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    Hearing audio from Line In imput

    Wow... cranked all the way and you don't get anything audible? I guess the output on that line is just way too low and needs to be amplified, but I would think the receiver was doing that. Come to think, is the volume on the receiver up?
  2. Trium Shockwave

    Hearing audio from Line In imput

    Only thing I can think is that you don't have the input volume up high enough in the Sounds control panel. Select the Line-In and crank the volume slider below up.
  3. Trium Shockwave

    OSX on PC?

    That was the thing that had me looking into OSx86 in the first place. I wanted to see if I could run OS X in a Parallels VM so I could use it as a sandbox. Unfortunately, the OS X installer won't run in it at all, so unless Parallels makes a custom setup for it (and there's no way they will) I guess we're out of luck there. I wouldn't mind seeing a virtual machine dedicated to emulating Macs on Macs though, for just that purpose. Of course, that probably violates Apple's EULA as well, but that's not stopping SheepShaver, etc from emulating Classic.
  4. Trium Shockwave

    Graphic design software

    GIMP is okay for bitmap/raster graphics like photos. Best part is it's free, and has most of Photoshop's power. For vector graphics like drawing logos, unfortunately there is no substitute I know of for Illustrator. Some page layout software like Quark Xpress have limited vector graphics abilities built in, but if you think Adobe's expensive, you should see the extortionate price Quark charges. For page layout, you can continue to use Pages. It's a damn sight better than using Word at least. Making layouts in Word makes designers cry, that is if the sadness isn't clouded out by the blinding rage of being sent yet another useless Word file. If you intend to have anyone but you and your personal Mac where you made the document do the printing, you need to save it out as a PDF. One nice thing about OS X is that it provides a way to save any document as a PDF. It's at the bottom left corner of the Print dialog. If you send someone else a file in any format other than PDF, you have no guarantee that it will show up or print as anything resembling what you did.
  5. Trium Shockwave

    Banner Blocking Software

    Yeah, definately go with Firefox and AdBlock. AdBlock by itself isn't terribly useful because it comes with blank filters, though. To solve that, also get the Adblock Filterset.G Updater here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1136/ That one downloads and keeps up to date a very good set of Adblock filters. With that combo installed, the web suddenly becomes a much cleaner place. In fact, after a couple weeks, disable Adblock and click around. You will be astounded by the assault of advertising Adblock was holding back.
  6. Trium Shockwave

    Macbook Closed Lid Operation

    The problem here isn't to do with the closed lid mode, but rather with the sleeping and waking. Like we discussed in another thread recently, setting these complex modern systems to sleep, then bringing them back to the same state is not an operation to be laughed at. Mac notebooks have long had a good handle on this making it seem trivial, but that's actually a rather big strain on the OS and a fabulous way to destabilize it. The best solution is to use a program that prevents it from sleeping at all when you shut the lid, like the InsomniacX that was mentioned. Unfortunately it was broken by 10.4.8, so until a fix is made I can only suggest trying to not rapidly wake/sleep/wake the machine. Shifting back and forth rapidly seems to increase the likelihood it will fail to wake properly. In general, I try to avoid needlessly closing the lid/sleeping computers.
  7. Trium Shockwave

    Getting a mac

    The TV thing is a bad idea if you want to read. Yes, you can do it. If you have an old style analog TV set (as I do), your eyes will quite literraly fall out of your head. They just don't have a high resolution and are very fuzzy when you start trying to read large blocks of text. Think of what the fonts look like in things like additional information in DVD extras. Do you really want to read long documents like that? HDTVs are a little better, but unless yours supports the high-end 1080p resolution, then the resolution of that huge screen is rivaled or surpassed even by the 13.3" MacBook. I think for your purpose, the MacBook is actually your answer. I have mine perched on my lap quite frequently, and as long as you don't do anything heavy duty (video, gaming, etc) it doesn't heat up that much. I don't think it any more cumbersome than perching a full sized keyboard on your lap, and if you're not into the touchpad you can always attach any old USB mouse to it. The screen is a nice 1280x800 resolution, plenty for reading. As far as finding a screen that offers the same resolution as printed page, that just doesn't exist, but modern LCDs are pretty sharp. I do like the idea of that Sony reader thing, especially if it supports unprotected files as well. I don't own any eBooks due to not liking to read long documents on screens period, but with something like that I might have a format that works.
  8. Trium Shockwave

    Virtual PC and Boot Camp

    You cannot use Virtual PC on an Intel Mac. Emulators need very direct hardware access in order to work, which means it can't run with Rosetta inbetween. Microsoft has dropped development of Virtual PC for the Mac, but Parallels Desktop is a nicer solution anyway, and much cheaper than VPC ever was. To answer what you're trying to do though, that's not really possible either. Normally, virtual machines install themselves inside a virtual disk image, not to an actual hard drive partition. The computer can't boot directly from a virtual disk. The other problem is that the virtual hardware is not seen by Windows as being the same as your actual hardware - far from actually. It's essentially like trying to use the same copy of Windows on two completely different machines, which Windows does not handle nearly as gracefully as OS X does.
  9. Trium Shockwave

    OSX on PC?

    PCs boot using the legacy BIOS still. OS X on Intel uses the new EFI system, and of course an Apple customized one (customizing it is kinda the point). That's stumbling block #1, and has been defeated using boot loaders that run from a Windows partition. Stumbling block #2 is the fact that Apple hasn't included drivers for hardware which hasn't been used in a Mac, obviously. Given the plethora of hardware that exists in PCs, and the limited number of components used so far in Intel Macs, this is a problem. If you get it installed, there is a high probability that you will have issues with graphics, networking, audio, SATA controllers, and other things either not working right or not working at all. It's also a violation of Apple's EULA, making it illegal.
  10. Trium Shockwave

    Video Playback Issues in iTunes

    Just take the output of Handbrake and run that through iSquint. This is just to verify that your iTunes can play something back correctly. If it does, it means the issue is probably with a setting in Handbrake.
  11. Trium Shockwave

    Who's using my wifi network?

    For the setup, do exactly as Car1son says. I agree completely that SSID hiding and MAC filtering are useless and only irritate you. Anyone with a more powerful (or morally ambigous, depending on your point of view) wifi stumbling program like Kismet/Kismac will laugh right through both. The good news is that with a strong password, WPA with AES is unbreakable. There is not enough computing power out there to break the encryption, and a strong password prevents randomly guessing your key. Since someone mentioned Security Now, Steve Gibson has a handy web password generator designed specifically for WiFi keys: https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm That's where I got my WPA password from. I keep it in a text file on my laptops, then just paste it in when I need it.
  12. Trium Shockwave

    Video Playback Issues in iTunes

    Sorry, I misread that a bit. Yeah, the computer should be fast enough. iTunes is a bit fussy as far as I've seen about video. iTunes 7 is better though. Grab a copy of iSquint from http://www.isquint.org/ It's a dedicated iPod video converter. Try it optimzed for TV (640x480) with h.264 both on and off, and see what iTunes does. iSquint's settings pretuned for iPod/iTunes, so this will rule out any settings issues in Handbrake.
  13. Trium Shockwave

    I Made the Move But Itunes Did Not

    Oh yeah, you need to import the library first. After that you don't need to re-import your song files, just maybe fix links to any it can't find. For the record, this works better if you've allowed iTunes to manage and organize your Library folder for you, because, obviously, then it knows where things would be.
  14. Trium Shockwave

    iPod linux

    There's a version of Doom you can play in it too. Basically, it just opens up functionality that wouldn't otherwise be there on your iPod. I find it interesting though that the nano does have the horsepower to play video, it's just not enabled to. It's screen is indeed tiny, and doesn't have much storage, maybe that's why Apple doesn't enable it.
  15. Trium Shockwave

    Parallels / Boot Camp Nero Support?

    I don't believe Parallels supports burning yet, but they're working on it. Boot Camp should support it. If there's something you have to do with Nero, have Nero export a disc image (ISO file), then use OS X's Disk Utility to burn it (Images -> Burn). If you just want basic disc burning, data discs you can do with the Finder. Insert a blank disc, drag files onto it, then drag the disc to the trash (which will become a Burn icon). Music CDs you can do through iTunes, and video DVDs from iDVD. For more advanced burning on a Mac, most use Roxio's Toast Titanium. There's also a free app called Burn. One other thing, you mentioned you used an OEM version of Nero. OEM versions of Nero are keyed to the computer or burner they came with, and won't work on anything else.
  16. Trium Shockwave

    Video Playback Issues in iTunes

    Yeah, given how long it's taking to encode, I'm thinking your Mac isn't fast enough to play that back. h.264 is pretty demanding, you probably need at least a 1ghz G4 to do it reliably. My 867mhz PowerBook G4 can do it sometimes, depending on the resolution of the video and the container format. RAM is important too. I've noticed both Quicktime and VLC gobble up a big chunk of RAM when playing back h.264. The thing with video codecs is that they keep finding ways to squeeze more and more quality into smaller and smaller files, but to do that they rely on your computer to do ever more number crunching to play it back without skipping. Kind of an unavoidable hazard.
  17. Trium Shockwave

    MacBook shutting down

    That sounds like the thermal-related shutdown issues some of them are having, but I don't know why it's tied to Firefox unless Firefox is for some reason running the CPU really hard. Try turning on your floating CPU monitor. Lauch Activity Monitor from /Applications/Utilities and go to Window -> Show Floating CPU Window -> Show Horizontally. Then, launch Firefox and do whatever you can do to trigger the shutdown and pay attention to that meter.
  18. Trium Shockwave

    My macbook cant find any "users"...

    You can't just recreate a user by copying the home folder back. You have to create the user on the new install first, then you can copy all your old home folder stuff into the new user's home. That should work, especially if the old account came from the same machine, but occasionally you may have an odd issue. Trash the relevant preferences to fix those.
  19. Trium Shockwave

    MacBook shutting down

    First, define exactly what it's doing. Is it freezing, is it showing the gray box with the "Please Shut Down" message in multiple languages, or is it just completely powering off without warning? Also, try completely uninstalling Firefox using Appzapper( http://appzapper.com/ ) then try installing and using it again.
  20. Trium Shockwave

    Using what your Mac gave ya

    Oh, oh. The Disk Utility thing. Yeah, I don't know what's up with that.
  21. http://playlistmag.com/news/2006/10/17/virus/index.php Apparently some tiny percentage of video iPods shipped with a Windows virus on them that spreads via mass storage devices (like a portable hard drive masquerading as a music player, aka iPod). I like how Apple's President of iPod Marketing tries to deflect the blame to Microsoft at the end by saying Windows should be more hardy against viruses. Well played, Mr. Joswiak, well played.
  22. Trium Shockwave

    should I move to Firefox

    Nightly builds are a dice roll. I use them for VLC. The nightly build is the program as it stands at that exact point in time. The developers might be have finished adding/changing some stuff and it's all good. Or, that day maybe they changed something, and something broke, and they didn't fix it yet. What I do with VLC is I wait until there's something I can't do, then grab the latest nightly to see if it works there, and if that nightly is stable I continue to use it.
  23. Trium Shockwave

    I'm an idiot

    Yeah, it would be nice to still be able to see iTunes on one screen and visualize on the other.
  24. Trium Shockwave

    I'm an idiot

    One of my complaints about Quicktime Player is that it always fullscreened to the main monitor. Well, if you move the window to the second monitor and then hit Cmd-F, guess what? It fullscreens on that monitor. Guess I was overthinking the Mac again.
  25. Trium Shockwave

    Using what your Mac gave ya

    The restore feature for what? I'm probably just slow today, but I've no idea what I'm vouching for.