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  1. zeal

    Follow people's work?

    That is it Graham. Man it was getting to me as I tried to remember it. Thanks that is the one. http://intuiware.com...s/changes-meter Hope it helps.
  2. zeal

    Follow people's work?

    RRS feeds may be what came around the same time or just after. This was more a direct email that told you the content of a website was updated. This was a plugin or app of some kind and it was not the site operator sending out a email. Sometimes it was hard to tell where the site changed because of ads or a simple tweak to the site, but I think this was addressed. I just wish I could remember what it was called.
  3. zeal

    Follow people's work?

    It remember that there was a plug-in or it could be part of Safari, to get notified if a website changes. Go to the celebrities part of IMDB and have this be the site. If it changes you get a email. I'm not sure if this still exists because ads on site like these change all the time and you end up getting multiple emails. May still be around. I'm also interested if this is still 3rd party or part of a web browser. Anyone knows please fill us in. Another option is to create a widget of the Celebrities part of IMDB. This can be checked quickly and you will not have to got to the main IMDB or look through the other info on that part of the site. the widget in OSX should just show the info you want to see. Anyone that can help on creating web widgets please let us know as well. Thanks in advance.
  4. Here are some of the ones I like. Ha Ha of course http://www.maccast.com/ or Nice informative place for upcoming rumors and things. http://www.macrumors.com/ or iPod and iPad and Mac stuff reviews nice site. Good guide for shopping they produce a price comparison once a year in a PDF Book. http://www.ilounge.com/index.php or Nice video podcast short, frequent and informative. http://www.geekbrief.tv/ or This is a podcast I like for it gets different podcasters together and they just talk about the big Mac news at the time. All good podcasters, different people each week. Adam from MacCast is on sometimes. Good show and Good place to find out about other good shows/sites. http://www.macroundtable.com/ I am sure I have others but this is good for now. hop you like.
  5. Valve is what Adam had a podcast about and it was informative. Mac and PC did not matter you Pay on a PC at your brothers/sisters/friends house and then go home and continue on your Mac right where you left off. I'm sure they have network gaming options. It sounded amazing. Not sure how the details would work. I'm not a big gamer type Mac user but I love my Mac and this sounded great. Have a look at the link. http://www.maccast.com/2010/03/17/maccast-2010-03-18-macsteamy/ Hope this helped.
  6. I cannot see any time machine backups older than January. The oldest date in Time machine is January 10th 2010. Odd I have lots of space left. I do not understand.
  7. Hi just wondering about this My TM only goes back to the start of January 2010. I am backing up to a TM drive that has about 541 gig used out of a Terabyte drive. so lots of space left (389 gig). I got my Mac Pro back in February of 2009. So I should be close to 6-8 or 9 months of data backed up. Why the cut off of data prior to 2010. I should be seeing the Fall of 2009 for my oldest stuff. Any ideas why this is happening. I am on a Mac Pro. Running 10.5.8. thanks in advance for any ideas.
  8. zeal

    Mail has been hijacked

    thanks I just got done talking with tech support. it looks like I have not been hijacked but some spam is coming in to my account saying it is a bounced email. I have to mark everyone as junk mail. Hoping that a real bounced email does not get marked as junk in the process. I hope this will fix my issue. I never have had a spam issue on my mac like this in a really long time, years and years I would say. thanks again for your reply.
  9. zeal

    Mail has been hijacked

    Hi Hope someone has some ideas how to help me. I have been getting returned email messages from places I did not send any email to. I feel my account has been hijacked. I went into the online version for my email and changed my password and I am still getting these bounced emails form places I never sent email to. I just over 60 today, and several everyday for the last weeks. The email is still working as normal otherwise. I get email from friends and can send to them just these crazy emails also. How do I scan my system and get rid of the evil software or whatever is causing this. I am on a mac pro using leopard OS and mac Mail. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  10. I had an issue with my DSL provider when I got my iPhone after we received a new router/modem - I could not connect. After days of troubleshooting It came down to me typing in the huge configuration number they provided wrong. Of course I must have made a typing mistake. Not entirely sure this is what the issue was but after reentering it for what seemed like 100th time it worked. Now for your PC and all your systems really. Get a UPS Power plug box. Uninterrupted Power Supply. This will store 5-30 minutes of power in a outage so you can save files and shutdown correctly. The PC would not even know you had a power issue. You can get ones that hold more battery time/power but the higher the more expensive. Hope this helps.
  11. zeal

    Migration Assistant Via Ethernet Help

    Totally agree with Graham. I did this back in February and the 400 to 800 is the best way.
  12. zeal

    Imac airport random disconnect

    I had some similar issues. I could not get Wi-Fi in my basement. So after trying many things, I got a product from Netgear, other companies probably make them. It plugs into the regular power plug. Then you plug the router/modem into it. Now you have access to a wired computer connection at any normal plug in your house. Just plug another small box into the electric outlet and up to 4 computers can plug wired into it. the signal comes through the regular electric wiring to and from the modem/router. I did not think it was going to work when I first got it but I am having great success. It ran me about $80 canadian. It came with the main box and the secondary box for your computers to connect with. I can get more secondary boxes to have more wired connections all over my house as needed. I also find it funny that my iPhone can get Wi-Fi connection in my basement with no issues. My Mac Pro that I got in March cannot. I even got it a Wi-Fi upgrade card. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
  13. zeal

    Problem with wifi

    I just got a new Mac Pro. I am having the same problem. turn airport on and off and this fixes the issue sometimes. Sometimes not. I have to wait or turn it off and on until it decides to kick in. I will check out the link above and see if this helps me. Any other ideas. My old G4 did have some issue but not like this and I never had to turn Airport off and on. It really is driving me crazy.
  14. zeal

    Desktop is Resetting?

    OK I went back to my clone backup and it seems my computer (Finder) is Back to normal. Still wondering what may have caused this so I can keep it in mind and try not to have it happen again. At least I am back, operating like I was. Thanks for looking into this with me. Any ideas... We can still continue the discussion if you want to.
  15. zeal

    Desktop is Resetting?

    thanks for your help. I have a backup clone of my computer as of January 26 2009. I will take the hit on some minor e-mail and such that will be lost. Tonight I will refresh my system to the backup date. I hope this fixes the issues. I will keep you posted.