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  1. deathman

    automator action for preview: save as pdf

    nah, i couldn't find anything on the site, i did a search on the site for "PDF" and nothing turned up. that doesn't really help me because i'm trying to make PDFs of comic books.
  2. In the Mac app, Preview, you are able to save .jpg files as a single page .PDFs. However in Automator, you cannot do this with the stock automator actions. Does anyone know where to find one or make my own? I need to convert about a hundred .JPG files into single page .PDFs. I've tried searching for quite some time but most of the automator actions I found don't use Preview for the task (so the .PDF isn't rendered like I would like). Thanks for the help!
  3. deathman

    HP Printers

    I am currently using a white Intel MacBook and am trying to use a HP PSC 1311 series all-in-one printer. However, I am pretty sure the drivers for the printer are causing my MacBook to crash / run strangely. Ever since I installed the printer, it has been crashing / running poorly. Now that I have uninstalled the printer, everything is running fine. Does anyone have the same experience or any solutions?
  4. deathman

    transparency and safari

    Several web pages (most notably MySpace pages) have a transparency layer over the entire page. However, in Safari, the scrolling is incredibly laggy on pages with this sort of transparency. It scrolls just fine in Camino and Firefox. Here is an example: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...95-0f7264bf8aa0 If the site has more images, it bogs down even more. I'm looking for a solution. I've tried looking for a bookmarklet that zaps transparency for Safari but I've never found one either. Thanks!
  5. deathman

    no cd

    i actually have no idea how to do that. i sort of know how to make .dmg files but iso?
  6. deathman

    no cd

    it's sort of a hassle to have to insert CDs into your computer to play video games. anyone know how to get around this? i've read a lot online about disk images but i'm not too sure how to do it.
  7. deathman

    japanese dvorak

    sweet! thanks
  8. deathman

    japanese dvorak

    i use the dvorak simplified keyboard and am trying to type in japanese. however, the layout is in qwerty. any solutions?