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  1. If you still want to poke around with Apache... I wonder if your WebServer is really running? The Terminal command: ps -alx | grep httpd should show some httpd (apache) processes: [HiMac:~] user% ps -alx | grep httpd 0 4666 1 4 0 31 0 2702080 2332 - Ss 93f7060 ?? 0:00.13 httpd 70 4667 4666 104 0 31 0 2702080 680 - S 93f9310 ?? 0:00.00 httpd 0 4727 1 4004 0 31 0 2701044 3848 - Ss 93f8c20 ?? 0:00.16 /usr/sbin/httpd -D FOREGROUND 70 4731 4727 104 0 31 0 2701044 684 - S 6bf12b0 ?? 0:00.00 /usr/sbin/httpd -D FOREGROUND 501 4771 4761 4002 0 31 0 599820 468 - S+ 93f5940 ttys003 0:00.00 grep httpd [HiMac:~] user% If not, then apache isn't running. In addition, lsof should show httpd listening on port 80. "lsof | grep httpd | grep TCP" is a good way to find that, but you'll need to be logged in as root via "sudo -s" for lsof to work. sudo -s bash-3.2# lsof | grep httpd | grep TCP httpd 4666 root 4u IPv4 0xde5ae64 0t0 TCP *:8080 (LISTEN) httpd 4667 _www 4u IPv4 0xde5ae64 0t0 TCP *:8080 (LISTEN) httpd 4727 root 3u IPv6 0x69944bc 0t0 TCP *:8080 (LISTEN) httpd 4727 root 4u IPv4 0xa880a68 0t0 TCP *:* (CLOSED) httpd 4731 _www 3u IPv6 0x69944bc 0t0 TCP *:8080 (LISTEN) httpd 4731 _www 4u IPv4 0xa880a68 0t0 TCP *:* (CLOSED) bash-3.2# (Note, my WebServer listens on port 8080 instead of 80 because I edited /etc/apache2/httpd.config to make it 8080.) The webserver (apache) logs by default go into /var/log/apache2, but that location can be changed in the file /etc/apache2/httpd.conf file, if you've customized it.
  2. car1son

    Defrag to stop beach balls?

    Did you get beachballs when you booted from the clone on the external drive ?
  3. car1son

    Leopard, Flip camera

    Dagnabit. After installing the 10.5.5 update, I can't empty my Flip from my Mac anymore.
  4. car1son

    Leopard, Flip camera

    My cheap Flip video camera plugs into a USB 2 port, mounts as a FAT16 disk drive, and allows me to copy AVI files from it onto my Mac. Under OS X 10.4 Panther, I could then remove all the videos (using Finder select all and drag to trash) and unmount the drive, freeing the camera's memory for the next trip. Under 10.5 Leopard, I can't delete files. Finder reports an Error, and it appears the file system is Read-Only. The Flip "drive" is partitioned as DOS Master Boot Record and formated FAT16. Leopard's Disk Utility (and Finder and everything else on the Mac) categorizes the media as "read only" while Panther's Disk Utility reports Read/Write. While the Flip camera lets me delete a video, it's one-at-a-time and really time-consuming to clean out a whole day's clips. Cleaning the whole thing from the Mac was both convienent and logical after copying to the Mac. Is this a new restriction on the DOS partition scheme or FAT16 file system in Leopard ?
  5. Check Ssytem Preferences / Sharing to make sure Web Sharing is still enabled. Check System Preferences / Firewall to make sure Web Sharing is open. Note you can usually use for your machine's local IP. Check the Apache server log (in /var/log/apache2/error_log and access_log). In Terminal "sudo tail -100 /var/log/apache2/error_log" to look for error reports.
  6. car1son

    Strange Black Box Outlines

    That looks a bit like the Voice-Over box (but not exactly as it shows for me.) System Preferences / Universal Devices. If it's on, you can turn off VoiceOver, or, if you want the voiceover but not the box, Open Voiceover Utility and disable the "voiceover cursor" under "Visuals".
  7. car1son

    Can't log in

    Your Mail is in the "Mail" folder in your home folder's Library folder. Your Address Book is in the "AddressBook" folder in your "Application Support" folder in your home Library folder. Quit both Mail and Address Book before copying these folders.
  8. You could, but you'll need to host them someplace on the web (such as photobucket.com or a MobileMe account.) Have you tried making "Test" an admin ?
  9. I haven't found that to be the case. Last time I did first boot of a brand new Mac, I followed instructions in the setup dialog and made me the first account. I later created the admin account and de-admin'd myself. Worked for me. I'm not sure which 10.4.x the iMac came with, though. I'm currently looking at my 10.5.5 and 10.4.11 Users prefpanes, and after authenticating from my (non-admin) user account with the padlock, I see I can't de-admin my one Admin account (The check-box is greyed out. Though I could make another user account into an admin account.) As an experiment, I made a different user account into an Admin account - and then the option to remove the Admin privs from the old Admin account became active. Apparently OSX won't let me de-admin my last Admin. I found this to be true of both 10.5.5 and 10.4.11 (though on 10.4.11, I had to re-authenticate as the new Admin account as soon as I de-Admin's the old one - which seems to be what you are doing?) Since you have a 2nd Admin account already, I don't know why it won't let you do what it lets me do. Have you tried toggling the Admin privs on the new admin account, just to make sure it "took" properly.
  10. car1son

    ISIS/Draw needs Classic

    FWIW, I found that I could open/mount the 7.5 smi on my PPC Mac using OS X 10.4, but not with my Intel Mac running 10.5. (I think it's the OS, not the processor, that matters.) But, I think ithonicfury has the right idea...
  11. car1son


    Echo that. I don't use an anitvirus on my Mac. No serious threats in the wild at this time. A few years ago, McAfee gave away their Virex Mac A/V for free to .Mac subscribers (now known as MobileMe subscribers.) It was a CPU and memory hog, a worse than useless pain in the butt (and had a tendency to delete your entire Entourage database, which, ironically, is probably worse than any virus would do to you.) Remember when you read a news article such as "More Virus Writers Now Targeting Macs" ( http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,278254,00.html ) that the source for these stories are the A/V companies, and they have an agenda to sell A/V programs. It's not that I believe Macs are imune, just that there's no significant threat at this time. A/V programs only protect against known threats - so running an A/V when there are no known threats is a waste.
  12. car1son

    Defrag to stop beach balls?

    Have you taken a look at CPU usage, Memory usage, and Disk usage in the Activity Monitor ? Maybe some App's hogging a lot of RAM on you, and forcing a lot of swapping. If Activity Monitor shows a lot of CPU usage during these beachballs, then you can identify the process. If it shows a lot of Disk usage, it's probably swapping and you should look for memory hogs. Also, check /var/log/system.log (with Terminal or the Console utility) to see if anything is going nuts. (Example, I noticed in system.log last month that my Wacom tablet driver was constantly aborting and being restarted by Launch Services. I re-installed the software to clear that up. No idea what provoked it, maybe an OS update busted something.) Also, if you've set your hard drive (internal or external) to spin down to save energy, you'll get a lot of beachballs when waiting for it to spin up again. Check the "Energy Saver" System Preference pane. That would only happen after some inactivity, though, not all the time. I'm not a believer in defragging. OS X is supposed to do some background defragging on its own. I'm sure it has advocates, I'm just not one of them. And to the "cluttered Desktop" question from the other thread... when I put 10,000 files on my desktop, my Leopard-running iMac noticably bogs down. I think Finder is trying to re-render all the icons everytime I move anything on the screen. But for any reasonable number of files on the desktop (<100), I can't imagine it causing a noticable performance hit. But, it shouldn't be hard to clean it off and check for sure.
  13. car1son

    Please Help Me

    Any new metal added to the house? New insulation, wiring, or even an appliance ? Has the orientation of the router's antenna's been changed? It's also possible there's new interference from a new appliance, such as another wireless router or wireless phone (either him, or even a neighbor.) Try changing the channel of the router (instructions depend on brand. Check user manual.) As I recall, the original Apple Airport card (802.11b variety) use an external antenna built into the powerbook/ibook, that plugs into the Airport card during installation. You might have your cousin revisit the card installation instructions to pop open the iBook and check that the antenna plug hasn't popped loose.
  14. car1son

    Safari want to use Login Keychain?

    Safari usually only askes for Keychain access when visiting a page that has a form or password to fill in (Because it stores the passwords in the Keychain.) If you open Safari's Preferences and go to the Autofill tab, uncheck all the boxes there. That will keep Safari from trying to fill in any web forms (which, presumably, you're doing with 1Password. I've never used that) and should mean it doesn't need to access your Keychain anymore.
  15. car1son

    ISIS/Draw needs Classic

    Yeah, Bootcamp partitions aren't backed up by Apple software. I've never backed up my Bootcamp partition; I figure I'd just re-install Windows if I needed to. But then, I don't have any actual data files stores on that partition, just Windows and some applications I could reinstall if necessary. I haven't used SheepSaver, but if I understand the documentation correctly, it doesn't want to flash your Intel Mac's ROM. It just wants the PPC ROM file to load with the emulator and MacOS9 so it can run. (Looks like you can enter that path to the ROM file from Memory tab of the SheepSaver GUI.) The PPC ROM code is essential to running Mac OS 9 (or Mac OS 7 or OS 8.) But, they can't include the ROM code with the SheepSaver distribution because it's proprietary to Apple. However, a backup is wise when running new stuff. Actually, it's wise when running old stuff, too. Let us know how if this works for you.
  16. car1son

    Desktop Crashing Finder

    May I assume you are running OS X ? Have you tried opening a Finder window (Command-N) and then navigating to your Desktop within that Window, using List view to make it simpler? You may be able to manipulate the files better that way. The Desktop shows up as just another Folder under your Home folder. If that doesn't work for you, I can suggest a Terminal command: Launch the Terminal Application (you should find it in the Utilities folder) and copy and paste these two lines into the Terminal window and hit Return: mkdir ~/Documents/FilesFromMyDesktop find ~/Desktop -type f -depth 1 -exec mv {} ~/Documents/FilesFromMyDesktop \; That should do it, moving all the files from your Desktop to a folder "FilesFromMyDesktop" in your Documents folder. I presume once you've got them in another folder you won't have the same problem manipulating them with Finder. It's best to copy & paste rather than trying to retype them, to make sure all the spacing and special characters come out right. Of course, a good backup is always advisable before running incomprehensible Terminal commands provided by strangers of unknown skills through message boards. BTW, As an experiment, I tried putting 9999 files on my Desktop. It took Finder about 5 minutes to get the icons all drawn, but once it did, I was able to select them all in Finder (with Command-A) and drag them off. Maybe I just have more RAM or a different OS rev. (OS X 10.5.5, 2.4GHz iMac, 4GB RAM)
  17. car1son

    ISIS/Draw needs Classic

    What's the class, ancient history ? If you're using the Intel Mac described in your sig, you can't run Classic under any OS X release. ( http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2253?viewlocale=en_US ) If you have an older PPC Mac, you might be able install OS 9 and use dual boot to run OS 9 stand alone (requires the OS 9 drivers were installed when you partitioned the HD, and a supported Mac model.) You could try using SheepSaver ( http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...9&lsrc=osxh ). I haven't, but it's supposed to run OS 9 on an Intel platform.
  18. car1son

    Having iTunes Library on a External Drive

    Off the top of my head (and without actually trying it out myself) I'd suggest preemptively creating the iTunes music folder and set your access to null and lock it, too. (Do that with Finder's "Get Info", command-I, under "Sharing & Permissions" section of the dialog.) I'd expect that would prevent iTunes from making the new music folder and give you an error (forcing you to relaunch iTunes, probably.) Is there a setting in iTunes that lets you not launch iTunes when the iPhone is inserted? I know there's a check-box option for each iPod, but I don't have an iPhone to verify the same option is available for them.
  19. car1son

    audiobooks on ipod

    I would guess that the problem is related to how you are sorting the playlist that contains the audi book's track, and (if you're sorting by title) how the tracks got named (presumaby set automagically by iTunes based on the CDDB.) I assume the tracks play in iTunes in the order they are listed in the playlist. What is your playlist sorting option? (Which column title is hilited?) What do the track names look like? Example: (This list is sorted by track name): (If Track # and Disc # aren't visible, you can add them to the playlist view with "View Options..." from the View menu.)
  20. car1son

    iTunes 8

    I like that now, when you select multiple tracks and Get Info to edit the track information, there are more fields that can be bulk edited now (such as the name or season# of a TV show, or just changing some vids kind from a Movie to a TV Show.) I suppose I can toss those Applescripts I wrote now.
  21. car1son

    iTunes 8

    I used to have this problem even when browsing by Composer under the old iTunes. My problem was some tracks had the composer as "Beethoven", and some "Ludwig van Beethoven" and some "Beethoven, Ludwig van". I finally just selected them all and used the info dialog to make them all the latter (to me, it makes sense to alphabetize under composer surname name, but I throw in the given name(s) for the Strausses and Bachs of the world. Wouldn't want to mix my JS with PDQ, after all!)
  22. philk, Is Dreamweaver using FTP to access the remote site? If so, make sure to set your Dreamweaver FTP settings to use "Passive FTP". PASV FTP mode makes it possible to get around the problem firewalled systems and NAT-routers have with accepting inbound connections. http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewConten...sliceId=2#prefs
  23. car1son

    Movie Exposure

    iMovie6HD also has a "Color Adjust" tool under VideoFx, and depending on your OS, there's a Quartz Composer sub-tool for Gamma, Saturate, and White Point adjustments.
  24. Doesn't Text Edit's Format>Make Plain Text menu choice clean things up? Also, when I Copy text from the Opera browser ( http://www.opera.com/ ) and Paste into Text Edit, I get plain text in the default style. I dunno why. (Opera is my default browser.)
  25. Yeah, I saw that ad during the Giants-Redskins game... kind of puzzling just what the message is. "The Future. Delicious." ?