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  1. spark rain fire

    Open 2 apps with 1 Dock Icon

    I don't know how i didn't come up with this. thanks guys!
  2. spark rain fire

    Open 2 apps with 1 Dock Icon

    I'd like to open coversutra when iTunes opens, currently it only has an option to load at startup. I like to keep my startup items at a minimum, but i really like the search feature of coverstura, and would like it to open when i open itunes.. is there an easy way to do this? -dann
  3. spark rain fire


    I picked this up at Macworld 2008. it was the best 50 bucks i ever spent. Also, it's up to 14 apps now! check it out!
  4. spark rain fire

    DVD Shrink Mac Alternative?

    Handbrake will do it, actually...
  5. spark rain fire

    iPod Movies

    no you can't. the are drm'd you can plug a macbook, or mac mini, or appletv to your tv though, even your ipod to your tv. so it is possible, but not the way you want to do it.
  6. spark rain fire

    Elgato eyetv 250 plus

    i have an eyetv 250 and i love it. elgatos software is great, and they are suppose to have a new version tomorrow... we'll see! -dann
  7. spark rain fire

    Quicksilver and music question

    another quick tip, have quicksilver search your music directory and just start typing the name of the file, and enter to play the song. i.e if i want to play new noise, i'll invoke quicksilver and type newno and it shows...
  8. spark rain fire

    Music Habits

    can i has a bar chart of the results?
  9. spark rain fire

    Windows or OSX?

    agreed, they should be shorter. but those were fun. i especially like the opening scene of the first one. the time lapse effects on the second one were good, aswell.
  10. spark rain fire

    free ipod nano offer

    The only time i know that they give a free nano out is in August/September for the back to school deal. (you have to be a student to qualify). Someone correct me if i'm wrong.
  11. spark rain fire

    major playback issues

    can you play the tracks in VLC, or quicktime?
  12. spark rain fire

    Getting my iPod to work in my car

    the thing about FM Transmitters is, it's still FM quality... even at their best they aren't that great. Another thing is location. the FM transmitter might work one place well, and super horrible someplace else. this is not good for people that travel more than 20 miles frequently... I invested way too much into FM transmitters because i wanted to keep my car cd player.. eventually i just bought a cheap sony cd player that has aux in, and a sik imp and the improvements are well, well worth it.
  13. spark rain fire

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    you can't wait forever, man. the touch is an incredible player. i wish it were hard drive based, however i think thats what causes some of the classic problems with caching... so perhaps 32gb flash? that would be perfect.
  14. spark rain fire

    major playback issues

    the songs it skips, does it show a "!" icon to the left, if so those songs cant be found. a spotlight search should help?
  15. spark rain fire

    Camino or Safari

    i have a similar relationship with safari. i switch back to safari, but always find myself going back to firefox over something small... i can't wait until firefox 3.. then it wont be such an eyesore. i've also been using firefox on windows since version .07 so i'm accustomed to a lot of the keyboard shortcuts and things, it's hard to swtich.