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    SCSI 50-64-80 Pin Adapters

    So....I put the drive in a 8100 and it works via the adapter, however since that an early OS8 machine it won't let me format it into larger volumes. So I guess it's using it with 16 volumes all around 2 gig each LOL It also boots on system 6.0.8 in a IIcx and System 7.5 on a Quadra 800. Again, I have 16 drives on the desktop but hey....beggars can't be choosers, at least it works. I have a second drive that's identical, I'll probably leave one in the 8100 and the other in the Quadra 800, the IIcx I'll try to find something reasonable size that I can format into fewer pieces, hopefully a 50 narrow to avoid all of this work. Since I didn't think this would work at all, getting it to work was fun and that's what the vintage Mac lineup is all about. They are a little out of date for any real productivity so doing things beyond the norm is why we keep them around. BTW....Thank you for the nice welcome Huskermn, glad to be a part of the community you have here.
  2. Macnut9765

    SCSI 50-64-80 Pin Adapters

    Update I did actually get the drive to work on the G4. It didn't initially as on OS9 even with the SCSI adapter card you have to use SCSI Probe to mount the drive on the desktop. They will NOT show up on the desktop otherwise and also can't be used as a G4 boot drive. The ultra3 drive wasn't formatted via Mac previously and I used FWB to do that. I haven't tested it yet in the Beige Mac's yet but on the G4 it works as normal. My guess is if it worked on the G4 it should on the older ones since the SCSI card emulates the old SCSI bus in the vintage Mac's. I think the fact that it wasn't formatted properly before or it was too large of a volume was where I was having my issues. Just to be on the safe side I made a bunch of 2Gig partitions because anything prior to 8.6 has issues with bigger volumes. Once I get it running I will consolidate it into bigger volumes if possible. I just didn't want to take any chances with it not seeing it for testing purposes. I will post the results.
  3. Macnut9765

    SCSI 50-64-80 Pin Adapters

    Ah...that makes sense. The controller I have is for the narrow SCSI from Adaptec so that won't be any help either even in the G4. However, the only thought I have is and I'm not being at all sarcastic so please don't take it as such ....what is the point of the Ultra3 to 50 pin narrow SCSI adapter? LOL
  4. Macnut9765

    SCSI 50-64-80 Pin Adapters

    http://www.cablestogo.com/product.asp?cat_id=109&sku=17246 My apologies the previous link to the adapter didn't work. This is the exact adapter I have and there are two thumbnails to enlarge the photo, please use them. Thank you for the response! On the Ultra3 drive there are literally no options that it gives you to set whatsoever. I see no dip switches, jumper terminals or even any resisters that I can see (at least on the outside of the drive). I did try changing up the SCSI ID but I didn't mess with any of the other jumper settings. I don't like the smell of smoldering circuits because because I jumpered the wrong thing. I made sure ALL other drives in the Mac with the exception of the floppy were disconnected and I added a terminator to the end of the ribbon cable just to be safe. Still not getting anywhere. I figured at the least I would get the "This disc needs to be initialized" dialog but it literally doesn't see it thus far. I'm not finished yet. The drive does power up and sounds completely normal and functional, no weird or scary noises and as I said, the LED lights up on the drive itself so I'm not thinking defective drive. I do have a couple G4's and one has a SCSI adapter card in it. I may see if OS9 or OSX can see it hooked up to that machine. However I am very protective of my G4's and am not really fond of doing surgery or experiments with them. I can try using SCSI Probe, Disk Warrior and even the Apple disk utility and see what happens. If I had ONE good 50 pin narrow SCSI drive laying around this sure would be a lot easier to figure out if it's a termination issue. I would still like to know what those other jumpers are for on the adapter, the delay start makes sense and LED but the other two I don't know. I may have to face the facts that Ultra3 may be too modern for the vintage mac series. The only other thing I can think of is it's either an issue because it's hasn't been pre-formatted Mac or that the capacity is too large for the thing to understand being that it's 36.4 GB? BTW The reason I am doing all this is as I said ALL my 50 pin SCSI drives are completely dead, I found that I had two of the Ultra3 drives that had never been used sitting here and am simply trying to make use of what I have on hand. I don't have the extra funds available to buy new drives at this time. Hoping someone on here has a few laying around for cheap they would be willing to part with. I have 3 machines that need one and zero functional besides these two Ultra3's.
  5. Macnut9765

    SCSI 50-64-80 Pin Adapters

    Anyone have any experience with these adapters? http://www.cablestogo.com/product.asp?cat_id=109&sku=17246 I'm trying to hook up a 80 pin SCSI drive in a vintage mac and it seems no matter what I do it's just not seeing the drive. The LED on the drive lights up I can hear it spin up but I get no indication from the Mac that it sees it there. I have no other hard drive in the machine, just booting from Yes a 3.5" floppy LOL Since it's not an apple drive I wasn't shocked that the apple hd disc utility didn't see it but I have another that scans the bus for any device. I did have the ID set to 0 and 1 again with no results. The adapter has several jumper setting on it but I've had it a long time and the directions have long since been gone. Other than the SCSI ID I would rather not experiment with jumper settings and fry out something. The jumper options are as follows LED (Which I assume is for a disc activity light?) SYN (Stands for Sync?) DLY (Delay start?) MTP (No clue) ID3 ID2 ID1 ID0 Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I am in need of at least 3 original type 50 Pin SCSI hard drives. Of course the bigger the better but I think the largest ever made was 9.1G? I could get by with less capacity than that of course. As long as they have some life left in them I'm not picky. ALL of mine for all 3 vintage mac's are dead. I would also take an external SCSI that would plug in via DB-25. Usually they were the 5.25 size drives but at this point beggars can't be choosers. Also my IIcx is dead as a doornail so I know that a IIci board would go right in. I would take the entire computer case and all. I realize a IIcx or IIci aren't exactly the most useful things these days but for what I'm doing they are perfect. Lastly, just a wish list item would be a Quadra anything tower style case working or not. Let me know whacha got laying around and what you want for them. FYI, I'm in the USA in the midwest for shipping purposes.