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  1. lol.. pfft.. hurricane.... excuses, excuses, tsk tsk Apple. Well, it's Friday and my flight's in an hour, so I'll see when I can get to the Apple Store. Most likely Sunday/Monday.
  2. mkp

    How Do You Make A Poll?

    ! It is of the fixed! Thanks a lot Adam!
  3. The closest Apple Store to me [in my country(Canada)] is in Toronto, a 6 DAY drive from here. My solution? No, I won't take the 3 hour ride down to Seattle, everything's in US prices. I'm taking a flight t Toronto on Friday. [no joke!] I'll try to post pics if they let me take pics in the store.
  4. mkp

    How Do You Make A Poll?

    I think Adam had to fix the forums [or update the phpBB version] once, maybe this version of phpBB doesn't support polls/Adam accidently broke it. Maybe? Yes? No? Adam? Thanks, //mkp
  5. mkp

    How Do You Make A Poll?

    lol, I was about to say that...
  6. mkp

    Screen Shot Thread

    audi9k proably has the best pic. And no, it's not E3 2006 [That's next May] EckTheTech: Wow, when I had a PC i tried something called Windows Blinds to try and make it look like a mac-- it was just really messed up. What do you use? It looks like it really works. -- I have a PC friend that would love that. Thanks! ~mkp PS- I've never heard of someone making their Mac desktop look like a PC one
  7. mkp

    iTunes 5

    I think there should be an Indian iTMS. They would make a whole bunch of money off that thing. More from Indians in America than in India, since you can get an entire Album there for Rs.55 [uSD$1.25], but i think it could really take off. H311 yeah.
  8. mkp

    iTunes 5

    What do you guys think might be in it? A movie store [i doubt it]? More customization? Who knows, Apple might be reading this.... speak your mind!
  9. mkp

    iPhoto add-ons

    Flickr Export. Simple to use, and much easier than using Flickr's upload page.
  10. mkp

    Let me see your Mac!

    Hmm... doesn't seem to work. Oh well, I've used up my Flickr bandwidth this month, so I can't do it Now :cry:
  11. mkp

    Let me see your Mac!

    here are two pics put together for my blog, when I wrote about my Logitech x-230 speakers: Sorry if it's a little big, but yeah.
  12. mkp

    G5 iMac fan

    Hey iMac Owners, Want to make your iMac sound like it's about to lift off? Start it up with a CD/DVD inside. Yay.
  13. mkp

    Audio Journaling Software

    A friend had given me MacJournal once. I never used it, but go ahead and Google it, might be worth the look. I'm pretty sure it's free.
  14. mkp

    Apple's iPod battery replacement

    What are they going to do once Shuffle batteries start dying? Something to think about.
  15. I might be sounding like a real n00b here, but I'm curious. How does one make a poll?