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    Wallpaper change automatically with weather / time

    Try to contact Leo Laporte via e-mail here his site: http://leoville.com/ I am 100% sure he knows , the app was mentioned in recent NETcast
  2. System unable to reboot after install, stalls on blue screen 4ever, if you like the pain of loosing all, go ahead....
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    Pdf guide of PSU replacement for Power Mac G4 (gigabit)

    Gotcha !!! oh yeah...gotcha all... I let my case rest, just look to the response of this bogus sale !!! an compare to the response for support (any kind) to the original request... http://forum.maccast.com/index.php?showtopic=8689 It is a clear example of what I mean, the Mac community is great (in some cases) do no get me wrong, and to set the record clear I HAVE NOTHING FOR SALE, specially something that is "freely avaliable" (with a lot of search and research, following a lot of dead links, and trying to interprete no so clear instructions i.e.: somebody saying "that 22 pin issue" and continuing without explaining such important aspect of the ATX mod to a Mac), yes for the interested one it took me about 60 days (God knows exactly how many hours), and 2 donated PSU's, but the one that made the trick was the one that was powering my PC (sacrificed) running windows 98 (RIP)... I truly respect this forum and I apologize if I ofended anyone, I AM here to learn , thanks again for the teachings... BEN
  4. To follow iTunes example only 99 cents each, PM for details
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    Help pls, to fix Powermac G4

    I am stuck using an old pc running win 98, and experimenting with a Linux distro (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS), because the power supply of my powermac G4 is dead, money is the problem, so, if someone is willing to help me to get that part it will be a blessing, the item is described in a video and in a webpage that I made, here are the links..and Thanks in advance for your support..Ben YOU TUBE VIDEO GOOGLE http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...643299362&hl=en _______________________________________________________ web pages geocities http://www.geocities.com/nimajnebalaya/HEL...OWERMAC_G4.html aol hometown http://hometown.aol.com/jaconamichmx/HELP_...POWERMAC_64.htm
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    Help pls, to fix Powermac G4

    Nevermind the details, I listen to suggestions like the one I quote above, then wasting 2 PSU's (donated by PC users) and after a lot of reading and search and research I was able to install an ATX power supply on my PowerMac G4 Gigabite, so thanks to the Pc user community for the support (and parts donated) and to the Mac community I really was expecting more :-( Anyways, turns that the unit installed that is powering my Mac came from the same PC that I was using running Windows 98, it is a 8 year old psu. Well see some pics: http://flickr.com/photos/alayanimajneb/250307087/ http://flickr.com/photos/alayanimajneb/250307091/ _____________________________________________________________________________ PowerMac G4 Gigabit, Dual 450 Mhz. 768 MB RAM, OS X 10.4.7 ON A MAXTOR 80 GB.... Annnddd: O S X 10.5 on a Maxtor 10GB Time Machine 4 GB http://flickr.com/photos/alayanimajneb/251925757/
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    A mac user send me a link, and I downloaded OSX 104, I was told it is the real thing, this person notice that I was tryng to fix my Powermac G4 and that my present system is running 10.39 so I am ready to burn those RAR files to a dvd. BUT I have no idea of how to do that; they are many files some RAR and some others that my PC do not even assign an icon. Does enyone have experience burning DVD's from files like that... I thig the tiger is in the cage(desktop), I NEED it in the DVD, to install it when my powermac G4 powers-up! Please help me out, God Bless.. BEN
  8. THANS TO MAC USERS "CHARLY56" AND "STRANGERMAX" for donating parts, but unfortunately they did not work; so my "Items Wanted" item still active, please help me out: se video update: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=64...56078&hl=en http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=64...56078&hl=en Well, some of the email that I received are a little crude, the mayority are very positive, and only two Mac users send me parts (those parts are useless); sofar its been a month since I started, I hope to get lucky one of this days before I decide to quit, and continue using a PC with capable of running Windows 98 SE only!!! and...of course continue experimenting with Ubuntu 6.06 a Linux distro that is hitting the google news in good way. Please remember I need a Powersupply for my computer describer below: Power Mac G4 (version=2.9) (Gigabit Ethernet)Dual Processor 2x450, HD 30 GB, Running Mac OS X 10.3.9, HITACHI CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, I am thinking on a nickname like "Phoneix", because literally it will come back from it's ashes after the installation of the power supply, THANKS A LOT, BEN
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    Help pls, to fix Powermac G4

    Power Mac G4 (version=2.9) (Gigabit Ethernet)Dual Processor 2x450, HD 30 GB, Running Mac OS X 10.3.9, HITACHI CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, I am thinking on a nickname like "Phoneix", because literally it will come back from it's ashes after the installation of the power supply, Thanks, everybody BEN