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    Final Cut Pro-X

    Thank you. Point taken.
  2. Turnell

    Final Cut Pro-X

    Thank you very much for that in depth report. I started my life on a Mac and editing on iMovie. Over the years i have moved up the ladder with Final Cut Pro 3 and stayed with iMovie for fast work. Today i still use FCP7 it still does the job. Looking at FCP-X it looks slicker and has the same movements as iMovie 11. There are people who have money to play around with other editing software and need it for their work. I cant afford to alter my equipment to a PC to get a better software in your case as you stated. What you have said, is a question of dont bother with the new FCP-X. ?
  3. Turnell

    Final Cut Pro-X

    As a Final Cut Pro 7 user. I have been following the advance of the new software FCP-X. Is it worth it to upgrade or let the dust settle on the new software until a few more items are sorted out?