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  1. brycebrycebaby

    Sick MacBook

    ok, quick update here. After some screwing around, I can now reliably boot the Macbook. The weird thing is, I have to push the power button down for a few seconds until the front light blinks. After that, I get a horrible sound from the speakers but then it boots right up like nothing was wrong. I think holding the power button like that resets the firmware? That only kinda sounds familiar. Any trouble shooting advice or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Bryce
  2. brycebrycebaby

    Sick MacBook

    Hey Maccasters, Recently, I spilled a drink onto the keyboard of my macbook. It wasn't a lot of liquid, but any is bad right? I expected many sparks and a great fire. I didn't get that. Instead, it worked perfect for another few hours. When I came back to it a little later, I had lost the functions of the u key, the right shift key and enter. That was weird so I turned it off. When I tried to turn it back on, it would chime like it was ready to boot, but then immediately turn off. I thought that maybe there was some latent liquid in there so I let it sit out while we've had 100 degree weather here all week. I think it's safe to say it's dry. For clarity, I posted a video: I'm a software guy, not a hardware guy and I'm not 100% convinced the macbook is dead. Could someone who is more versed in the ways of hardware opine on what they think is going on and maybe some trouble shooting tips? Thanks a lot in advance, Bryce
  3. brycebrycebaby

    1st gen iPhone with 2.0 software

    Looking at the 1st gen iPhone, is apple locking up the PayGo plans with the 2.0 software? Could someone conceivably pop their current SIM card (from a regular old flip phone) into a 1st gen iPhone and have it work? Thanks, Bryce
  4. brycebrycebaby

    php5 on leopard

    Gotta love the mac cast forum! Thanks guys. I did have the session_start() method initialized and everything programatic seemed to be there. It turned out it was the session.auto_start() method in the php.ini file. Default is set to 0 (off) when it should be set to 1. What a pain. Thanks a lot for your help and getting me back on track. Bryce
  5. brycebrycebaby

    php5 on leopard

    Hey Mac Geeks, Rather than blame my own coding skills, I'm going right for the jugular of leopard's php installation. Has anyone been using the default installation for coding php? Are you finding that sessions are not being stored? I can't get the sessions or cookies to remain longer than one page at a time. It feels like a php.ini issue, but everything looks good. Just curious if anyone else is having similar experiences. Thanks, Bryce
  6. brycebrycebaby

    Boot Problem: Blue Screen of Death on Mac?!?

    I have a Logitech headset (used for skype). It's usb based. I unplugged it and still got the same error. I forgot I have ShapeShifter too from Unsanity. How do I rescue the system if this is the error? Thanks, Bryce
  7. Hey Mac Geeks, I'm having a weird problem with my intel iMac 2.0 GhZ 2GB Ram purchased in January '07. I upgraded to Leopard in October and have been good about updates. When I turn on the power button, I get the chime, but then it stops booting and sits on a blue screen. My mouse will appear for a few seconds, then disappear. The screen displays the little rotating gear for a few seconds then disappears again to show the mouse. I've tried several things that I hoped would fix the problem: 1) Reset the NVRAM. It worked (I got both chimes) but didn't cure the problem. 2) Booted in safe mode (holding shift). I got passed the blue screen but it hung when I tried to log in. 3) Boot in verbose mode (cmd. v). Lots of text flew by, but there was no way to capture it. Still got the blue screen. 4) Single user mode. Didn't know what to do at the command line. 5) I have a firewire drive with OS X Server 10.4.11 installed. (that's how I'm posting this). Boots fine. I can hold the option key at boot up and it reconizes the iMac's hard drive (iMac) and the Firewire Drive. a) while booted in OS X Server, I ran the disk utility and ran verify disk. It passed. ran repair disk in disk utility and it said no repairs necessary. I'm all out of ideas now. It "feels" like a software issue but I can't figure out how to cure it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get passed this blue screen of death? I'm on skype at brycebrycebaby. Thanks in advance, Bryce
  8. brycebrycebaby

    Leopard Mail Issue

    Hey Mac Geeks, The Mail app that came with Leopard is constantly crashing and I can't get it to stop. I could really use some help right now. I made a To-Do item while I was offline from an email in my inbox. I deleted the email in my inbox and then went online. I now get the following error message: An infinite loop is created and I see a few (~20) copies of the To-Do item copy to the "on my mac" folder before it crashes. I can take it offline and the app becomes stable again. I've tried moving the message I deleted back to my inbox as well as deleting the to-do item but the loop keeps occurring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bryce
  9. brycebrycebaby

    Leopard and iLife?

    I guess it was my misunderstanding, but I thought the new iLife came with the new OS. Leopard is certainly cool with all the upgraded features, but probably not worth upgrading for since most of the whizz-bang apps don't come included. With the quick look feature, I can access using the drop down menu or by hitting the space bar, but it doesn't have the eyeball icon that the book shows. No big whoop, but I wondered if it was a common problem. Bryce
  10. brycebrycebaby

    Leopard and iLife?

    I installed leopard twice: once by selecting upgrade in the installer and once by doing an erase and install. Both times I've had a couple of errors: 1) my finder does not have the little eyeball for quickview that I see in the manual. 2) iLife is not updated. Does Leopard come with the new iLife? Thanks, Bryce
  11. brycebrycebaby

    MacBook iSight problem

    I'm fairly confident that the iSight problem on our macbooks is coming from the 10.4.10 update. I recently screwed up my system pretty good and had no problems with the camera. Word of warning though: it's probably better to wait for Tiger to come out rather than try to roll back your system to 10.4.9 Bryce
  12. brycebrycebaby

    Roll back an OS X Software Update

    Thanks for your help guys. One word of warning: as soon as you trash your system folder, nothing works. You can boot into the OS X installer from the CD by holding the C key down after you hit the power button. I ran an archive and install which saved all my user settings and worked fine. Except that it was 10.4.10 again. So then I did an erase and install. Oops. I think the best bet is to remove the system folder, then choose the repair an existing installation button when in the OS X installer menu. Would this just replace the system folder? At any rate, Carbon Copy Cloner saved my bacon. After the erase and install, I refreshed from a backup I had and everything is now great. Interestingly, after I did the erase and install my iSight worked great. I really think it was the 10.4.10 update. thanks again, Bryce
  13. brycebrycebaby

    Roll back an OS X Software Update

    Hey Mac Geeks, I vaguely remember Adam covering a software update topic in a past mac cast and now I can't find it. When I updated from 10.4.9 to 10.4.10, the iSight in my macbook quit working. There was an application called USB Prober that was updated in that update and I'm pretty sure it ruined the connection to my iSight. To be sure, I'd like to roll back to 10.4.9 but I don't want to reinstall the entire OS just for an experiment. Is there an easy way to roll back? Thanks in advance, Bryce
  14. brycebrycebaby

    MacBook iSight problem

    After looking into this more in depth, I think the isight problem comes from the 10.4.10 update. Looking at the the system profiler application a software program called USB Prober was updated on the same day I updated to 10.4.10. Since the iSight camera is controlled via the USB controller, I think it has something to do with that update. Does anyone know more about the application USB Prober or how to undo a system update without re-installing the whole OS? Thanks, Bryce
  15. brycebrycebaby

    MacBook iSight problem

    I'm having the same problem with the iSight in my macBook. It gives me the same error, then I reset the PMU and like magic it works again. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Bryce