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  1. EmmEff

    Mac OS X Leopard

    That's not quite true... in all versions of Vista, the Aero Glass effects can be disabled. Vista will run on any video hardware, but it will look prettier on better/current graphics cards. I've run Vista Beta 2 in a VMware session... no accelerated 3D graphics there!
  2. EmmEff

    USB webcams (that Yahoo/MSN etc) can 'see'

    ioXperts makes a commercial ($19.95) USB webcam driver for OS X. A free trial version is available.. Here is a link to a freeware webcam driver for OS X. This driver should work with most of those cheap Logitech webcams available. I have personally used it with my Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000. If you combine either of these (whatever works best for you) with iChatUSBCam, you will be able to use a USB web cam with iChat. The 'official' Microsoft MSN Messenger for OS X does NOT (and probably will not, for that matter) support video chat. It does not matter which webcam you have, it does not support it. aMSN, a third-party MSN Messenger client, has webcam support as well. There is a preview version of Skype for OS X that supports video here. Some people say it works great, others have problems. It is also possible to do video conferencing between Windows users on AOL Instant Messenger and iChatAV. I've done this myself and it works great. Yahoo! Messenger for OS X also has webcam support but I am not sure how well it works. Also, if you have a MiniDV camcorder with a Firewire interface, it can double as a webcam as well. So, there are plenty of possibilities here even though it is still very limited compared to Windows. Hope this helps...
  3. EmmEff

    iPhoto reduced all of my photo sizes

    Are you sure this isn't user error? What did you do last in iPhoto before you noticed this? Seems strange...
  4. EmmEff

    Cinema display & Xbox 360

    Actually, it's not quite that simple. There are three types of DVI connector: DVI-D - digital only; this is the interface on the CinemaHD display DVI-A - analog only; this is the output of the 360 DVI-I - digital & analog So it's not a simple matter of making a physical connection to make a 360 work with a Cinema display. There are analog to digital converters to do this, but they cost in the ~$200 range. Hope this helps.
  5. EmmEff

    Q and Fedora Core 5

    Then run the x86 version... there is no PPC virtualization (that virtualizaes the PPC) package available that I'm aware of.
  6. EmmEff

    Q and Fedora Core 5

    Isn't Q an x86 emulator? It's not supposed to boot PPC images.
  7. EmmEff

    Mac Intel processor

    I thought the Core 2 Duo used less power (and therefore ran cooler)? I know on a PC, a BIOS upgrade is usually in order to detect newer model CPUs. I wonder if that applies to EFI as well?
  8. EmmEff

    Macbook Service is an Embarrassment

    This must be handled at the retailer level, not Apple unless Apple was the original retailer, of course. When the logic board failed in my 2 week old iBook G4, the chain store I bought it from was happy to allow me to exchange for a new one. Small dealers can't do this since they don't have pull with their distributors. I'm all for supporting the small dealers, but I'm also all for keeping myself content as a consumer. That's the intention. The AASP shouldn't be sending anything to Apple for repair.
  9. EmmEff

    Macbook Service is an Embarrassment

    Call and politely complain... tell them you need it for work and if they could either replace it outright or provide compensation for a rental. Sorry you have to do the legwork, but it might prove fruitful.
  10. EmmEff

    Macbook Service is an Embarrassment

    Agreed about good and bad AASPs... my local AASP in a town of around 30,000 had a new logic board for my iBook G4 within a day when it needed replacing. I was impressed that Apple was that quick getting parts out to a small dealer.
  11. AppZapper alone is got to be worth $5. The rest of the apps I've never heard even mention of.
  12. EmmEff

    If you're using tabs in Safari read this

    These are both things I've wanted to do, but I guess it's more of a gimmick than anything else. It really doesn't surprise me this feature is not there.
  13. EmmEff

    If you're using tabs in Safari read this

    That would work, but it re-opens the link. It'd be neat to be able to take an existing window and "migrate" it into a tab without reloading.
  14. EmmEff

    bluetooth make your cellphone GPS

    Many cellphone models already have GPS receivers built in. This software probably just activates it and puts a user interface on it.
  15. EmmEff

    GPS for Mac Compatibility

    This does not currently exist for OS X. As OzMac said, you'll have to wait for Garmin to support the Mac. Don't get your hopes up... of all the GPSes that I've used, Garmin has been the best but not perfect, especially for Canadian POI and map data. I use a Garmin eTrex Vista (handheld, no navigation features) but not with my Mac. I will once Mapsource is available for OS X.