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  1. gheartland

    spotlight found items display order

    Is it possible to display spotlight found items in chronological order? Thanks
  2. gheartland

    Printer slows to crawl

    I've tried turning the printer off and on and even disconnecting it, but I have the same result. Thanks anyway for your suggestion.
  3. gheartland

    Printer slows to crawl

    Canon i860 Mac OSX10.4.11 First 3 or 4 pictures are printed at normal speed then printer slows to a crawl and it may or may not return to normal speed. Picture quality remains fine even at slow speed. If I turn computer off and turn it back on then printer works at normal speed again for 3 or 4 pictures then slows to crawl again. I downloaded a new print driver. I'm interested in any suggestions that I might try to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance for help with trouble shooting this problem.
  4. gheartland

    Online Videos

    Thank you Apple Geek for the suggestion.
  5. gheartland

    Online Videos

    When I try to play online videos and I get the message that they won't play because windows media player doesn't support this file format what steps should I take to determine what format the videos are in and what player would play them. Specifically I want to play videos from the video vault of the Robert Dole Institute of Politics. I'm using Windows Media player for Mac OSX ver. 9.0 I'm running Mac OSX 10.4.11 and safari 3.2.1 Is this an issue where I would have to use a machine running windows? Sorry I'm so uninformed about this issue. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. http://merlin.cc.ku.edu:8080/asxgen/dioplb/rns09.wmv http://www.doleinstitute.org/video/
  6. Thanks almighty spork and Huskermn.
  7. I'm trying to find the name of the software that Adam uses when his mac is getting a little slow. I heard him talk about it in a recent maccast, but can't find it. Adam says it always makes his Mac feel snappier. Thanks!
  8. gheartland

    software for editing MP3 track

    Bird songs are the sounds made by wild birds. I can take my ipod with me into the field to help with the identification of different birds. Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate your help.
  9. gheartland

    software for editing MP3 track

    What software would you recommend to edit imported MP3 tracks either before or after I import them into my itunes library for transfer to my ipod. First is it legal? If so what I want to do is break a track into two separate parts. Example, I purchased a CD of bird songs. Some of the tracks contain two bird songs rather than one. In some cases I am only interested in one of the bird songs on the track and want to discard the other song. In some cases I simply want to shorten a track. Thank you for your suggestions.