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    anyone for some minneapolis iphone camping out?

    waited 5 hours at southdale Apple store and was about 80th in line
  2. ipodgod03

    ipod cant start up

    i tried to put a disk image on my 5th gen 60 gig. it failed to load so i unplugged it and now it wont start up. the apple logo shows up, the the ipod dies, the it starts up, then dies, etc. i can put it into disk mode, but the computer wont recognize it. i can push the select and previous button and did a hard reset but it still does this cycle. i have let the battery die, reset, still the same thing. i just want to reset it and get my music back on. any ideas?
  3. ipodgod03

    ipod cant start up

  4. ipodgod03

    iPod Touch Questions

    i figured there should be a place to post questions you have about the new iPod touch. ill start it off, i have not yet seen the video of the event so i have a question about the features that might be different than recent ipods. 1. Can you take notes in the new ipod? 2. Can you make changes (add/delete events) in the calendar?
  5. ipodgod03

    iPhone Hardware Unlocked

    auction is down now. he wont get much for it anyway because its that great of a thing. people have already come out with software unlocks now.
  6. ipodgod03

    DVD ripper

    can someone recommend a good DVD ripper? besides mactheripper because i dont really like it.
  7. ipodgod03

    MBP vs car

    yeah, dont think my macbook would hold up as well
  8. ipodgod03

    MBP vs car

    anyone else see this? http://www.redflagdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=477582
  9. ipodgod03

    DVD ripper

    not too crazy about handbrake either. im going to try out DVD Ripper for mac. it costs money but i like the interface
  10. ipodgod03

    How do I unplug the nano 2G dock connector?

    cant you just squeeze the sides in and pull it out?
  11. ipodgod03

    keychain HELP

    im reinstalling OSX, how can i keep all my keychains. i backed up onto an external but last time i reinstalled it didnt keep my keychains.
  12. ipodgod03

    Mac Notebook Tune-Up

    just get iklear, its the stuff they use in the apple store and you can buy it there for $20. comes with cloth, spray, travel wipes, and some other cloth.
  13. ipodgod03

    sooooo slowwwww

    all apps extremely slow starting up and shutting down. battery seems to be dying fast and overheating (more than usual). also safari has been freezing up and shutting down a lot. any ideas? just started happening
  14. ipodgod03

    sooooo slowwwww

    i wish mine would!!! thats the only thing that hasnt gone wrong with it
  15. ipodgod03

    sooooo slowwwww

    i got the cds. how can i save all my keychains on my external though?
  16. ipodgod03

    sooooo slowwwww

    yeah, but im at school and my cd's are at home
  17. ipodgod03

    sooooo slowwwww

    i was afraid you were going to say that
  18. ipodgod03

    sooooo slowwwww

    havent changed anything, no new software or updates. and there are no new updates to do. i got an error yesterday saying that my startup disk is full and there is no application memory. any solutions? i was running one application and i hae 20 gigs left on my harddrive and 2 gigs of memory
  19. ipodgod03

    sooooo slowwwww

    2 gigs of ram... there is hesitation to everything i do. even when i push the volume buttons it takes around 10 seconds to actually recognize that im doing it.
  20. ipodgod03

    iPod and Jogging

    oh, i run at the gym
  21. ipodgod03

    Cursor hesitation on MacBook Pro

    its probably not going to be anything to do with what software or the "specs" on your MBP. my guess is its just a delay with the actual trackpad recognizing it at first.
  22. ipodgod03

    iLife 08' won't install on MacBook Pro

    probably a dumb question on my part but.... have you run all the software updates? my friend has a MBP and he rarely uses it and when he went to update ilife 08 i guess he got error messages and then after he updated the software it as fine. just ordered my copy of ilife and iwork and ihope it doesnt happen with mine
  23. ipodgod03

    iPod and Jogging

    i use shure earbuds when i run and they work perfectly. i assume almost any earbud style should work but i like the shures because of the quality and noise cancellation they give.
  24. ipodgod03

    New iMac + keyboard August 7

    all right all right, i was wrong. i guess the keyboard is more realistic than i thought (completely surprised). i havent used it yet but if its anything like my macbook keyboard (seems like it is) i will probably have to buy one. I just got the wireless keyboard not too long ago but now i might have to get this.
  25. ipodgod03

    Windows Vista Home Premium

    what? vista has problems? nah, i dont believe it. and no support? unheard of