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    Firefox ad

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    Who's a lucky guy?

    I had the same logic on the color. When I first heard they came in black, I thought it was black like the iPods. Upon visiting an Apple store and seeing them in person (in Tokyo no less), I was unamazed by the matte paint. Sure, it's not just black molded plastic like a ThinkPad but it looks indistinguishable. Pass. White for me, spent the money on RAM I did. Beauty of this model is that when the hard drive fills up, it's dead simple to put a bigger one in. I absolutely love when you don't have to do major disassembly for simple upgrades. So, congrats on the new rig. I guess this means Ol' Denty is retired? At least your pets can't destroy this one, at least not the same way. Rock on, Magsafe. I'll have to throw my support for the Red nano as well, but I'm extremely partial to things that are red. Oh, and that good cause thing too.
  3. Trium Shockwave

    DHCP issues with Linksys WRT54GS router

    This could happen to any company, really. Actually, Apple's latest Airport firmware is making all models of Airport base stations (Airport, Extreme and Express) randomly lock up until you power them off and back on. The fix is to downgrade them back and wait for Apple to do something about it. The difference with Macs is that Apple has a much more vested interest in thoroughly testing its peripherals with Macs, while Linksys might not care so much.
  4. Trium Shockwave

    Copying Games CDs to Desktop

    Some discs, at least on Windows, have a sort of hidden sub data that isn't copied except with specialized software and a drive that can be put into the appropriate mode. It's also in use for game console discs. If you run into one of those, the Disk Utility thing won't work. I'm not sure if it's even done at all on Mac games though.
  5. Trium Shockwave

    Grey screen restart...

    Apparently there's no separate disc anymore, it's actually on your Software Restore disc. Put the disc in and reboot. Hold down Option as soon as you hear the chime until you see a list of available startup options. Select the hardware test one and follow the prompts.
  6. Trium Shockwave

    I can't open pdf's in Firefox

    I've personally always hated that, and would rather read them in Preview, but you should be able to do it. Doesn't Adobe Reader install a plug-in into Firefox to do that when you install Adobe Reader? If not, I'm sure there is one out there in Firefox's extensions.
  7. Trium Shockwave

    lost artwork... what is going on???

    Have you tried just getting the artwork off Amazon or whatever and adding it yourself? I wonder if iTunes is just unable to update those files for some reason. Out of curiosity, did you get the 7.0.2 update a few days ago?
  8. Trium Shockwave

    My 5th Gen iPod wont come back to Mac OS X!

    The iPod shows up and syncs with iTunes, but just won't use the Restore to convert over to Mac right? If you can't resolve it, you might want to just live with it since not having it in Mac format doesn't lose you any functionality. You just won't be able to update the software on it (you can't update a Windows iPod from a Mac or vice-versa even when they're working properly).
  9. Trium Shockwave

    Phones and Phone Providers

    If you want connectivity to the computer, avoid Verizon at all costs. They try to lock down as much as they can to get you to buy everything from them. I've had good luck getting a Nokia 3650 from T-Mobile and a RAZR v3 from Cingular to connect to my Macs and freely move things about over Bluetooth. Never tried using either for Internet access though. I think supporting Macs is more a function of whether the manufacturer of the phone has provided support for iSync. For example, both the 3650 and RAZR appeared in iSync with no extra software, and even a picture of the appropriate model of phone.
  10. Trium Shockwave

    Grey screen restart...

    Have you put any RAM in there besides what Apple gave you? If so, I wonder if it's not quite within spec. Since these issues have survived an OS reinstall, it's got to be something hardware related. Is Apple still shipping a hardware test disc with new Macs? I'll have to root through what came with my MacBook and see. I know my TiBook came with one.
  11. Trium Shockwave

    Strange iBook sleep behavior ...

    You could try resetting the PMU, but have you tried just rebooting yet? I almost killed my MacBook because of sleep problem this week. I was in a rush and put it in its sleeve without making sure it was asleep, and it never went to sleep. By the time I got to work and pulled it out, it was pretty hot. I freaked because I actually knew a guy in school who melted his keyboard because of that, but so far it seems fine.
  12. Trium Shockwave

    Please help me soup up an old iMac flat panel

    My answers are prettymuch in line with what's here. 1. No, no way that I know of. 2. I concur with the RAM suggestion. 700mhz is okay for the CPU, more RAM will make it good for Tiger. At least 512mb, more if at all possible. 3. That model can take an Airport card, but getting an original Airport card runs about $100 on the secondhand market now. A USB wireless adapter will work even on USB 1.1 though, I've done it before. If she doesn't have wireless, I wouldn't worry about it. It can be added later. 4. www.macsales.com has new Superdrives for that model starting at $38 if you're comfortable doing the installation. Go there, click the Superdrives image, then choose the iMac G4 to see their options.
  13. Trium Shockwave

    Macbook HD Upgrade

    Apple actually uses Hitachi drives in at least some models/configurations. My MacBook is using an Apple-branded Hitachi 100gb drive. This isn't the stock drive though, I got it second hand, so I don't know if they use the Hitachi in MacBooks, but they must use them in MB, MBP or Intel mini because they're the only ones that support 2.5" SATA drives.
  14. Trium Shockwave

    Meet the forums' newest Mac tech

    I've done the first two lessons for OS certification now. It's a lot of "duh" stuff that I already knew so far. I'm trying not to gloss over when they actually mention something I didn't know. I assume they get more technical. I see the propaganda machine is in full force even in the training materials though
  15. Trium Shockwave

    Meet the forums' newest Mac tech

    I have to inquire more about the bit where they said they buy clothes too. I would normally assume this meant uniforms, but I didn't see anyone wearing a uniform in there. I guess they give me an allowance to buy some slacks and shirts (which I need, I'm down to only a couple pairs of slacks due to wear & tear). I dunno. I guess I'll find out when I get there. They got me set up in Apple's Global Service Exchange (GSX) site so I can start to study. I read the description of the certification process and it doesn't look too painful. The tests are only 90 minutes so it's not like the SATs or anything.
  16. Trium Shockwave

    Meet the forums' newest Mac tech

    Yeah, I expect a few more of those after I get home and start telling my friends
  17. Trium Shockwave

    My 5th Gen iPod wont come back to Mac OS X!

    You shouldn't really use Disk Utility to mess with the formatting of an iPod you still want to function as an iPod. If the Windows version of iTunes restored the iPod back to a stock condition, have you tried restoring it on the Mac again since then? When I switched my 5G iPod over from Windows to Mac, I just connected it to the Mac and restored it. There's no reason it shouldn't work.
  18. Trium Shockwave

    Fat 32 and HFS+?

    You can certainly partition it, but I'm not sure what this would to the iPod functionality. It might break the iPod's software.
  19. Trium Shockwave

    Macbook SMC Update 1.1

    I didn't have the issue, but went ahead and installed it anyway. I'll be curious to see if this helps people, as I was under the impression it was a hardware problem.
  20. Trium Shockwave

    MacBook shutting down

    It's an issue with the heatsink. They can replace those in store now. Also, Apple pushed out MacBook SMC Firmware Update 1.1, which specifically does something to address this issue.
  21. Trium Shockwave

    MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo

    I did find out about the memory later. Apparently it's a limitation of the current supporting chipset that Intel has for the Core Duo and Core 2 Duo. The real Core 2 chipset for notebooks isn't due until early next year, sticking us with a 3gb RAM limit on notebooks (and iMacs) until then. Matching pairs are only an issue on the MacBook and Mac mini because their integrated GMA 950 graphics are much more efficient on matched pairs. The MBP, iMac and Mac Pro all have dedicated graphics cards so it doesn't matter there.
  22. Trium Shockwave

    CPU speed

    This is no longer controlled in software like it was on the PowerPC models. This is controlled on the CPU by Intel's SpeedStep technology. You can't tell it what speed to run at. Why would you bother? When it needs 2.0, it runs 2.0. When you're not using all that horsepower, it uses less. Just let it do its thing. Forcing it to run higher would just force it to run hotter and waste electricity for no gain.
  23. Trium Shockwave

    iMac G3 RAM

    Ugh... not having Firewire is a big problem. There was indeed that one model of slot loader that didn't have it. You can use USB 1.1, but you will not be happy. USB 1.1 is 11mbps, 2.0 is 480mbps, and no USB device can use all of the speed of the port - they each get a fraction. Firewire is different, it runs at 400mbps and if only one device is using it at the moment, that device gets the full 400. We're probably looking at a USB 1.1 hard drive actually running at 1% or less of the speed the Firewire one would. Quite frankly, it's not practical. OS X will probably even warn you when you plug the drive in that it will be painfully slow. If you want more space, you'll seriously have to consider trying to upgrade the iMac's internal drive. Look on www.macsales.com for the drive, they break upgrades down by model so you know you got the right one. They might even have a take apart guide for the iMac. If you're not comfortable doing it even with a guide, see if there's a local Apple-friendly computer shop that can do it.
  24. Trium Shockwave

    MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo

    Rather than just do a simple drop in chip replacement, Apple went the extra mile and revamped the whole guts of the thing. Very nice. It seems this upgrade will address many complaints about the previous MBP (especially lack of FW800 on the 15") as well as differentiate it more from the MacBook. I'm curious about the new 3gb memory limit. Did they include a third slot like the iMac, or is there 1gb soldered to the logic board now? That would jive with the stock RAM being a minimum of 1gb now. This does finally seem like a compelling machine for the premium it costs over the MacBook.
  25. Trium Shockwave

    iMac G3 RAM

    RAM is simple to install on that iMac. Goes in through a door. Do not attempt to replace the internal hard drive unless you know what you're doing. A far easier solution is to simply get a Firewire drive. It'll be much easier to hook up, you can install OS 9 or OS X (or both) directly onto it, and you won't need to partition it (that only applies to the internal drive). It'll also be faster than a drive attached to the iMac's internal connector.