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  1. Hi @ all! Recently whenever I use Leopard's built-in font selection tool in iWeb, Pages, Numbers, Mail (Or any other Application that uses it) it behaves extremely sluggish. Sometimes taking as much as 30 seconds before it updates when I for example switch font collections. More often than not the host application from where the requester is called just crashes after I select a certain font. I have not installed new fonts when the problem occured it just started behaving that way with no reason known to me. I have used Fontbook to check all my fonts and deleted those which are markes with a red cross as damaged, but nothing helped. I trashed the font cache (using ONYX) but that does not help either. Any of you guys have any ideas what to do? MacBookPro Unibody, Nov 2008, Leopard 10.5.7
  2. Hi! Long term listener here. For a couple of weeks I can not download the maccast via iTunes anymore. I unsubscribed and resubscribed, and get the podcast in my list and 1 download into the dowload cue, but it nec´ver starts downloading. What do I do wrong?
  3. maschinsky

    can not subscribe to maccast

    Its the enhanced feed. erros is (err = 3150)
  4. maschinsky

    can not subscribe to maccast

    I am using iTunes 8, but the problem was there before for like 2 months or so. I have subscribed to half a million podcasts and they do refresh with no issue. I can purchase Music and iPhone Apps with no trouble. Macast is in the download cue, but it never starts downloading. After a while I either get an error "download stopped -3150" and/or a little grey ! infront of the issue I try downloading with an error message saying "could not connect to network" Please note that I'm running 'Tunes in german so I might be paraphrasing the error messages. I have unsubscribed and resubscribed from the MacCast homepage or with iTunes directly - no success...
  5. maschinsky

    can not subscribe to maccast

    *** BUMP *** It still does not work. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi! I have my Samsung CLP-300 Printer and an Epson inkjet hooked up to the USB port on the AirPort base station (the N one) and printed happily until a couple of days ago. For no reason I cannot print to the samsung over the network anymore. The printer shows up like it did before, but as soon as I send a print-job to it, its status light flashes a couple of times and LOOOONG after sending the job it prints a sheet that says: SPL-C Error - Including Corrupted Data and a couple of error messages. I reinstalled the printer, looked for new drivers on the samsung homepage, reset the airport, took out the USB hub between the airport and the printer - nothing works it just stopped printing. I have not made any changes to my system or printer and the printer works fine, when it is connected directly to the computer. I can still print to the EPSON printer through the airport. After spending two hours on the problem I gave up and I hope to get some help here. Florian.
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    Strange black Boxes in OSX

    Hi! This is about the strangest MAC-Problem I ever had. Since this morning I have strange black boxes appear in the finder, in finder-windows and even other applications. I tried to make a screenshot, but funny enough the black boxes don't appear on screenshots. I have faked a screenshot and marked the areas where these black boxes appear. Example: They're basically averywhere in any application. I found that I could screenshot them, when the box is around some file or drive on the desktop. That's how the boxes really look: Looks like they are highlighting certain areas in the OS. What are they and how do I get rid of them? thanx Florian.
  8. maschinsky

    Strange black Boxes in OSX

    ROFL thank you guys! I thought that it was something like that bat was too stupid to recognize. I cought my cat walking across the keyboard just minutes before I began seeing the boxes. So maybe she just hit the right keystroke to activate these frames. Thanx again Florian
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    Synchronize! Pro X

    Hi, all! I splashed out $99.- for a piece of software called "Synchronize! Pro X". I have now used it for a week or so and just wanted to let you guys know my experience with it. This ist not a full-fledged Test! The Problem: I want to take a couple of files with me on the road, because I am out quite a bit. My trusty MacBook is always with me. As a professional video-editor it comes in handy to have my complete music library with me. Also in hotels and on the plane I like to work on my various homepages or sift through my photos. Also there is a lot of other stuff that I want to keep handy. As soon as I'm home on the other hand I prefer to work on my MacPro Setup with two 24" TFTs, which is obviously much more comfortable. I store all of my data on that MacPro in a mirrored Raid on two 500gig drives in bay 3&4. Having two iTunes and iPhoto libraries and keeping them in sync manually sucks. Also copying files back an forth between the two machines manually is a pain. And another dowside of this is cluttering the internal HDD of the MacBook with "Archive"-Type files is a problem when using it for editing. The solution: I bought a LaCie "rugged" 120GB external harddisc - an USB 2.0, FW400 and FW800(!) interface powered small harddrive that is shock resistant and very portable. I recommend this device to anyone looking for a external drive. It is fast, reliable and well... rugged - the perfect companion for a notebook. With synchronize! Pro X I defined what folders from my raid should get syced to what files on the LaCie drive. You can set up these sync-jobs in a way that syncing starts when the drive is mounted. It's a bit like with the ipod: plug it in and sync. Synchronize has dozens of options when a specific sync jobs should start, what happens after sync an so on. It even can mount network drives, if they're not there when for example a scheduled backup takes place. So I now have all my data on the Lacie and can sync it back and forth and had no trouble so far. So SynchronizeXPro is worth every penny for me. Check it out, if you want to sync two folders between....anything.
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    Synchronize! Pro X

    I don't know chronosynce's feature list. I just know Synchronize Pro works excellent and I have not yet uncovered it's full potential.
  11. maschinsky

    Mac Pro, Windows & Games

    Hi! On the last episode of the Maccast, the one with the interview with Veronica Belmont you talked about running PC games via bootcamp. I am currently addicted to World of Warcraft as Veronica seems to be (That makes her my girl!), which I obviously run under MacOSX. The only two differences between the Mac and PC version of WOW is the support for 5.1 sound on the PC and stereo-only on the mac and that you can map in-game keys to "remote" iTunes from within the game on Mac and not on windows. Everything else is exately the same. Thanks to Blizzard, where one of the CEO's seems to be a Mac-User. One of the first things I tried, when I got my brandnew MacPro (Quad 2 Ghz) was to install bootcamp and windows to see wether I could play PC-games. (Gaming being the only thing you need a PC for in my opinion :-) ). I was expecting mediocre Windows performance from a platform not specifically designed to run windows and was BLOWN AWAY! I tested four games on my machine.. I have the ATI 1900 graphics card and a two 24" (1920x1200) dell TFTs, which means games are running at an awesome resolution and radiate the feeling of cinema (on one monitor only) Oblivion: All graphics setting bumped to maximum, superfluid gameplay @ 33-60 fps Doom 3: All graphics settings max, 55-124 fps Neverwinter Nights 2: All graphicsettings to max, 45-112 fps The Guild 2: Al graphicsettings maxed: 23-78 fps Remember all these fps are at a resolution of 1920x1080 (!) conclusion: The MacPro running windows is the better PC^^
  12. Hi, All! I just got my brandnew MacPro all new and shiny, installed my software and am generally happy with it's performance and speed. While I'm waiting for the most important software package to be released in universal binary (Avid Media Composer) I primarily use the MacPro for encoding, transcoding and playing World of Warcraft. Man is this thing fast. On my trusty olg G5 I had networkdrives on my NAS set up to automount on boot. I think I did this back in the days by just dragging a mountef network-volume on the start-objects of my user. Anyway it always worked. Now I tried the same thing on the MacPro and the drives don't mount on startup. After e reboot they show up in the startup objects the drives are marked "unknown". What do I do wrong? The NAS (La Cie Network Disk, Volumes are mounted via samba) still automount on the G5. Help appreciated. Florian
  13. maschinsky

    Automount Network Drives

    Thanks for the code, but for me anything with programming is beyond me. Will hunt for anwers elsewhere ans keep you posted on any results.
  14. maschinsky

    Automount Network Drives

    I dragged the already mounted volumes to the startup-objects.
  15. maschinsky

    Automount Network Drives

    Both the G5 and the MacPro are running 10.4.8.
  16. maschinsky

    Hiding the apple

    I am working on a boring reality TV show as an editor and behold: I got footage on my desk where a character is sitting on a sofa typing on a silverish notebook with a white apple logo on the lid. Mac geeg that I am that makes me happy. A few minutes later I get a over-shoulder shot where I can see the fingers typing on a BLACK keyboard. That rose my suspicion, because the last Mac that had a black keyboard was quite a while back. I look closer and shuttle through the rest of the footage, and I find out that someone just stuck the apple-sticker on a silverish cheepedy-cheap pc notebook. What does a responsible mac-geek do in such a case? Well I did what I could to make the thing look like a MacBook or Powerbook by just using shots and angels, where only a seasoned mac-geek would see that there is something fishy. Got to seek out the guy who stuck that sticker on that windows-box. Great Job.
  17. maschinsky

    iTunes Library on Server

    I have got a LaCie NAS attached to my network where I keep all my important data as well as my iTunes library, which I built and can access from my G5. Is there a possibility to access the same Library from my Notebook? Without the G5 running and sharing the library of course. I do not need to access the library from both computers at the same time though. thanks for any help Florian
  18. maschinsky

    MacBook Pro Network Issues

    Tried now, but same result. How exactely do you switch?
  19. Hi! My name is Florian from Austria/Europe. I tuned-in fairly recently to the MacCast and found it to be quite a good ressource for mac users. Keep up the good work! As there seem to be a number of quite skilled Macians in here I will post an issue that has troubled me for some time: I own a MacBookPro 15" 2Ghz Intel Duo Core with 1 gig ram. When at home I usually connect to my homeoffice networtk via 10BaseT 100Mbit network cable. The router (Zyxel Prestige 600) also establishes connection to the internet via DSL. I can pull the cable go on the road and plug back in and connect to both the internet and my local network with no problems. I do run a WiFi Card on that Zyxel router, too enabeling me to go online at home wirelessly. When I turn on the MacBook's Airport and pull the 10BaseT I am in my network and the internet instantly. Now here is the problem: When I want to go back from WiFi to cable (plug cable and switch off Airport) I can't get into the internet again without rebooting the machine. Funny enough I can access my LAN, but only after several minutes wait. I do connect to my network via fixed IP adresses, router and subnet masks etc. I am not completely sure, but I think it happened the same way with my old G4 Powerbook. Anyone any ideas how to fix that?