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  1. funkyp56

    Mail Signatures

    Is there a way in Mail to have a custom signature for an individual that you send to? Maybe an add-on?
  2. I have an Airport Extreme with Dual Band Networks, and an airport express 802.11n edition. I have setup the Base station to do N,A,G,and B Networks, but I only want the express to EXTEND the G Network. How can I make that happen?
  3. funkyp56

    Copied music skips

    sounds like an issue with the mac, try copying to a different computer
  4. funkyp56

    Resize Windows like expose

    not that I know of, but that would be cool
  5. funkyp56

    Quad core vs. 2 Quad core

    It always depend on the applications you are running. I am sure it will make all the included apps run faster as well.
  6. funkyp56

    iMacs and dual external displays

    nope, it cant
  7. funkyp56

    New Mac Mini

    So I bought a new mac mini, I cant wait for it!!!! Hopefully FedEx actually gets here tomorrow. I got the $799 with the 256mb video memory in fear that the $599 would not allow more vram with a DDR3 memory upgrade. Anyone out there get one and upgrade it and check it yet? not that ill return it or anything I am happy with the price. (sorry UK) lol
  8. funkyp56

    Install and upgrade

  9. funkyp56

    Install and upgrade

    I have an old mac that I am selling. I want to reinstall all the apps and upgrades for the buyer, but when I am done, I want it to boot up like its new out of the box with the registration/Welcome screen and everything. is this possible?
  10. funkyp56

    G4 Quicksilver - SOLD

    $350 US Dollars Completely upgraded!!! Apple Mac G4 933Mhz. Full 1.5GB of Ram. ATI 9800 128mb AGP Graphics Card. 4 - USB 2.0 Ports, 2 - USB 1.1 Ports 2 - Firewire 400 Ports 250GB Hard Drive NEW Aluminum Apple Keyboard and Mighty Mouse Mac OS X 10.5.6 iLife '09 iWork '09 Microsoft Office 2008 You pay actual shipping, as fast as you like Hopefully I am allowed to post this, but I ended up putting it on EBAY: heres the Link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=180333607428
  11. funkyp56

    Apple TV and podcasts

    its called a 'favorites' section, it works like bookmarks, but it does not down load automatically
  12. funkyp56

    Apple TV and podcasts

    Maybe I was unclear. I dont want the podcasts to take up space on my computers hard drive. I would rather the ATV download them and have them ready when I get home. sorta like a DVR.
  13. funkyp56

    Apple TV and podcasts

  14. funkyp56

    Apple TV and podcasts

    I would like to setup my apple TV to automatically download podcasts and store them on the Apple TV and be ready to view them after work. is there a way to do this other then marking as favorites or downloading them and transferring them from my Computer?
  15. funkyp56


    Does apple track how many times iWork is installed? I have 3 macs now but only a single copy of iWork. Its not really in the budget to buy 2 more copies for the other family members macs.