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    Sent in my MBP to be worked on...

    For the MBP that won't boot, try resetting the power management: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303319 I have a Dell tower with a fan that rubs. I folded an old bank statement in half and stuck it under one side after I noticed that pushing it from that side when I rested my feet on it would stop it. I guess the papers keep it at just the right angle that it doesn't rub. I didn't find it a big enough deal to bother having fixed since I rigged a solution.
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    I've been called in the last couple days by my friend's mom and my sister about Windows issues. My sister just called today actually. Sister: "There's something wrong with the computer." Me: "You know I'm at work right?" Sister: "I need to know what to do!" Me: "Argh. What's wrong with it?" Sister: "It won't turn off." Me: "Hold in the power button" Sister: "I did, it won't turn off" Me: "Then unplug it. If it doesn't work right after that, call me after I get home" >.> Anyway, do you think it's worth it to do that Technician Training for someone who just deals with computers as a hobby and sometimes gets drafted to do tech support house calls, or is it really just for people looking for a job in that field? It sounds like it would be interesting to do.
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    MacBook or iMac?

    Previously, you had to eat a big sacrifice in speed if you wanted to use a PowerBook or especially an iBook, but the MacBook kicks down that barrier and stomps all over it, and delivers it at a sweet price. I'm simply amazed at how much of a value they are. Here's what the iMac gives you the MacBook does not for $1300 (sorry, I don't know pounds): About 4" more screen More powerful discrete graphics card 100gb more hard drive space A faster SuperDrive (8x vs 4x) 1 more each of USB 2.0 and Firewire 400 ports (I don't count the 2 USB ports on the keyboard) Here's what the MacBook gives you the iMac does not for $1300: Portability - This is huge A faster CPU (2.0ghz vs 1.83ghz) The ability to play with all these wacky tilt sensor apps Honestly, the GMA 950 chip in the MacBook is not the crap Intel graphics of yesteryear, since it does support hardware accelerated 3D. It will be just fine unless you intend to do a lot of high end 3D like games, but you said you have a PC laptop for that. The only other consideration is storage and screen size, both of which can be made up for later with external monitor and hard drive if you feel you need it. The option of disconnecting that stuff then taking the computer with you is a big plus. And really, the screen is great and actually has better resolution than the 17" monitor on my desk.
  4. Trium Shockwave

    Ultra portable Mac?

    I don't see these things as having a market. PDAs are just becoming a feature of cell phones at lower and lower price tags. If people want something with more functionality that doesn't fit in their pocket, they'll just carry a laptop that doesn't need the sacrifice of no keyboard and a super dinky screen. I foresee the kind of massive product flop we'll be laughing at for years. Apple should keep well away. I wouldn't mind if there were an optional dock for the MacBook similar to the Duo Dock, if only to save me the hassle of connecting and disconnecting the gaggle of cables I use with it at home (power, ethernet, TV out, audio out, sometimes a mouse).
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    I guess I'll jot down my experiences here...

    I haven't gotten a chance to travel with it yet, except between work and home. I deliberately waited to buy the MacBook until I came back from vacation in Japan since I prefer to risk the old laptop on a trip like that than a brand new one. I did spill a bit of water on it during a flight too... I've noticed that wireless reception is greatly improved over the Titanium. I can pick up 2 wireless networks all the time at work, and occasionally KisMac gets a blip from 2 or 3 other ones. Occasionally I can even connect to one of the two main ones. This is astounding given that my company runs a newspaper and 2 radio stations, we have so much radio equipment plus the concrete building that even my cell phone has issues sometimes. The TiBook saw nothing in here at all. Likewise, leaving KisMac running during the commute home, the Titanium saw about 70 networks. The MacBook sees hundreds. I have no idea how this compares to more recent Aluminum PowerBooks or iBooks, but it's a huge improvement for me. Battery I think is even better than the replacement Newer Tech battery I had in the TiBook. I think it took me about 4 hours to kill the battery the first time, and I was trying to kill it to calibrate it.
  6. I'll tell you guys up front, I hate the classic Mac OS. I always have. I'm using it right now as I do every day at work, and I still hate it. Memory management, multitasking, stability, yadda yadda, all that stuff. I cannot for the life of me keep this thing running even for the 8 hour shift I have at work, and neither can IT. But that said, there's this nifty thing came out a few years ago call OS X, which made the prospect of being forced to buy a Mac laptop for art school actually pretty interesting. As this was summer 2002, I opted for the 667mhz DVI Titanium PowerBook G4 512mb/30gb/Combo/Airport. Screen real estate being the main motivation, since this was to be used for graphic arts. I went through some typical switcher gripes, complaining about the loss of some Windows ways of doing things like the right-drag that I usually employed to copy/move files. Overall though, over time, Jaguar won my heart as I reinstalled Win XP several times on my desktop while OS X chugged along. Unfortunately the TiBook itself was not so lucky, first overheating and killing its logic board immediately after going out of warranty, then having the replacement mysteriously commit suicide 3 months later. Now, if this were Dell, I would have been so furious flames would shoot out of my ears. However, Apple not only replaced the logic board for free the second time, but also upped me to an 867mhz as an apology. Nice! Through a potential disaster, they won a loyal customer. The TiBook was solid from that point on aside from some hinge loosening, and with an upgrade to Tiger seemed like a whole new machine in terms of speed. Unfortunately, 867 G4 is lacking the raw horsepower needed for the migration among anime fansubbers to h.264, with the preferred container seeming to be MKV, for which there is no well optimized solution on PPC. It's just been replaced (sadly, I must say, since I loved the thing to death) with a white 2.0ghz MacBook. The MacBook has been great so far, and hopefully will be spared the hardware pains the TiBook had. As a bonus, Parallels could allow me to sever myself from that Dell desktop, possibly sell it to my roommate and get a Mac Mini to serve as anime downloader/bedroom web machine.
  7. Trium Shockwave

    New Macbook, 1 gig or two?

    I did mention that my ordering 2gb was probably a knee-jerk reaction, and that having it for Parallels was simply handy, not vital. However, it may be good to stick with matched pairs in this case as I've heard due to the integrated graphics, it really needs that interleaving. There's mention of it here at Macworld: http://www.macworld.com/2006/05/firstlooks...okfaq/index.php and there was a benchmark somewhere showing how bad it actually was, but naturally now that I want it I can't find it again. It may be something to try out, comparing the performance of the MacBook with a single 1gb module and single 512mb module as compared to a matched pair of 512mb. I'd be extremely curious to see that tested extensively. It does make some sense that in a case where your system memory is being shared by the graphics chip not just in terms of space but also bandwidth on the bus that you would want every bit of throughput possible.
  8. Trium Shockwave

    New Macbook, 1 gig or two?

    I prettymuch agree with the suggestions here, especially about not getting it from Apple. 1gb upgrade online is $100, you can outright buy 1gb for that much or less. When I bought mine at the Apple Store, they told me $300 to have them upgrade to 1gb in the store. I said no offense, but I'll do it myself. I had originally planned on 1gb, but after trying to use some Rosetta apps and seeing what a memory pig it is, I ordered 2. Probably a knee-jerk reaction, but I could consider it future-proofing. Will definately come in handy when I start running Parallels because I could give Windows 1gb, and OS X would still have its own 1gb.
  9. Trium Shockwave

    Yellow stains on White Macbooks

    I haven't seen any hints of discoloration in my white MacBook yet, but I'll definately post here if it starts to show up. One theory I saw posted at Macintouch was that the heat from the MacBook was cooking the skin oils into the plastic, and the MacBook is certainly hotter than the G3 iBooks my classmates in art school had. I've never had personal experience with the G4 iBook though. I replaced my TiBook/867 with a MacBook because one of the biggest uses for it was tethered to my TV watching anime fansubs, and the Ti totally choked on h.264 in MKV, as well as some h.264 in MP4/MOV containers. The MacBook powers through no problem in the Intel build of VLC, even with stock RAM. It's been said in the VLC support forums that the poor MKV performance is due to the MKV libraries in ffmpeg (which both VLC and mplayer use) being poorly optimized for PPC, so I was unsure if even a faster G4 would solve the issue. Plus, this will allow me to use things like Virtual Dub through Parallels.
  10. Trium Shockwave

    Which MacBook

    I'll throw in an endorsement for white. I haven't had any discoloration issues on mine at all after 2 weeks, and I cart my laptop (er... notebook) everywhere. I had considered the black just because I have a thing for black, but when I saw it in person the overall effect is the same as standard issue black PC laptops. I figure that model is aimed at business users who have to fit into that rank and file, hence the premium. I do highly suggest buying memory. I put off ordering some, and it's biting me in the butt since at 512mb Rosetta apps are choked hard. The PPC version of VLC is nigh useless for me, which is a pain since there is still that green triangle/displacement bug with some files in the Intel build. I ordered 2gb of RAM last night 2nd day air... I can't wait. BTW, the white 2.0 comes stock with a 60gb drive, while the black gets an 80gb, just to alleviate potential confusion.
  11. I had the power adaptor on my DVI TiBook/867 die a couple months ago. Not in flames and fireworks, but rather I think because it was one of the ones with no reinforcement where the cable enters the brick and it just pulled out over time and use. Almost 4 years of use seems to be longer than most people got out of that particular piece of junk though. It was particularly annoying since I had intended to replace the TiBook on June 5 immediately after returning from Japan (and did, with a 2.0 white MacBook). Speaking of which, the Shinsaibashi, Osaka Apple Store is nicer than the Ginza, Tokyo one in my opinion, even though the Ginza one is bigger. They had a band playing upstairs in Shinsaibashi, unfortunately we didn't have the camera at the time.