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  1. I got a question for ya my cousin has a powerbook G4 1.5ghz with 80gb of HD and 1gb ram and his computer was working all fin untill the other nite when he tried to turn it on and it went to his log in screen and hew started to type his password in and the screen went all black with a yellow line going horizontal and then had to be turned off and then we turned it off and tried to start it up the next day and it turned off and then we turned it back on and the fans just went really fast but no picture on the screen nothing and now im starting to think its the ram or logic board but just seeing what you think. Cheers My Emac
  2. My Emac

    Please Help Me

    Hey, I just updated my emac to mac os 10.5 and its a 1.25ghz with 512mb ram and 80gb hard drive and superdrive but now when i turn it on it just goes to the apple screen that is gray with the logo then goes to a blue screen and just sits there and does not move i have left it for ages and nothing. I dont know what to do please help. Cheers My eMac
  3. My Emac

    Ibook G3 screen issue

    Hello, I have a problem that i hope you can help me fix. My cousin has a iBook G3 800mhz 14 inch that wont display video once you turn it on you can hear and see the caps lock light but you cant see any video and we need to get the laptop working or just get to the hard drive to get the info off because there are photo's on it that we need and we also tried putting in the video plug to get it to work on a tv but still no video and im not sure what to do but if there are any ways to get the info off the computer that would be great. Thanks Very Much, My Emac
  4. Hello, I just bought a hp F4185 printer and the cable was faulty so i took it back and got a hp deskjet F2280 and this cable on this one works but it still wont print and im running Mac OS 10.5.5 on a powerbook G4 with 1.5ghz and 1gb ram and im not sure what the problem is. Please help any help is fine, Cheers My Emac
  5. We cant start up our new imac which we have had a year or 2 which we bought brand new and its the imac with the black around the screen like the current imacs but now it wont start up and when i try to boot off a cd it does not want to and when i try to restart it it goes to the gray screen with the apple logo then the little wheel spinning stops and then it restarts automatically. I dont what is wrong with it and its a main computer so im trying to fix it soon. Cheers My Emac
  6. My Emac

    Please Help Me

    But it picked up the signal before and he was using it with he card and the wireless for 2 years till now it wont work this week so im seeing if there is any other solution to fixing it before i go pay to get the airport express and thanks for your reply. Cheers My Emac
  7. My Emac

    Please Help Me

    Thanks so much we are still trying to fix it but thanks for your suggestions and thanks to the maccast community for all your help but if u know more please help we still need help fixing it. Cheers My Emac
  8. My Emac

    Please Help Me

    Hello, my cousins iBook G3 14 inch 800mhz will find the network when he is near the router but when he steps out of the room where the router is the connection drops and it used to have full bars in his room but now it does not. And he is also saying that his airport connection works during the day and not at night but his network is still working on his brothers powerbook. The wireless network name shows up in the wireless network list but when he selects it it does not come up with any bars on the airport. Cheers My Emac
  9. Thanks so much it fixed my problem and its all back to normal thanks so much you rock mate just shows how great the maccast community is. Cheers My Emac
  10. Hey, I have a problem with my laptop and i dont know how to fix it i have a Powerbook G4 1.5GHz and i have it set to ask for password when it wakes up from sleep but when i opened it today it did not ask me it just went into it and has been all yesterday and today and i want it to ask me for a password when it wakes up from sleep so no one can get into my computer when im not there. Thanks so much, My Emac
  11. Hello, I sold my friend my old iBook G3 and it works fine but now she is saying the CD player wont work.When she puts a CD in it thinks about it then spits it back out and it also makes some noise during when it is thinking. Please help, My Emac
  12. My Emac

    Help Please

    and now my normal apple background picture is gone u know the blue apple one at the login window and when you start a new account and all those other apple pictures are gone and java wont work
  13. My Emac

    Help Please

    If i download the combo updater will it get rid off all my photos,programs and music and documents?
  14. My Emac

    Help Please

    Hello, i have a powerbook G4 15" and i was on it today and later in the day my apple pictures went when i mean apple pictures i mean the ones that apple puts on like a nature ones and black and white ones ect... and now aperture wont open and java wont work on stuff on the internet eg,Habbo and runescape.And half my widgets have gone eg,wheather,clock,and other ones. Please help me,
  15. My Emac

    Please Help Me!!!

    Hey People, I tried to install Mac OS 10.3.7 on my cousins iBook G3 but when i go to put it on it says that it cannot install bundled software and it just closes and loads back into his old Mac OS. I dont know why do you? My Emac