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  1. Hi! Quick question thats been annoying me endlessly. How can I change the default kyboard shortcut keys for actions in Safari like "back" or "new tab" or "move back 1 tab" etc. etc. This is pretty much the only reason I havent left Opera for Safari yet... (Firefox just doesnt do it for me)
  2. cadiddle

    Using automator to find duplicate files

    Thanks a lot! Thats exactly what i was looking for ...i checked out automator.us but couldnt find one but this is it!! Now, Ive downloaded the "compare.action" file...now...where do i put it ? :wink: Thanks again!
  3. Hi! I have a task that I think automator should be able to handle but I cant find the right commands to do it... I have 2 folders, each with hundreds of picture files in them... Most of these pictures are duplicates but I would like to find out if there are any pictures in folder A that are not in folder B... The pictures that are duplicates have the exact same name in both folders so it should be possible to ask automator to find all the files in Folder A that are not also found in folder B Any help would be greatly appreciated...I've spent some time now fiddling with this and cant find a solution