fire you see but not any settings ) when it launches that would also be useful. Thanks! p.s. I've already deleted Adium.
  7. The thing is I'm tired of my stupid ipods failing just outside of warranty for the same stupid minjack defect. I'm also really incredibly ticked that Apple is supporting a 5 year old PC OS but has abandoned ME someone who's used Macs since Mac OS 6. I mean, it makes me really ticked off that Apple is trying to squeeze me for an extra $100 bucks for an OS that I don't want or need. iTunes works with Panther so the @#$!%^&* ipods should too. So, I'd like to give my money to some company that will value me as a customer. It's not Apple.
  8. My ipod Shuffle has malfunctioned: the minijack has gone bad. This is a common problem for Shuffles. I've had 3 go bad this way. I'd like to get a new Nano but Apple has abandoned backwards compatibility with Macs (but not PCs) If you don't have Tiger they don't want you buying a new iPod. So my 3 1/2 year old computer with 10.3.9 won't work with a new ipod. I can't afford both a new iPod and a new OS and besides I use Appletalk to network my Panther Mac to an old Mac OS pre-9 computer. Does anyone know of a MP3 player that will work with Panther? Or does anyone know how to make a new Nano work with Panther? I looked into using Yamipod but it looks like you have to run iTunes to set up the ipod once (and obviously that won't work if the Nano will refuse to mount on a Panther OS Mac) Help!
  9. Try to get your case escalated to a higher level of tech support or to the executive relations people. If they've repeatedly tried to fix something under warranty and can't fix it at some point they may have to replace your machine. Also, check your state laws, as Apple may have to extend your warranty by the number of days they've had it in for repairs. That also helps motivate companies to find the problem, pdq. Good luck.
  10. Check out this article for how to widgetize your theme http://automattic.com/code/widgets/themes/ You can also find more info (if you haven't already) at the Wordpress codex http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugins/WordPress_Widgets
  11. spike

    Good Apple site for iMac G5 HD?

    One place I've bought hard disks from is Other World Computing http://macsales.com/. Their site is Mac-centric and will help you find a hard disk that will work with your Mac. But if you look through the specs, and figure out what kind of drive you need, you may want to start checking http://dealmac.com/ to watch for bargains from other vendors. For my very old Mac (circa 1997) I've bought old SCSI hard disks off Ebay. That's buyer beware but you can find some good deals.
  12. spike

    Just worked with Windows XP

    I think the .trashes folder is just the trash folder for OSX. If you delete it for the PC user no harm done unless you wanted to save something from the trash. I think the other ._somefilename files are resource-fork detritus from OSX/UNIX again not needed for the PC user. For the heck of it, I just tested the DS_Store Cleaner utility on my USB flash drive. Unfortunately, it doesn't erase all the UNIX droppings (i.e. those trashes folder and ._somefilename) but only the DS_ files I then manually deleted those files from the flash drive from the PC and the files still opened fine on the Mac. Somewhere in Apples KB there's an article about how to turn off (using terminal) the UNIX droppings when the Mac is on a mixed network so the other computer users don't see the invisibles. The downside is that it also turns it off on the Mac and then you can't set window preferences and such. It sounds like some benevolent Applescripter should write one to strip out the invisibles so we can share with PC users. Perhaps a search over at scriptbuilders.net would turn one up.
  13. spike

    iPod Shuffle

    It sounds vaguely familiar, but I use a Mac so... Check out this Apple Knowledge Base article and see if it helps. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=61711 Good luck.
  14. I do have an iMic but since the Logitech headset is still in the box I think maybe I'll ask my friend to exchange it for a USB headset.
  15. spike

    Just worked with Windows XP

    One thing I've noticed when burning discs for PC users is that they get confused or disturbed (or both ) by the UNIX droppings (i.e .ds_ files) left behind by Finder. So in those cases before burning the disc I drop the folder or disk image on a utility called DS_Store Cleaner and it strips out UNIX invisible files. It's then much easier for the PC user and a little diplomacy for the Mac OS to some otherwise occassionaly Mac-hostile people.