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    WiFi Security Question

    The easiest VPN to use is Hamachi. Just run it on a machine at home, then join the same network with it from your laptop in the public hotspots. The Mac version isn't quite there yet though. Someone is releasing their own OS X client for it called HamachiX, but it doesn't work well on Intel Macs and I still haven't gotten around to seeing how you route your Internet access through it. I've just used it to access the fileserver at home while I'm in the lab at work.
  2. Trium Shockwave

    Help: How do I install BSD subsystem?

    It might be that the software you're using is incompatible with the version of OS X you're using. Whether there's actually an issue with it accessing the Unix layer or not, that's just the error it's throwing.
  3. Trium Shockwave

    Keychain Help

    You probably need to recreate a keychain called login.keychain in ~/Library/Keychains. You can do this using Keychain Access. Edit: Also make sure the password for the keychain is the same as your login password if you want it to unlock automatically when you log in.
  4. Trium Shockwave

    Monitor Calibration Software

    Every time I calibrate with the built in Color Sync calibration, the colors are all slightly blue. Same on every machine I do, so I think it's just how I'm seeing the little Apple logo calibration images. It's still way better than the very red and washed out look that OS X seems to have by default. I seem to remember a fairly inexpensive USB color calibrator for Macs. I think it was mentioned on the podcast at some point, but I have no idea what its name was.
  5. Trium Shockwave

    2nd Hand Macs

    If you're talking about actually buying a used (not refurbished) unit, the same rules apply for anything you buy used. Try to buy from a trusted dealer, read the item description carefully, make sure you understand what your rights are as far as warranty/returns, and ask questions if anything is unclear. There seems to be a good, strong market for used Macs (unlike PCs) and good deals are certainly out there.
  6. Trium Shockwave

    Who still uses their old Mac?

    I have my PowerBook basically running as my server. It downloads stuff using BitTorrent, then serves it up on AFP. It also acts as the owner for my Hamachi VPN. I think I can get a copy of OS X Server from work, which they offer so we can familiarize ourselves with it rather than screw up a client's Xserve. So, I may set that up on the PowerBook and create an Open Directory managed mobile account for myself that I can use on my two Macs and my work laptop, keeping them all in sync. That would be cool.
  7. Trium Shockwave

    using .mac for receiving

    In the Mac's Finder if he goes to the Go menu -> iDisk -> Other User's iDisk, then he can mount your iDisk if he has the username and password. He could mount the iDisk's public folder without using your password, but I don't think you can add to another user's public folder, only get stuff out of it. So, it just comes down to if you trust him with your .Mac password.
  8. Trium Shockwave

    Can't shuffle podcasts. Why?

    You could make a smart playlist that catches the podcasts you haven't heard yet, hit the shuffle button on it, then sync that to the Shuffle.
  9. Trium Shockwave

    using macbook as satellite with remote access?

    Yeah, it's pretty dead simple to get this up and running between Macs. Just enable the File Sharing and Printer Sharing on the Mini (in Sharing system preferences), choose the Printer to share in the Sharing pane of the Printer preferences and that's about it. You'll be able to see the Mini when you browse the Network in the Finder. After connecting you should have the option to mount your home folder, the Mini's entire hard drive, or the entire external drive. Printers are even easier. When you go to print something, just look in the Printer pull down under Shared Printers and there it will be.
  10. Trium Shockwave

    Firefox 2.0 is a Nightmare

    I don't think all the extensions out there are being actively developed anymore. Tab Mix Plus was a bit of an annoying wait though. It allows you to make so many little tweaks that using Firefox without it at this point is really annoying. I can see why it took them so long though, since it probably hooks in really deep and 2.0 stepped on several of its functions.
  11. Trium Shockwave

    USB cable advice?

    As far as length, it depends on the device. Low speed devices (like keyboards, mice and other input devices) have a maximum length of 3 meters (9'10"). Full Speed devices go 5 meters. I would assume cables tend not to exceed that just to ensure compatibility with whatever you hook it to. I think expensive cabling on digital connections is kind of a ripoff. When dealing with analog stuff like RCA audio inputs or VGA monitors, it will matter because analog can have a signal which is weak but usable. It'll just be fuzzy or have odd behavior if you have too much interference. Digital connections like USB, Firewire or DVI/HDMI monitors can't have a weak signal. It's either going to work fully or just not work. If the cheap cable works, it won't work any better by using gold connectors or whatever. It's just a scam I say.
  12. Trium Shockwave

    Filevault must die...

    You don't have to go through all that. Just move most of your data files out into the Shared folder so that the size of your Home folder is small. You can leave the Library stuff alone because it doesn't take much space. Once all the big stuff like movies and music is out of the Home folder, you should just be able to turn FileVault off then put that stuff back.
  13. Trium Shockwave

    Can't find MacBreak (video) on iPod

    There's a number of MacBreak feeds in different video formats. The feed I have says MacBreak (iPod Video). If it's not the special iPod feed, it won't sync.
  14. Trium Shockwave

    Who's a lucky guy?

    Are you going to have Digg laser engraved on there too? I'm kinda curious how that would look on a white one.
  15. Trium Shockwave

    Power Mac Kernel Panic

    If you've replaced everything, including I assume the motherboard and power supply, maybe it's some cable you're reusing? Or something's touching and shorting someplace. I dunno, that's about all I can think of.
  16. Trium Shockwave

    OFFICIAL: New MacBooks

    That's the thing. You almost never use all of the CPU. The only time it'll make a difference is when encoding something, so these minor speed bumps you don't feel very much. If you pulled out a stopwatch and timed things like encoding, you'd be able to tell. Like I said, the more interesting part of this is the increased standard RAM, hard drive sizes, and double layer burning support.
  17. Trium Shockwave

    OFFICIAL: New MacBooks

    The original model has been superseded, but is far from obsolete. At least I got 5 months out of mine before something better came out. Can't ask for more than that when it comes to computers. As far as where things are changed, the Core 2 apparently clocks in about 10% faster than a Core 1 at the same speed. Standard 1gb RAM and increased hard drives are really the nicest upgrades here, but I've put 2gb RAM and a 100gb hard drive in mine since buying, so no difference to me. A slightly faster SuperDrive is nice, but I rarely use it in a laptop and I've never had occasion to burn a dual-layer DVD. Overall, current MacBook owners shouldn't feel too left out. Kinda sucks for Matt though, since it was so recent and non-exchangable. I really didn't expect them to drop the Core 2 in the non-pro model yet. Speed bump to 2.0/2.16 maybe. I wonder if MacBooks cannibalize the sales of MacBook Pros due to them being so close? I know it did for me, I was looking at a MBP until the regular MB came out. There's just so little to differentiate the $2,000 MBP from the $1,300 higher end MacBook. There's only the marginal 10% or so speed difference between the old 1.83 and the new 1.83. RAM, optical drive, etc is the same, so it's not as terrible a loss between those.
  18. Trium Shockwave

    Meet the forums' newest Mac tech

    I had mentioned in a thread a while ago about getting out of graphic arts and into IT where I could make some decent money. As luck would have it, the first one I applied to was for a very nice mobile Mac tech position. Apple centric, independent work, awesome benefit package. It was too perfect. I never thought I stood a chance for this. But I was hired this morning. My salary will go up anywhere from 50% to 100%(!) depending on how well I make the twice a year bonus. They give me a laptop and a cell phone, they pay for my Internet access, they buy my clothes, give me $150/mo. toward car expenses, pay for my certifications, even pay to get my taxes done. And, if I want to move into Maryland closer to the office (which I do want to do after things stabilize) they'll give me $500 toward that. I can hardly believe this job. I do not have this kind of fortune. I'm on the lookout now to being caught in a car accident or something just so fate balances itself out again. It's crazy. They want me to start studying for Apple certs before I even start. I may be insane, but I'm kind of looking forward to reading up on it all. For anyone who has become Apple certified, how hard is it? Anything I should focus on in particular?
  19. Trium Shockwave

    Meet the forums' newest Mac tech

    We could, if I see you. I swear, you Brits and your always being 5 hours off.
  20. Well, obviously if you get a user to deliberately run something you can do whatever. That hasn't been a useful infection vector for a long time though. The only virus that's any sort of a threat now is a network aware worm. I imagine it's very difficult to put together a virus in OS X that can enter the system, execute, escalate its privileges, install its payload, then replicate back out onto the net all without raising any warning. OS X just has much more standing in the way of that than Windows XP.
  21. Trium Shockwave

    Filevault must die...

    Just move enough stuff out of the encrypted home folder so that you do have space to turn it off. You can leave the Library folder in place, it doesn't really amount to much. Just get those big folders like Music, Videos, and Pictures out.
  22. Trium Shockwave

    Noisy Student

    The hard drive won't be hurt, especially with the motion sensor in the recent models. It's more important to make sure it's actually asleep before putting it in the bag. Sometimes they get stuck and never actually sleep, leaving you with a big overheat risk in the unventilated bag. This applies to any laptop, Mac or PC.
  23. Trium Shockwave

    Firefox 2.0 is a Nightmare

    I've had a few hiccups, but this is the way software releases work these days it seems. Push it out, fix it later with a point release. Nothing terrible though. Biggest problem has been waiting for Tab Mix Plus to get ported over.
  24. Trium Shockwave

    Podcasting Annoyance

    I've noticed this as well, but always attributed it to iTunes not properly dealing with the talk-centric nature of podcasts when doing its automatic volume adjustment. Do you have that option turned on? It also hasn't been bothering me so much lately, but then I keep my iPod's volume down as far as it goes before just being muted. The in-ear buds I'm using are pretty loud, and my ears are sensitive.
  25. Trium Shockwave

    Noisy Student

    I second the idea of just sleeping it. I hardly ever shut down my laptops, they'll sleep for weeks on a battery so what you lose carrying between classes is insignificant to the point it's not worth worrying about.