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  1. Hi Craig, Thanks for the help. I will try this out. Many thanks Steve
  2. mooner25

    itunes can' read ipod

    If you have installed iTunes7 then you should have a page which shows you ipod info including an option to restore the ipod. ????
  3. Hi Although i love the Maccast podcast (and others), all of the Podcast authors i have on my iPod appear in my Artist list on my iPod. I find this a little irritating since i dont access my Podcasts in this way. Does anyone know what to do to keep the Podcast authors out of the Artist list? I would be grateful for your help.
  4. mooner25

    Comparing Headphones

    Hi I have a pair of sony MDR J20 earclip earphones which are not good quality but good for the gym etc. as they don't fall off. For home i have PX200's which sound detailled with good balance. I can wear them for hours at a time without problem. My freind has the Shure's E2C at around 90 of your dollars. They have a full sound for an in ear option, although the in ear option will always be weak at the bottom end. I guess you have to rationalise the trade-off between size, sound and of course price. Enjoy your music...
  5. mooner25

    iTunes Lyrics/Artwork - 8/24/06 show

    Hi, I attempted this solution for Lyrics and artwork and I found it a little hit and miss for both Lyrics and artwork, although I do have some unusual tracks. It maybe my ADSL connection but Sing that itune did lockup on a track and would not keep up as the song changed. Something to note after installing itunes7 last night i found many of the artworks I had recovered with STiT had been lost :-(. I am not sure if this is supposed to happen or if this can be prevented from happening but it is worth bearing in mind. However I have recovered a huge amount of artwork thru "Get Album Artwork" function in iTunes, it took around 30 mins for 3,500 songs but it has worked well. I must say that I like the iTunes7 alot. It has seperated the library into music, podcasts etc. which is great for me as it looks clean and tidy. Also the views are nice with intergrated coverflow (thanks Adam as I had this before) and the sort by Album art. For me a big improvement by Apple.
  6. mooner25

    Mac Virgin

    Hi All, Thanks for the comments. I am very happy with my MacBook and everything about the OSX. I have yet to find anything irritating and thouroughly enjoy using it everyday. Intergration, software, appearance, user freindly, fun and it does work nicely. For example I like the way when you incorrectly log in with the wrong password the dialogue just shakes instead of telling you off for being a numbnut! Thanks for the warning about the pull down menu at the top that changes, I have adapted very well. I actually like it alot becasue I immediately know which window or app is active. Genius. The only downside is becasue it is seemless and does things very well I am worried it is smarter than me and will take over. I suppose that would be ok if it pays my mortgage!! Happy Maccing.
  7. mooner25

    White versus Black MacBooks

    Hi Doc, I recevied my white MacBook last week which is great. Have not done much else but play around with it. I agree with you i would have ordered a white one even I had ordered the 2.0GHZ model. Like you i think the white is cool and it matched my ipod. I can also find it easily in the dark. Mooner
  8. mooner25

    MacBook to TV connection

    I have a CRT TV which i would like to occasionally use as my MacBook monitor. Although I have checked around online I am unable to find a cable which will allow me to do this. I would appreciate direction on this one. Cheers
  9. mooner25

    Mac Virgin

    Cheers for the responses and advice. I'm sure i will bore my colleagues at work when i say my mac does it better than windows. Although i cannot see our IT guys switching form Windows. They struggle enough as it is with one OS let alone learning another... lol. Thanks
  10. mooner25

    Mac Virgin

    Dear All Bored with working with windows based PC's since the 80's and using windows at home I took myself off to the Apple Store last week. There i touched a Mac for the very first time and after some great help from the guys in the store I ordered a MacBook which i eagerly await delivery of. My hope is that the MacBook will be something that is fun and helps me do the things I want to do. If it is as intuitive as my IPod and Itunes then I will be very happy. Whilst I know it will take me some time to get the hang of the OS and the Mac "way" from what I have seen it should not be long before I am flying. I know that if I was waiting for the Dell laptop (that was my alternative) my heart would sink as soon as I heard the windows start up tune. This would be akin to buying a new peice of office furniture. My great thanks to MacCast podcast guys and sites like this for all the great info and help on offer. A very excited Mac Virgin