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  1. blooloo

    Which iPad stand do you recommend?

    i use "the walle".....a great desktop stand. it matches the stand on my imac and you can also rotate the ipad from portrait to landscape, as you want to. well made and functional take a look at it. regards chris watts australia
  2. blooloo

    Any suggestions for a Stylus for drawing on the iPad

    i bct on "kickstarter. there were a couple of guys designing a pen for the ipdad. they called it ""THE COSOMONAUGHT" its been finished and i am waiting on mine...should arrive next week.
  3. blooloo

    VOIP for iPad

    i have used skype,with no disdasters. give it go.use it every daY WITH MY FAMILY IN THE U.K
  4. blooloo

    VOIP for iPad

  5. blooloo


    d/loaded movies and they end up in 't v xhows, and not in the ';movies' any suggestions..
  6. blooloo

    random freezing

    imac 27" happens 4-7 times daily. freezes whenn in zoom mode,whenever it wants too. will not zoom,whenever it wants too have done a clean install with lion.with no effect. have zapped the pram,still no effect. have unplugged mac,re-plugged,restarted, still no effect. any suggestions will be tried.
  7. blooloo


    thank you very much , Graham,. worked a treat. owe you a beer chris
  8. blooloo


    i was using skype and i got a message informing me that a newer version was available. i d/.loaded the newer version . a dialogue box opened and told me to drag the skype icon into my application forlder. as i did this, was told an older version was there and did i want to replace it with the newer version. i said yes. and i got another box, informing me.....the operation cannot be completed because you do not have suffient privelidges for some of the items... can anyone help me out please. i am the only person who uses this imac and not sure what to do.
  9. blooloo


    when i import a new cd into itunes, the tracks are all qver the place and not in one bracket with the title,name of artist etc. i find i have 2-3 tracks listed then 2-4 down...between another cd...i find another 3-4 tracks same again for another 4-6 tracks but they are never all together am getting really frustrated with it all would also like to know if anyone would like to buy me the new 3g iphone and send it down to me will compensate you...of course looking forward to some replies cheers chris
  10. blooloo

    maybe 3 g phones soon

    in our papers today...have been told that the 3G iphones will be released here in aus later this year and our entire network will all be 3G from the middle of next year.all the old 2g stuff will be obselete just to let you know. will keep you informed as to the exact date that we hear.
  11. blooloo

    headphones for the iphone.

    have bought an iphone from a seller in the usa and it is unlocked ! ! ! ! !. It works very well too. what i would like to know is if there is anybody over there who could buy me a new headphone set as the ones that came wiyh my iphone are crackling like mad. absolutly shocking. as i am in australia- apple will not sell direct to me. the aussie store cannot help me as we do not have the iphone down here. anybody want to do a good deed for me. regards chris p/s will pay all costs, of course.
  12. blooloo

    1977 Bottle of Cristal

    would love to take this off your hands,boss any chance it could be packed and shipped out here to me in australia. regards chris
  13. blooloo

    what to do about !

    of course we drink Fosters- a great beer. it is made by a company called- "carlton and united breweries.. it is a brand name but certainly not aussie for beer. aussie for beer is thanks i'll have another....lol. as for not drinking it- crikey- if they keep making it we will keep drinking it.also its a lovely drop. look me up when and if you come over and will get some for you. blooloo
  14. blooloo

    what to do about !

    thanks for all the replies and was great to get such help. this is just so rewarding being part of the maccast. have enjoyed every bit of the experience thanks once again this aiussie owes you a few beers if and when we meet