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  1. Hey Mac Geeks, I'm a life long Mac geek (IIFX, G3, iBook, iMac, MacBookPro) and member of a web services company in Annapolis, MD. We have a good mix of designers and developers and have come up with some cool website apps for some major players over the years. We decided to put it all together in a service that would enable designers to design, build and maintain their websites without developers, back-end IT, hardware, software, etc. If you currently design a website to Photoshop, and then hand it off, you can now take back the business you're losing. If you can work with CSS, you can edit and maintain all the Web, Print, and Email styles on your live, dynamic websites. If you want a faster, easier way to launch your next website, please check us out. Agency of Record is a service you can build a business on. Go to: http://www.agencyofrecord.com and check out the "Tour", view the videos. Thanks for looking! Sincerely, Rob PS. Nothing wrong with developers or IT. Just want to give fellow designers a leg up!