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  1. jkish2

    iBook G3/G4 12" LCD Panel

    Currently looking for a replacement LCD Panel for my 12" iBook G4. Display must be crisp, bright and have as few superficial imperfections as possible. Must also be within a reasonable price range. Please see this example at PBFixit for more details.
  2. jkish2

    New mac user looking for tutorials and good mac sites

    If you picked up a copy of the .Mac subscription, you can find some really good, basic tutorials on the Learning Center web page. There are also some more advanced topics offered, but it really all depends on what your looking for.
  3. jkish2

    Does Apple offer tours?

    I'm actually in Cupertino visiting Apple at the moment, but no public tours of the campus are offered for security reasons. The general public can get into the Company Store though and make purchases.
  4. jkish2

    OS X for Intel Cracked

    This might actually now be the case, as the Developer Preview of Mac OS X for Intel Processors is just that, a Developer Preview. Currently all of the hardware that is supplied for development purposes, as well as the operating system itself, does not have the DRM that Apple plans on including. Needless to say, this probably won't last long and will definitely go by the way side once Apple releases the final version of Mac OS X for Intel Processors.
  5. jkish2

    [Review] Alarm Clock 1.1

    Hello, If you get a moment, be sure to check out a new widget called Alarm Clock that's been added to Apple's downloads website. I've already tried it out and this thing absolutely rocks! You can even see the Volume Slider in iTunes move all by itself. Thanks, Jayson Kish Simplicity In Poetic Design
  6. jkish2


    No offense, but I think you might just have a little too much time on your hands. But on the other hand, it's definitely entertaining none the less!
  7. jkish2

    Vintage Mac Users

    One of the Mac User Groups in my area actually accepts old machines, working or not, restores them and gives them out to some of the less fortunate people trying to get back on their feet. My first Mac was a first generation iBook G3 (Blueberry 300 MHz), which I had sold just last year to a fellow up in Canada. It was a great machine, one that I will always remember, but I couldn't see it just lying around after I got my new iBook G4 (12" Late 2004). Since then I also fixed up and sold a Power Macintosh 8600/200 with a Sonnet Crescendo PCI G4 Processor Upgrade card, running Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar and I'm currently working on a Macintosh Quadra 900 that will probably suffer the same fate. Have to say that despite all of these, my favorite model that I still currently own is my Macintosh Classic II, which I still use regularly. Which kinda reminds me, does anyone still have a copy of the original Oregon Trail that will work with an Apple II emulator?
  8. jkish2

    Move not copy files

    Don't think of it as correcting you, but more like just verifying the information.
  9. jkish2

    Move not copy files

    Actually "Command+Option" while dragging creates an Alias. :wink:
  10. jkish2

    grouping songs in itunes

    The "Advanced" menu is correct, but it appears that joining the tracks is only possible if selected before importing the files to you library. A quick search of the iTunes Help documentation for "join" found a Knowledge Base article concerning this.
  11. jkish2

    MSN Messenger 5.0 for Mac released

    I agree about the appearence, I've seen much better in my travels. One thing that I wish to have is the ability to hide the Tabs, as I don't have nor will be needing a Corporate account.
  12. jkish2

    converting microsoft word pc to mac

    TextEdit also has the ability to open, edit and save Microsoft Word formatted documents as well. Just a little trick that, I'm finding, not many people know about. :wink:
  13. jkish2

    working at the Apple store

    Hello, Well the first thing on the road to becoming a Mac Genius would be to pick up a copy of the AppleCare Technician Training course that Apple offers for purchase from their website. This will give you one full year of access to the Technician Training portion of the Service Source website where you will learn all the skills and technical details on how to properly service Apple products. Upon completing the training course you will then be able to take you certification exams (3 in total) which will put you on the right path to becoming a Mac Genuis. As far as having to live in California to be eligable, I know this personally to be false. As far as needing a technical degree, I believe it's not mandatory. Thanks, Jayson Kish Simplicity In Poetic Design
  14. jkish2

    Installer Pain

    QuarkXPress... Need I say more! :wink:
  15. Well that kinda sucks, but then again we're not sure if we'll even have the money for the trip and the laptop at this point anyway. Sounds like they've had a really overwhelming response after all. :wink: