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  1. I have a 2006 iMac (iMac4,1) and its hard drive finally died. It was a 250GB HD. I ordered a 1TB drive from OWC and made sure it was compatible. Once it arrived, I proceeded to switch out the hard drives. I have installed RAM before and recently switched my MacBook Pro to an SSD drive, but this was the most difficult project when it came to working on my Macs. I followed the instructions very carefully and managed to put the iMac together again. The new drive comes unformatted, so I started the computer and inserted the original install disc with the intention of formatting the new hard drive using Disk Utility. This is where my problems started. I can see the drive in Disk Utility, but the size shows 7.3TB instead of 1.0TB. Also, when I try to format it using Erase or Partition, I get an error message "The disk cannot be formatted: input/output error." When I called OWC, they said the drive was bad and sent me a replacement. After replacing the replacement drive, I got the same error message when trying to format. Anyone out there know what is going on and how I can format this drive??? Could it be that the original install disk doesn't know how to format a 1TB drive? Also, I am not able to eject the install disk. I've tried terminal commands and other tricks. Any help would be appreciated. Also, can I boot off of a thumb drive with a Yosemite installation on an iMac4,1?
  2. DaviYavi

    Faxing without a phone line

    I need to fax documents to bank offices. They don't accept emails. I don't have a landline, but I do have Skype and Google Voice. Skype sez they don't allow faxes to be sent or received using their service. Are there other services that you guys recommend? I don't fax a lot, so I don't want to spend $12.95/month to use eFax.
  3. DaviYavi

    My MacBook won't shut down

    I quit all apps and had Activity Monitor up before shutting down. When I attempted to shut down, the activity monitor disappeared and the computer didn't shut down. Same as before. I didn't notice anything unusual running in the Activity Monitor. I've taken a screen shot of the activity monitor window, but don't know how to post an image. Can you tell me how?
  4. DaviYavi

    My MacBook won't shut down

    I have quit all programs before attempting to shut down. Still not shutting down.
  5. DaviYavi

    My MacBook won't shut down

    Just bought a new MacBook in November. For the last 2 weeks, I've noticed that when I try to shut down, it closes all the apps and my desktop icons disappear, but all I have left is the little rotating sunbeam icon (or whatever it's called) in the bottom center of the screen. My desktop image is still there. I wait 10 minutes and nothing happens. I end up making a hard shutdown by holding down the power key. When I turn it back on, everything is normal. My guess is that some program or function is hanging. How can I find out what the problem is?
  6. So, I have a TIVO, an iMac, and a Dell PC all connected to my Airport Extreme Gigabit base station via ethernet. I replaced my Netgear router recently. So, I want to find out the new IP address of the TIVO, but I can't figure out how to do it. I tried using the AirPort Utility and the Network Utility to no avail. It shouldn't be this hard. I'm sure those of you with more experience than me know how to do this and I thank you in advance.
  7. DaviYavi

    2GB Micro SD Card not mounting on my macs

    Well, I've tried and tried. I guess these MicroSD cards can't be accessed by the Mac. Too bad.
  8. DaviYavi

    2GB Micro SD Card not mounting on my macs

    Yes, when I used the USB cable to connect the camera directly to the Mac, it worked and I was able to get the photos off the card. But, I'm trying to access the MicroSD card via the reader so I can add songs to it and slip it in my cell phone. I've checked the apple forums, but couldn't find anything there either. So, the card works via the camera, but not the reader.
  9. DaviYavi

    2GB Micro SD Card not mounting on my macs

    I've done all the things you mentioned. I even returned the card and got another one. The card works in my camera, and I can view the pics, but when I connect it to my mac via the reader, it does nothing. The reader works fine, because I use it with other cards. The 2GB micro SD card doesn't even register in disk utility, so I have no means of formatting it.
  10. I purchased a San Disk 2GB MicroSD card recently. I plug it into the regular SD card adapter and into my USB card reader and neither my iMac or MacBook see it. It doesn't mount and I don't have access to the data on it. Any advice on how to get it working?
  11. DaviYavi

    Tivo File Transfers to MAC

    What about us Mac users with hacked DirecTV Tivos? I still have to use my PC to extract video from my Tivo. It's a multistep process. There's got to be a Mac solution. Anyone have suggestions?
  12. DaviYavi

    Need a photo editor

    Hi, I'm a recent switcher. Some of my photos have dates imprinted on them that I want to remove before printing. Is there a program like MS Paint on Windows that will let me do it? I don't think iPhoto can do it.
  13. I recently hacked my TIVO so that I can transfer my TIVO programs (unencrypted MPEG 2 format) to my PC and burn them on DVD. However, the programs I use to do this have limitations. What I would like to do is transfer those MPEG 2 files to my iMac and burn them using iDVD. I've been unsuccessful because iDVD does not accept MPEG 2 files. Any help regarding this topic would be much appreciated.
  14. I'm deabting if I should upgrade to Quicktime Pro. I use VLC to view video files that are in other formats. I use Mac the Ripper to rip my DVD movies. I don't want to upgrade if I don't need to. Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. DaviYavi

    Another iPod feature gone!!!

    I have a 1GB Shuffle, and it pauses too.