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  1. Hi,


    the keyboard and trackpad of my MBP stopped responding for the 5th time now. The rest still works, such as iTunes keeps on playing... . I had to use the on/off switch to switch thge MBP off.


    The console gives me:


    02.09.08 22:56:01 kernel IOUSBInterface: family specific matching fails

    02.09.08 22:56:01 kernel Apple Internal Keyboard: family specific matching fails

    02.09.08 22:56:01 kernel Touchpad: family specific matching fails

    02.09.08 22:56:01 kernel AppleUSBMultitouchDriver: starting

    02.09.08 22:56:01 kernel Touchpad: family specific matching fails


    Has anyone an idea whats going on and how to fix it?






    I also got once:

    02.09.08 23:17:08 kernel GFX0: family specific matching fails


    15-inch: 2.5GHz MBP is 2 month old and has all software up to date.

  2. Hi,


    with the unlocking of iPhone now for free and the Euro/Dollar exchange rate of 1.4 and the 200 Dollar price drop I am thinking about getting an iPhone in the US for me to use in Germany. However, this would only be an option if I can set it to German language settings. This is important as it only then will recognise words typed correctly, e.g. while typing a text message. Is there an option for German on the iPhone?


    Kind regards,



  3. Ok if you are only staying a day in these countries there is not much to take from a tech point of view besides a good camera.

    I also make fotos from things other than sights, things from everyday life. These are then the ones that will give you the most flaire of what it has bee like. I mean by that pictures of small streets, people, cafés, shops, public transport, taxis, restaurants, supermarkets etc.

    e.g. I have found very interesting labeling of food. Hey, and pic up some Euro coins. In each country one side is different.

  4. Where exactly are you going in Europe?


    I would get a good camera and a lot of Money as the exchange rate is 1.37 :-O !

    I would also read the news to see what is currently going on in the country where you are traveling to.

  5. Hi,


    I am traveling to New York next week and I have some 3 hours for gadget shopping for a total of $500.

    With a Euro to Dollar echange rate of 1.35 it is a favourable shopping opportunity for me. I am thinking of getting a new digital camera for say $300 max. But this is not a must!


    What would you advise be to buy?

    My ideas so far are:

    PodXtreme Sound Box

    Kingston's microSD Card Reader





    on an iMac G5 20"

    iPod Video incl. doc

    MyBook 500 GB

  6. Hi,


    I was wondering: Doing a backup of a running system; How does that work? I mean, the system is running and files are changing due to processes running in the background. It is not like the system is holding it's breath while doing a backup. Sometimes the info in one file done at one point in time requires a info in another to be at a certain state. But during a backup process things change. How does that work?





  7. I find it quite nice. A friend of mine is going to visit me in a month time. She told me she is counting the days already. I made her a nice contdown with the background of the skyline of the city. She really likes it a lot. So for me it was very nice to have a template. I have no clue of Javascript whatsover.


    Still some improvment is necessary to dashcode as it craseh once and as it is strange to insert a background image. Not very intuitive. I tried first to remove the background that comes with the countdown template and the widget crashed.

  8. For starters you can try calling echo123 and record a message which will be played back to you. This will help you determine if the problem is from your side or not.


    I did as you suggested. The sound was fine! But I can not conclude from that that the problem is not on my side because my friend says that she only has that problem with me and not with any other of her contacts.

  9. Hi,


    I have a problem with sound while using Skype.

    In a conversation with a friend (both on skype) he hears a loud hissing noise. The hissing occurs frequently but not always. I do not hear that sound, only my friend. I can heas some rather quiet hissing, but that seems rather a normal distortion. If I then change the input from the internal mic to the iSight mic the sound gets almost always better and there is no hissing any more. But just after a few seconds the hissing starts again. My friend tells me that this hissing only occurs when talking to me. I also never had such a problem with anyone else. However, I am not sure if that is due to the fact that these conversations are lasting only a few minutes. Skype lets one do a conference call with many parties as well. No the funny thing was once that while having that hissing gong on we added another person to our conversation and the hissing stopped imediatly.


    We both are using headphones.


    How can I best track down the cause of that problem? Is it a hardware or a software issue? How should I proceed?







    iMac G5 20"; OS X 10.4.8; Skype; iSight camera

  10. Hi,


    I was wondering if one can sort bookmarks in Safari by "last time visited".


    I have a folder within my bookmarks that contains the pages I mostly visit. Now, it would be nice to have these bookmarks within that folder so sort according to the date these pages have been visited, so that the most recently visited come first.


    Does anyone know if there is a way to do it?