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    Goodbye Windows

    Hello, everyone. Hope you're all well. So, a few months ago it came time to look at replacing my Acer Ferrari 3000 laptop. It had served me well for work (I do web development and the creation of materials for workshops with community groups and small businesses), and play (making music, creating graphics and fraggin the unrighteous with Unreal Tournament). Now, I've always liked Macs (I actually worked in a computer shop in 1984 as a lowly grunt when the Mac launched in the UK), but had never considered switching until four realisations hit me when I was reviewing my options for getting a new PC. First, everything I do, either for work or play, I could do on a Mac. I make music with Reason and Ableton Live. Hey! You can get them for the Mac. I develop websites with TopStyle and WampServer. Well, they're not available for Mac, but hey! There's MAMP and the ek-cellent skEdit. I do graphics and 3D stuff with The GIMP, POV-Ray and Cinema4D. Yup. You can get them on the Mac. Spot the pattern? Second, much as Windows has helped me to do stuff over the past years, I realised that most of the "cool" features that were being promised in Vista already existed in Tiger. Why wait? Third. I'm getting older, and my time to spend on computer maintenance tasks is losing out to watching movies, having a good time with friends or perfecting my killer chili con carne recipe. And, whaddaya know, everything I read about the Mac was telling me how much FUN people were having with their Macs. What? Just using your personal computer could be a pleasurable experience? Sign me up! Fourth. I'd just finished reading John Markoff's book What The Dormouse Said, and the story of Doug Englebart and his need to augment the human mind via personal computers really made me realise how much time I'd been wasting working FOR my computer, rather than doing stuff WITH my computer. So, as we had some Macs at work, I started spending more time with them. And was sold. Things just worked. Instead of the computer constantly nagging me to clarify if I really did want to do what I wanted it to do, most of the time it just did it. Anyway, the short version is that I've now got a MacBook Pro and have spent more time just enjoying doing stuff on my computer than I have for a long, long time. Just to close, thanks to Adam for the Mac Cast. The strong Mac community is another reason why I switched. Take care and be nice, Alan.