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  1. I had this problem once, but I don't remember how I resolved it. I think I had to go into disk utility and partition it or something in that realm. -drivec
  2. Actually, I heard of Serenity after I saw the Pilot on DVD in "The Genesis Room". I saw it and was intrigued.
  3. drivec

    Blue Sun Firefly/Serenity

    Howdy everyone, I have a large Blue Sun Firefly T-Shirt That I am selling for $20.00. Brand New, large white t-shirt. Has the Serenity Logo Underneath the Chinese Characters. Contact cameronporcaro@gmail.com for more info, such as pictures and shipping. -drivec
  4. I am a severe Browncoat. I totally freaked when Adam said that he had seen it when he got it on DVD and loved it. I just wanted to see How many Browncoats are out there. Stay Shiny! -drivec
  5. drivec

    Spot on my PowerBook's LCD!

    My friend has had this type of thing happen behind her screen on her Motorola RAZR, You should call apple to see what they say. I guess since you don't have AppleCare, you might just have to live with it unless you absolutely need to.
  6. drivec

    Change Startup Chime

    What blows my mind is why it defaults on the G5 quads to the internal speaker. Been trying to fix that for a while now.
  7. drivec

    iTunes New icon?

    I had my icon changed to blue until now, but the new one is kinda bulkier. I like change, though...
  8. drivec

    Mac Book Pro DOA

    I've done worse. What was I talking about? ---java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_4') drivec I've done worse. What was I talking about? * ---java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_4') drivec
  9. drivec

    Help My Keyboard Wont Work!!!

    How are you typing? lol. But seriously, It would help if you just get a cheap Mac Keyboard.
  10. drivec

    The Ultimate Mac Keyboard Shortcut List

    I've always feared Stephen Hawkings would get stuck in my Mac. No wonder why it is so fast! you can hit Command+~ after you hit command+tab to go left. -drivec
  11. drivec

    Hilarious Mac Ad Spoofs, all well done.

    "Well, you couldn't play games online without me!" Kinda caught me of guard. Next time warn me if there is bad language. My mom was just about to come in the office. -drivec
  12. drivec

    Bye bye backlight!!!

    I have had the same problem. I turn off the backlight at night when I don't need it and then have to turn on a light and flip over just to see it. I am going to mod mine to work. Thanks ipodman. -drivec
  13. drivec

    Should be simple.. Remove podcast file

    Apple has a lot of things that haven't been fully put together yet. They can only improve on everything.
  14. drivec


    Yes, but there is some ethical limitations due to the whole "it is stealing" thing. Take it how you want it. If you are legally downloading online flashes you can always use Safari and make the .html to .swf. I do it in Homestarrunner.com and other sites to make it full screen or download onto your computer. This doesn't work on all sites. In other cases you can download Snapz Pro x. This records videos of your screen (and of selections of the screen). I have used this once to get the "original" Numa Numa from newgrounds due to it's flash format. I later used Compressor, a part of the Final Cut Studio Suite, to make it into iPod format. I hope this has been a help! -drivec
  15. drivec

    Looking up a word...

    Dictionary or Dictionary.com? -drivec