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    Way to share only public folder?

    What you're seeing as shared there actually isn't a big deal. You see your entire home folder because you're logging in as yourself. If anyone without your username and password logs in (like as a guest) they will only be able to see the public folder.
  2. Trium Shockwave

    Macbook Pro Didn't Sleep Properly Last Night

    Yeah, if something is broken afterward, or if it keeps frequently doing it, then it's time to worry. Occasional sleep issues are just a hazard of laptop life though.
  3. Trium Shockwave

    Can't download SOME podcasts

    The server Leo hosted his feeds on died hard last weekend and he wound up moving to a new host. The new DNS entry was taking a while to propagate, so that might be the issue you were seeing with TWiT.
  4. Trium Shockwave


    I keep Activity Monitor running and showing the memory graph in my dock, and sometimes it seems to purge some of the inactive memory as I'll glance at it and suddenly there's about 25-50% free memory again. At any rate, yeah, the inactive memory isn't a big deal. If you're looking at that graph and seeing mostly yellow and red though, it's time for more RAM.
  5. Trium Shockwave

    What Can I Do With An Old iMac?

    Does the iMac have a tray loading CD drive, or does it have a slot loading one and a Firewire port? Can it read DVDs? Being a slot loader with DVD is substantially more valuable because they qualify to run Tiger, ups the value at least 50% I think. Tray loaders go for less than $100, slot loaders go above that mark and DVD probably $150. That mini idea would be sweet. If anyone manages it I'd like to see pics. Somebody's already gotten a mini inside an old compact Mac case, I think even using the original monitor.
  6. Trium Shockwave

    Microsoft Vista not Helping my future computing desicion!

    Here's two from my playings with Vista The first is from my actual PC desktop, showing the Aero Glass visual style. Notice how you can see the desktop picture and other windows through the taskbar and window frames. Also, you can change the color on the fly, I made mine that purple: http://homepage.mac.com/triumshockwave/ran...vista-glass.jpg This one is from Vista running in Parallels on my MacBook. Virtual machines don't support hardware accelerated graphics yet, so this is Aero Basic (no glass). Also, playing Solitaire sucks because it requires 3D support to work right now: http://homepage.mac.com/triumshockwave/ran...ista-normal.jpg I once installed a pack of mods that made XP look pretty close to OS X, but it still worked like XP and the mods made things a bit weird. I gave it up and put it back how it was.
  7. Trium Shockwave

    should I move to Firefox

    That's odd. If they support Netscape, they should support Firefox. Current versions of Netscape are based on Mozilla's Gecko browser engine, just like Firefox (and Mozilla was itself spawned from the old Netscape code). All Netscape really is nowadays is a rebranded Mozilla with some AOL junk thrown in.
  8. Trium Shockwave

    no audio on music videos

    Now, now. This does work on a PC and usually works fine. I have done it. Has this ever worked for you before, and has anything about Quicktime changed since then, like a new version update? Does it behave the same for all files you try, not just one, not just your music videos (trying to narrow it down somehow).
  9. Trium Shockwave

    Macbook Pro Didn't Sleep Properly Last Night

    Getting computers to sleep and wake like that is a pretty tricky thing. Most of the restarts on my laptops have been the result of an issue related to sleep. Most of the time it's that it doesn't want to wake up, or that it woke up and something went wacky. I have had it not want to go to sleep as well, though I usually get it where the screen shuts off, but the fans stay on and the system never actually sleeps, but won't wake the screen back up. I'd chalk it up to the difficulties of taking a complex system and getting it to suspend itself and not worry about it. As was mentioned, Windows does the same thing, and as I hear it's a big sticking point for using Linux on laptops.
  10. Trium Shockwave

    Using what your Mac gave ya

    Apple does give everything you need, but most of us have some other things we want. Also, this crowd isn't exactly the target of that statement. They don't mean they have everything computer geeks like us need, but it'll probably satisfy my dad. That said, I've slowly realized over the years that the more you just surrender and let the whole Apple integrated thing take over, the easier your life is. That's why I made an effort a short time ago to switch to Safari from Firefox, even though I couldn't manage it. Sorry, just needed those particular extensions. Aside from that, I use iSync, Address Book, Mail, iChat, and iTunes regularly. Lately I've decided to see how much of my video watching I can get running in Quicktime, but no softsub support is guaranteed to send me running back to VLC frequently. Also in the third party camp, I use Parallels, Chicken of the VNC, KisMac, iSquint, TextWrangler, MayJay (Japanese dictionary), RockNES and SNES9x.
  11. Trium Shockwave

    I'm an idiot

    I never noticed that. I guess you have to have the other monitor hooked up to see it? I'm at work, so it's just the laptop's screen. I never thought it was in the Prefs, I guess I just never looked when I happened to have the other screen hooked up. You would think all apps would work like this, but they don't. VLC and mplayer make you specify in advance. VLC's setting doesn't stick after you quit. Now, if someone can tell me how to get Front Row to do this, I'd be golden.
  12. Trium Shockwave

    What Can I Do With An Old iMac?

    Yeah, using it as a computer somehow is the most logical thing, but a colored Mac lamp would be pretty cool.
  13. Trium Shockwave

    Microsoft Vista not Helping my future computing desicion!

    I've been playing with an RC (Release Candidate) version of Vista for about a week, both on my PC and through Parallels on my Mac. It's certainly a beautiful operating system, finally on par with OS X and some Linux versions like Ubuntu. That's the thing though, most of what I've seen is just Microsoft catching up to OS X and Linux. The Sidebar is the OS X dashboard, they finally added access control to the OS to prevent unauthorized changes to the system. There's little things I wouldn't mind seeing in OS X, like the ability to change the colors of windows system-wide on the fly, the rating for your system to help laymen figure out what software they can run, the graphs of the hard drive space that show below their names, that kind of little stuff. There's nothing really all that compelling about it though. Lots of catchup and fluff. Everything interesting like WinFS was scrapped to get it out the door sometime this decade.
  14. Trium Shockwave

    cell phone/internet conection?

    I'd just like to point out after all that the fact that I hate cell phones. Cell phones are like computers in the early 80's. Every one works differently and none of them make sense. The only thing I'd want out of an Apple iPhone is to apply some good old fashioned Apple UI logic and ease of use/interaction to this mess.
  15. Trium Shockwave

    Mounting ISO to be bootable

    Not really. That disk image is just a file. It takes some kind of OS to attach that file as a virtual disk. Obviously if you have an OS to do that, you've already booted into something, so it's too late to boot from the disk image. That sounds kind of confusing, but hopefully you see what I'm trying to get at.
  16. Trium Shockwave

    BlueTooth Pairing

    I don't think you need that exact model, but it would be helpful for diagnosing if you could try a different dongle or a different phone, to rule one or both out. See if you can get a friend's phone to connect to your Mac, or see if your phone connects to someone else's Mac. The Apple Store may even let you try this. Actually, since it's a mini you may just be able to take the computer and phone in and test things out.
  17. Trium Shockwave

    no audio on music videos

    Given that it's affecting Videora as well as Quicktime/iTunes, I'm suspecting the PC itself. Do you have any 3rd party codecs installed? Ever installed a "codec pack" like CCCP or anything? Look in the Device Manager (found throught he System Properties Control Panel) and tell me what you get when you double click Audio Codecs and Video Codecs (under Sound, Video and Game Controllers). In the Properties tab there you should get a list of installed Audio/Video codecs. (Wow, Windows is complicated to explain)
  18. Trium Shockwave

    Can't download SOME podcasts

    I've had issues with Podcast feeds randomly ceasing to work in iTunes since even before version 7. Try unsubscribing and resubscribing. You may need to go as far as deleting the Podcast's whole entry in the Podcast pane then reentering the feed. I haven't figured out the cause yet.
  19. Trium Shockwave

    Red iPod nano

    You can't really complain. I'm sure it will be a popular color, and $10 x that many sales = a pretty fair amount of donations. Of course Bono would be all about this charity iPod, sharing whatever title it was... Time's Person of the Year or something with Bill & Melinda Gates.
  20. Trium Shockwave

    My Issues with APPLE CARE

    Customer service with big companies is a funny thing. It really comes down to who exactly you wind up dealing with. I've had good and bad experiences with Dell. The one that lost me as their customer had to do with billing. You do not mess with people's money, and I had to call them three times to get this issue resolved, and use some pretty strong language. The last Dell my family bought in '98, the service was great, but then Dell's (and everyone's) customer service has changed quite a bit over the years. Now, the Apple Store I go to I'm a bit mixed on as well. They're always served me well, and did their job, I just think they're a bit prickish there. Dealing with Apple through my school's IT department was okay. There was a delay getting the invoice once that was annoying since the machine was already returned, but then they also upgraded it from 667mhz to 867mhz as a courtesy due to it being a repeat repair. When you think about it in terms of say your own job, it makes sense. Not all customers at your place of employment get the same experience do they? It depends on who they dealt with, and how much of a help (or an ass) they felt like being that day. These people are human, like us, and they get in crappy moods and don't feel like dealing with you, another random customer number 3000-whatever. It's still not acceptible by any means, and you should escalate the issue if the person isn't being helpful, but you'll run into it with any company.
  21. Trium Shockwave

    Recovering Disk Space

    Did you delete the songs off the iPod and empty the trash? Songs you copy over in Disk Mode can't play on the iPod, you have to do it through iTunes (anti-piracy precaution).
  22. Trium Shockwave

    help needed

    There is an option to transfer purchased songs under iTunes' File menu. This only works for songs you have purchased, and only between computers authorized to the same account.
  23. Trium Shockwave

    Help, my mate needs a new computer...

    1. Some Linux/Unix programs actually exist in versions for OS X's implementation of BSD (Darwin) and Apple's X11 environment. You can use Fink or Darwinports package managers to see what's out there. Besides that, there's always Parallels to install and run Linux distros. Ubuntu works pretty nicely on my MacBook that way. 2, 3, 4, 7, and 9 the Mac Pro can definately cover. Wi-fi isn't a stock option though, so make sure you choose it as you customize. 5. I'm not sure about the Mac Pro's audio capabilities, one of the forum's audiophiles will have to field that. 6. I think El Gato's EyeTV is the usual Mac solution for that 8. You could get an Apple Cinema display, but it doesn't really matter. He can buy whatever monitor he likes.
  24. Trium Shockwave

    iMac G4 as Mac Mini Display??

    There is... sorta. There was a program I recently saw that let a Mac use another Mac (or PC) as a second monitor as long as you had a VNC server running on it. I've used VNC before, it's okay for remotely operating a computer, but it's definately much slower than a monitor attached directly to your mini. Also, things like video playback aren't going to work.
  25. Trium Shockwave

    Grey screen restart...

    I have Activity Monitor, iCal and Mail launch on my MacBook automatically. Activity Monitor to monitor memory, and Mail because if it didn't auto-launch I'd forget to it. iCal I can probably get rid of though, I don't look at it quite as frequently as I was when I set it to auto-launch. On my PowerBook, I have Activity Monitor (memory again and also CPU here, important because it lacks in both) and also Azureus so that it'll resume my downloads if the power cuts off while I'm not home or asleep. Can't you hold Shift when you log in to keep them from launching? I know that works on our one RIP at work (on OS 8) when something in the RIP software is causing it to hang, I hold shift after the extensions load and it keeps the startup items from launching. Then I can trash the offending file without it hanging, and manually launch the RIP software. I've never had reason to try it in OS X though.